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Grubs Are Nasty

May 23, 2011

A lot of people think that grubs are just about the worst thing that can happen to your lawn and I agree. Even a carefully tended lawn can become a nightmare when you’ve got grubs.

Grubs are the white larva of common beetles, including those pesky Japanese Beetles, and let me tell you, grubs are nasty things. They feed on your lawn’s roots, eating away where you can’t see them – until one day your lawn turns brown and you can roll up sections of it like a carpet.

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So how do you protect against grubs? The best way I know is with a great product we developed called GrubEx. GrubEx not only kills grubs, it knocks off other turf damaging insects like Sod webworms, Armyworms, Cutworms and Crane fly larvae. And, now is the time to put GrubEx on your lawn to get full season long protection from a single application.

So don’t let grubs sneak up on you and ruin your lawn this year. And, don’t forget to water your lawn after spreading GrubEx.

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