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Our New Georgia Lawn

May 10, 2011

Planting a new lawn was one of the first things on our “to do” list after moving into our new home this spring. A new lawn was not so high on Rita’s list until she realized this would be a big help with keeping the Georgia red clay out of the house.)

Here in the Atlanta area one can find Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine and Fescue lawns. Bermuda likes full sun. Zoysia and St. Augustine also like sun, however both can tolerate some shade. Fescue is the best choice for areas with more shade. Because of our shade situation, I decided to seed the Scotts Turf Builder Heat-Tolerant Blue Grass Seed Mix. I had experience with this seed blend in Ohio and really liked the way it held up in hot, dry areas.

Our lawn, at around 1,000 square feet, is much smaller than our Ohio lawn. tilled an inch of Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Soil into our clay, spread Scotts Starter Fertilizer, spread the Heat-Tolerant Blue grass seed and gave the lawn a light watering. Little did I realize that we would get a 2 inch rain that night. I took the first photo the next morning after the heavy rain while wondering if my grass seed had all washed away.

blog post photo

The second photo was taken 6 weeks later. I will give you further lawn progress reports during and after our Georgia summer.

blog post photo

In an upcoming blog posting I will tell you about our vegetable garden planted on the hill beside our lawn.

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  1. amy permalink

    Did you use an overseeder machine when you seeded? We are praying that our Scotts blue mix seed did not wash away! We didnt use an overseeder, just a spreader. Looks great!

    • Hi Amy
      I used a spreader. My surface was flat. I dragged an upside down leaf rake over the area one time to lightly mix the seed into the top 1/8 inch of soil. (You could still see much of the seed on the surface, however some was very lightly covered.) This helps to make sure the seed and soil has good contact. You should see germination starting in about 10 days with more germination for 14 days or so after seeding. Spring seedings take longer because of cold soil.

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