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Scotts And Water Please

October 19, 2011

Your lawn has been punished by heat and drought this summer. Do not feel helpless—use the cooler autumn months to help your lawn recover. With proper care this fall, your lawn will come back strong and resilient next spring.

As your lawn begins the recovery process this fall, adjust your irrigation schedule. As temperatures cool down, grass and other landscape plants do not use as much water. Cut down the length of time sprinklers are on, or add an extra day or two between watering to reduce the amount of water applied to the lawn. As a rule of thumb, plants need about an inch of water a week to thrive. If you need to supplement rainfall to achieve this level of soil moisture, it is best to put down about a half inch twice a week rather than a little bit each day.

Most people rely on just water to help lawns recover from drought. Do not make water work alone! Grass needs nutrients to survive, just as people do. A well-fed lawn will help with recovery better than watering alone. Feeding grass with food designed for lawns, such as Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard, while watering provides essential nutrients to grow deep roots and help fill in bare patches before pesky weeds have a chance to take root.

Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard contains the proper ratio of essential plant nutrients to help your lawn get back to its best following a long, stressful summer and prepare for the cooler weather ahead. Key nutrients, such as potassium, are essential for helping grass tolerate winter months.

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