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Spring Lawn Care Options for Western Lawns

February 20, 2011

With spring weather around the corner in the west, I’ll bet your main lawn question is: What do I put on my lawn this spring to improve it?

For California lawns, be sure to feed your lawn while the rainy season is still hanging around. The only exception is for totally dormant Bermuda lawns it is best to wait to feed them when you see about 60% green growth. The next step is to figure out what to feed your lawn. You make your choice based on whether you had annual weeds like crabgrass, spurge or oxalis last summer.  If you had these weeds, go with Turf Builder with Halts to do two jobs at one time:  feeding and preventing new weeds from seed.  Be sure to water your lawn after you spread Turf Builder with Halts.  The alternative for those lawns with no annual weeds last summer is to feed with Turf Builder or Green Max.

For Pacific Northwest lawns, you make your product choice based on whether you have moss in your lawn.  If you have moss, feed with Turf Builder plus Moss Control. Be sure to apply to a moist lawn and hold off watering for a day.. No Moss, feed with Turf Builder or Green Max. If your lawn has bare spots, spread Scotts EZ Seed.  Remember to NOT spread crabgrass preventer in areas you plan on seeding.

For answers to your lawn questions, contact the Scotts Help Center.

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  1. We live in Denver Colo. All of our back yards is total weeds of all kinds! My husband wants to kill all the weeds and then dig up the dirt and then put rock in I think they call it spurge should we do it now in the fall or in the Spring?? Please could you tell us?? So we do it at the right time !

    • Hi Sherrie and James
      You can do this job either spring or fall. You may want to put landscape fabric under your rocks to minimize ongoing weeds. Spurge is a weed that germinates in spring, grows in summer and dies out with winter weather. The cycle is repeated each year from the seed that is produced by the plant in summer/fall. Some weed controls kill existing vegetation, others prevent new seed from germinating and some have these two materials mixed together. If you use one of these that both kills existing vegetation and prevents new growth, you may find there is a waiting period to plant in that area if you ever change your mind and not have rocks. Good Luck.

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