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Our Veggies

May 16, 2011

Finding a sunny spot was a challenge at our new home here in Georgia. (I know we are going to appreciate all our abundant shady spots this August!) Since we had to locate our vegetables on a small hill, we decided to create three tiers of raised beds. (see photos)

Our soil test showed a pH of 5.0, so we added lime and several inches of good Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Garden Soil into our Georgia Red Clay before we planted. We mulched our paths with pine straw and our veggies with wheat straw.

blog post photo

We are growing a range of herbs (thyme, basil, sage, dill, cilantro, parsley, bay and chives).Our early season veggies included onions, arugula, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, collards and kale. We have several kinds of squash, tomatoes and peppers, along with green beans cucumbers. We also started an asparagus bed, which we will begin harvesting after next year.

blog post photo

We also get our weekly share of veggies grown by Farmer Paige and her staff at Serenbe Farms located just down the road.  (Check out the Serenbe Farms website at Rita and I love living here at Serenbe (check out the Serenbe website at, where we have discovered a great community located just 30 minutes from the Atlanta airport!

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