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Our Georgia Lawn Update

December 6, 2011

Back on May 10 I blogged about our new Georgia lawn and the lawn came in great.

However, during the dog days of summer my new lawn did not fare to well. I decided I would allow my young lawn to undergo the ultimate test that may be typical for a lawn receiving minimal care. I did not apply any fungicides or insecticides or feedings. I did not do much extra watering beyond what Mother Nature provided. All I did was mow. As the sun shifted, this new lawn area received much more sun than I anticipated. And, of course, the Georgia heat was pretty intense for my young grass and it’s small root system.

The photo below shows how my lawn looked back in early September when I got started on my fall lawn plan.

My lawn at the end of summer before beginning fall seeding and feeding

My fall plan was to give this tired-looking lawn the maximum chance to build up a strong root system to better enable it to handle the hot dry weather next summer. In early September I put down some Turf Builder Heat Tolerant Blue Grass Seed and Starter Fertilizer. I fed the lawn in mid-October with Scotts Natural Lawn Food and again in late November with Turf Builder WinterGuard. I also put down some lime in October because a soil test showed an acid pH of 5.0.

I took this second photo this morning so you can see the improvement that is possible with proper care and nutrition.

blog post photo

The next test will come next summer when we get the hot, dry weather that we have learned to love down here in Georgia. We expect to enjoy our patch of green all winter.

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