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Seed Catalogues and Seed Racks

January 10, 2011

It is January and I am excited! Seed catalogues are in my mailbox.Seed racks are in the garden centers.   And I am itching to get gardening.

The temptation is to buy way more seeds than I can ever hope to plant, so I have to make a plan and stick to it.  (Who could blame me?  Could you pass up names like:  Limelight Zucchini or Sweet Treat Carrot or Kandy Korn Corn or Chocolate Cherry Tomato or Crème Brulee Pepper?)

The first thing I do is look at my vegetable garden journal from last year.  This is a calendar where I noted what I planted, when I planted, how much I planted, what we liked, when it frosted, etc.  I then select one or two varieties of each vegetable from my journal that I know did well.  (For example, I know we like Gypsy Hybrid Pepper, Better Boy Tomato, Walla Walla Sweet Onion, Buttercrunch Lettuce and Melody Spinach to name just a few.)  Next, I like to try one new variety of our favorite veggies each year.  So I make my selection of these varieties we are going to try from the seed catalogue descriptions.

Here are a few links to some of the seed catalogues to get you just as excited about your own vegetable garden:

Burpee Seed

Territorial Seed

Park Seed

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  1. Mary Louise Jensen permalink

    Thank You. I found your web site to be very helpful. I was concerned about my early blooming bulbs and the application of HALTS to my lawn. When reading that the product neutralized seeds laying on the ground I felt that the application with a broadcast spreader would not be a threat to my existing perrenials.

    • Hi Mary Louise
      Good news… I predict your bulbs will be fine! (And, I predict your lawn will have a lot less crabgrass and other annual lawn weeds this year.)

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