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Kill Weeds Without Killing Your Good Grass

March 25, 2012

“Help! The weeds are winning!” You dig them… they grow back. You treat them… but you killed your good grass too. You put down a crabgrass preventer, but you still got dandelions now. You ask, “So… what’s the secret to killing weeds?

You see, dandelions and other weeds like thistles have long taproots that can go down a foot or more. If you don’t get all of the root, it will simply send up a new weed to replace the one you thought you dug up. So digging can be hit or miss.

Dandelions are pretty when they bloom, however they soon spread seeds by puffballs to take over your landscape and vegetable garden.

Dandelions are pretty when they bloom, however they soon spread seeds by puffballs to take over your landscape and vegetable garden.

The commercial comes on TV for Roundup and you think I’ll use that to kill the weeds in my lawn.  Just make sure you buy the right Roundup for the job.  Roundup For Lawns will kill your weeds and not your grass.  Whereas regular Roundup kills all plants after you spray their leaves, including your good grass. This kind of Roundup is great for driveways and other areas where you want to kill everything, just not for spot treating weeds in your lawn. (One of the great things about Roundup is you can plant shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables, lawns within days after you spray. Just check the label for timing.)
So unless you want to kill the grass that is growing around your weeds, only use Roundup For Lawns in your lawn.

Other folks think you need to put the weed & feed down before the weeds appear… wrong again. Unlike the crabgrass preventer that goes down before you see the crabgrass, most weeds are perennials and can’t be prevented.

So here’s the secret: The weed & feed, like Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed goes down AFTER you see the weeds in your lawn. That’s because the weed control in the product enters the weeds through the leaves and is transported to all parts of the plant including the roots. Then within a few days, the weeds will begin to curl up and wither. Gradually over a period of about 3 or 4 weeks, they’ll fade away, roots and all, so they can’t grow back. When you apply the Turf Builder with Plus 2 it is also very important to apply to moist foliage so the particles will stick to the weed leaves to get absorbed. If rain is expected within 24 hours, wait until another day. I find it best to apply early in the morning when the lawn is covered with dew.

Also keep this in mind: getting rid of the weeds is only half the battle. Your lawn will be a stronger competitor with new weeds if you feed your lawn regularly (about 4 times a year) and mow your grass a little bit taller.

One more thing, if you only have a few weeds, you may not need the weed & feed on your entire lawn. You can spot treat weeds in a Ky Bluegrass, Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, Zoysia, Buffalograss, or Bermudagrass lawn with Ortho Weed-B-Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer  (note: may cause temporary discoloration on Bermuda) and then keep your grass healthy with a feeding of Scotts Turf Builder. And before I forget: If you have St. Augustinegrass, (including Floratam), Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass, Seashore Paspalum, or Buffalograss you can use Scotts Bonus S Weed & Feed instead of Turf Builder Weed & Feed.

If you have questions about the weeds in your lawn, you can call one of our lawn experts or email us. Just click here for our Help Center to see how.

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  1. linda permalink

    I want to use your products where can i find coupons

  2. Jason permalink

    I have brand new house and a brand new lawn. It was all graded and ready to be seeded. I used a broadcast spreader to spread grass seed and starter fertilizer. We have had very dry weather and I am trying to water as much as I can but the grass is barely coming up if at all. Meanwhile weeds are growing like crazy and swallowing up the lawn. What should I do? Any help would be very very appreciated.

    • Hi Jason
      Let me know where you are located and what seed blend you planted. This will help me give you some suggestions.

      • Jason permalink

        Thanks. Here you go:
        Madison, WI.
        20% Kentucky Bluegrass (Sod Quality)
        15% Newport Kentucky Bluegrass
        15% Ken Blue Kentucky Bluegrass
        25% Creeping Red Fescue
        15% Quebec Perennial Ryegrass
        10% Fiesta III Perennial Ryegrass

  3. Hi Jason
    The Perennial Ryegrass should begin germinating in 7 to 10 days after planting. The other grasses take at least 14 days to germinate. Spring seedings take longer to grow than fall seedings. Sometimes the weeds can look overwelming, however if you begin mowing when growth is tall enough to cut so the weeds do not shade the young grass seedlings, and then once you have mowed your new grass seedlings 4 times, a weed control can be applied as long as the weather is not too hot. Watering is the most critical step to good germination. Here is a link to a blog posting on grass seed faliure that outlines all the things that I have seen contribute to seed germination problems:

    Good Luck

  4. Christian permalink

    Great article. I am a new homeowner and a lawn/grass noob. I purchased Scott’s weed & feed AND turf-builder at Home Depot because I was able to get 25% when buying both at the same time.

    My question is this. I have a moderate weed problem in the lawn. However, the brown spots and “dead zones” are worse. I used the turf-builder first. How long should I wait before using the weed & feed. Is there a chance I can “burn the grass up” if I use it too soon after the turf-builder?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Christian
      It is a good idea to allow about 6 weeks or so between feedings. If you let me know where you are located I can give you recommendations for products and timing for the coming year.

  5. Melissa permalink

    Is scotts turf builder + 2 harmful to pets?

    • Hi Melissa
      Yes. As a pet owner myself, I follow the directions on the package: The directions say to keep your pets off the lawn while you are spreading. You apply this product to a moist lawn, like first thing in the morning when there is dew on the grass. Then don’t water and stay off the lawn for 24 hours (including pets) so the particles can stay in contact with the weed leaves so the weeds will be killed. After 24 hours it is ok to water, then when the lawn is dry your pets, and anyone else, can go on the lawn. I have heard folks say they treat the front lawn one weekend and let the dogs go out back, then the next weekend they treat the back lawn and let the dogs go out front. Good luck with your lawn.

  6. Tom permalink

    My yard is in pretty good shape I’m just not sure what to put on it crab grass preventer weed n feed or turf builder. I’m in southern nj

    • Tom permalink

      I have already bought the weed n feed just don’t know if it is ok to put down

    • Hi Tom
      Still time to get the crabgrass preventer down in your area, however you need to do it right away. Since your lawn is in pretty good shape, you may not have much crabgrass. And since you already bought your weed and feed, you can put that down instead. This will give you the feeding your lawn needs now and kill any weeds that are there. Apply to moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours. If you get some stray crabgrass later this year, you can spray with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer.

  7. Geoffrey Smith permalink

    I live in Columbus Ohio and have an extreme case of dandeli ons in my front and back yard. both are pretty much solid yellow right now.

    its a moderate size yard maybe 1500 total square feet I’m not sure what grass we have if any since it is almost entirely dandelions right now. I swear every day they multiply 3 fold.

    I was looking at going with Scott’s weed and feed to help but wasn’t sure if that was the right way to go and when I should apply it and how to get control of my lawn.

    I just mowed today because they were getting so out of hand and we had so many bees and with a two year old who loves the outdoors I had to do something.

    help me please! =)

    • Hi Geoffrey
      You may be surprised how much grass you have when you take away the dandelions and feed. Put down Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed on moist foliage (first thing in the morning is good when your lawn when there is heavy dew on the ground. Pick a day when rain is not expected for 24 hours. Stay off the lawn that day. Then after 24 hours it is ok to water and to go on the lawn after the lawn has dried.

      • Geoffrey Smith permalink

        Any specifics on what temperature I should wait for to put the weed and feed down? For instance its not suppose to rain until Wednesday so I was looking at doing it tomorrow morning but it won’t get above 40 degrees until 9am 50 degrees around 11am and mid 60s after 2pm

      • Hi Geoffrey The mid day temps should be at least in the 60’s. As long as it is not frosty in the morning, you should be ok. I should say though you will likely get a little better results if the temps were a bit warmer. The weeds need to be actively growing to absorb the weed killer through their leaves.

      • Geoffrey Smith permalink

        if there isn’t any dew in the morning should I gently water my lawn before applying? And then when and how often should I be watering my lawn after I apply the weed and feed

      • Hi Geoffrey Yes, if your lawn is dry, water first. Put the Weed & Feed down and then hold off any watering for at least 24 hours. You can then water after that.

  8. Courtney Eyster permalink

    Hi Ashton,
    We made the mistake of putting down Scotts Weed & Feed two days ago (after cutting the lawn and wetting it down). It is due to rain tomorrow. Our law has two parts: 50% of fully “green” with grass and weeds and 50% has SOME grass & weeds but is mostly plain dirt.
    Now, our major mistake we have learned is that we did not seed first. We are totally embarassed by large dirt areas of the lawn and I’m sure we’re doon to have brown and bare spots from all the weeds also.

    Our question is: what is your experience with when we can put down the grass seed? (The product states 4 weeks). Would there be any difference if we were to bring in several inches of new topsoil? Would sod make any difference?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Hi Courtney
      My experience has been you need 4 weeks to wait and seed after putting down our weed & feed. If you had seeded first, you would have had to wait until you had mowed your new grass 4 times before putting down the weed & feed, so don’t beat yourself up too much. The first part of your lawn that was 50/50 should improve with the grass getting fed. In the mostly dirt area you could try to seed the worst areas by breaking up the soil to a 4 inch depth and mixing in an inch or so of Scotts Lawn Soil and seeding with Scotts EZ Seed. If you are in an area with hot, dry summers you are probably better off waiting to do a major reseed job in late summer/early fall.

      • Courtney Eyster permalink

        Thanks Ashton! We live in Maryland, so hot but humid summers. You mentioned possibly breaking up the soil for 4 inches or so. Can you explain the purpose behind this? Is it to dilute the weed and feed? Or something else?
        Can you help me better understand what exactly Scott’s weed and feed is? I’ve been ready lots of “stuff” about these products in general and I can’t quite understand. A local nursery explained something about a vapor gas that is produced that hangs around and prevents the germination. …trying the get the scoop and I figured you’re the best bet!
        Last, if we DO break up the soil, bring in new addition al soil and seed, what is the worst that will happen? For example, I figure it may not grow, but then what? Could it start growing in 4+ weeks after the weed and feed has dissipated or will we need to reseed or could we blow our chance and have to wait until fall?
        Just trying to weigh all our options.
        Thanks for your time to answer all my questions.

      • Hi Courtney There are two types of lawn food products that have weed controls. The first one is a lawn food plus crabgrass preventer (like Turf Builder with Halts). It is kind of late to put that one down in your area as crabgrass has probably already started to grow. This one works like the person in the nursery stated. You can not seed for 4 months (not weeks) after putting down this product. The second weed control plus lawn food is typically called a Weed & Feed (like Turf Builder Weed & Feed). This product is for weeds like dandelions and clover and works by getting absorbed into the weed leaves to kill the plant (that is why you put it on moist foliage). You can not seed for 4 weeks after putting this product down. The idea behind breaking up the soil and mixing Scotts Lawn Soil prior to seeding is to dilute the weed control. The weed control also dilutes during the 4 week period, especially when there is lots of rainfall. Based on where you live, fall is a better time to seed than right now as the grass seed would have a better chance to grow a strong root system before the hot, humid weather. Our best grass seed blend for your area is Turf Builder Heat-Tolerant Blue Grass Seed. Hope this extra info helps.

  9. Melissa Mullinix permalink

    We live in Concord NC and are in a home where the sod was already down. I believe it is Fescue but it is hard to tell exactly. There are a lot of weeds coming through now and we have just been mowing weekly to keep them down. Will they eventually stop coming up in the summer or will they keep growing through? What do you recommend?

    • Hi Melissa
      If you have not fed your lawn yet this spring, I suggest Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed. Apply to moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours so the granules will stick on weed leaves. You can then water after 24 hours. If you have fed, you can use a different product for the weeds: Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer.

    • Ronald wirt permalink

      Will this roundup work on lawn in southern va (dandelions)

  10. Geoffrey Smith permalink

    Hi again – I have the weed and feed now and have been waiting for a day where there isn’t suppose to be rain for at least 24 hours – but my problem is now the dandelions and grass is wayyy long.

    Can I mow first before applying the weed and feed – and if I do how long should I wait after mowing to apply it?

    Or should I just weed and feed tonight while all the weeds are huge – and mow sometime tomorrow night?


    • Hi Geoffrey
      Mow your lawn first. You can apply the next day. It is better to apply in the morning when the lawn is moist from dew if your schedule will allow. If not apply when you can to moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours.

  11. Geoffrey Smith permalink

    OK sounds great =) Thanks so much for all the help … here’s to a better weed free lawn!

    I’ll be sure to do some before and after pictures too.

  12. Joyce permalink


    • No, unless the grass is tall enough to keep your spreader from working properly. You do not want to mow for at least 24 hours after you put the product down because you want the granules to stay on the weed leaves to be absorbed into the plant to kill it. If a lot of your weeds are low to the ground, mow first, then apply the next day to moist foliage.

  13. Scott permalink

    I put down starter fertilizer and wondering how long I should wait before putting down weed and feed? Got weeds popping up. Northern IL

    • Hi Scott
      Assume you put down grass seed with your starter fertilizer application. If so, you can put down weed and feed after your new grass has been mowed 4 times. If you did not seed, you can follow your Starter feeding 4 to 6 weeks with weed and feed.

  14. Jeff Oliver permalink

    my whole yard was full of flowered yellow dandelions and by the time I went to put my weed and feed down they all turned into the white seedlings. What should I do? mow them down (they are atrocious looking) and then apply weed and feed? Our should I wait until they have flowered yellow again before applying the weed and feed? I was also wondering your opinion on concentrated hook up to the house multi weed killer that ” isn’t suppose to harm your lawn”

    • Hi Jeff
      You should mow your grass and treat your dandelions. Your options: If you have already fed your lawn this spring, you can spray with the hose-end Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. This product kills 200 kinds of weeds including dandelions without harming your grass. If you have not fed, you can put down Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed. This product kills about 50 kinds of weeds including dandelions. The second part of your strategy to get rid of dandelions once and for all is to mark your calendar to treat again next Sept or Oct with either a weed & feed or spray (if you are feeding your lawn with a separate trip across the lawn). The reason I am suggesting this second treatment next fall is the baby dandelions will be in your lawn from all the seeds blowing around this spring. They will be easy to kill before they do their seed spreading thing again next spring.

      • Jeff Oliver permalink

        So after I mow there aren’t going to be any dandelion flowers left just maybe some stems, will the weed and feed be as effective our does it need to go on when they are yellow flowers?

      • Hi Jeff The key is to get the granules on the broad dandelion leaves that are low to the ground. So, apply to moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours so the granules will stick to the leaves. The weed killer will be absorbed and translocate thru the plant to kill it root and all. Do not worry about whether the dandelions are flowering or not.

      • Jeff Oliver permalink

        if I have a flower bed with some annuals in it and its very close to my lawn do I just need to be careful with the weed and feed? or can it hurt the flowers?

      • Hi Jeff You should not spread the weed & feed into your flower bed.

  15. Sara permalink

    We moved into our house a few months ago in Memphis and our whole front yard is nothing but weeds and mostly shade. My question is do we have to wait till all of the weeds are gone (which I’m assuming will look like we have dirt for a lawn) before we start trying to grow grass. We have talked about seeding but I hate the idea of having a dirt lawn for months while waiting on the seed.

    • Hi Sara
      You live in an area where lots of folks grow Bermudagrass, however this grass does not do well in shade. So the alternative is to plant a blend of Fescues as long as the area gets at least 3 to 4 hours of filtered sun each day. Less than that and the lawn will always be thin. I am a big fan of our Heat-Tolerant Blue blend. In your area, in would be better to wait to plant this in early September. The decision you have now would be to kill the weeds now leaving what grass you have, or to mow this summer and then tackle your lawn this fall. Killing the weeds now will get you a jump on converting your lawn later.

  16. Randy Le permalink

    Hi Ashton, we’ve moved to a new home with a big front yard and small back yard. Both need to have NEW grass. I’ve read many of your advice here and have a couple questiions:
    1. My yards are in pretty bad shape with lots of weeds (of different kinds). The soil seems fine as flowers are growing healthy. For new grass, will “Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2″ do the job? Or should I also spread more grass seeds?
    2. My back yard has lots of tall weeds around the house foundation, will ”
    Scotts® Liquid Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control” be enough?
    3. I just mowed my yard, and the weather here (Silver Spring, Maryland) is still very cool, when is the best time to spread “Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2” and “Scotts® Liquid Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control”?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Randy Le
      In Silver Spring it would be best to hold off on putting grass seed down until around Sept 1 as it is getting late this spring to get enough root growth to make it through the typical summer there in the DC area. The Scotts Heat-Tolerant Blue grass seed mix is good for your area. You can take care of weeds now. If you have not fed, the Turf Builder Weed & Feed (was Plus 2) can be used, apply to moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours. If you have fed in the last month or so, you could spray your weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. This product controls more kinds of weeds than Turf Builder Weed & Feed. Neither product should be put down in areas where you are growing flowers (you mentioned the foundation of the house where you may have some flowers planted).

  17. R. Rod permalink

    Hellos Ashton,

    I live in Suwanee, Georgia, I’m a first time homeowner who just moved in to a property with the lawn in pretty bad shape.

    I have a 6200 sqft bermuda grass lawn which would make a nice lab for weed killer products lab. I pretty much have all types of weeds, moss, empty spots, you name it 😦

    I tested Ortho Weeds B Gon MAX in the front of the house and most of the dandelions and clovers are curling down -it was applied about 10 days ago.
    I see other weeds were not affected in those areas.

    Now I got a bag of Turf Builder Weed & Feed but I’m not sure if it would be safe to put it down on the areas where I treated with Ortho. Should I just use fertilizer on those areas?

    My plan is aerate and use the Weed & Feed and then reseed if I successfully get rid of the weeds.


    1) It is safe to use weed & feed in areas previously treated with Ortho? If not, what would be better a) Use just fertilizer and continue with Ortho. b) Split and use Weed & Feed for the untreated area plus fertilizer only for the treated one?

    2) For the weeds not affected by Ortho, is there a better/broader spectrum herbicide?

    3) I’m not sure which type of Bermuda I have, is there any type of Bermuda that works better in my area?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Rod
      You will find that if you feed your Bermudagrass about 4 times a year beginning when you see about half or more of it turning green in spring and continuing at 6 to 8 week intervals into fall you will help it get thicker with fewer bare spots. Scotts Turf Builder or Scotts GreenMAX are great lawn foods for your area. The Ortho Weed B Gon MAX is the best option for the weeds. (I assume you used the Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. There is an Ortho Weed B Gon MAX, however the one with Crabgrass Killer in the name is the one I would use.) You get a broader spectrum of weeds with that product than you will get with the Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed. Give the weeds you sprayed a chance to die which can take up to 3 weeks or so. You can spray the survivors on at that time if needed. If you have any left, it would be good to get an ID on them to decide what to use. If your lawn is sunny, the Bermudagrass will get nice and thick with the regular feeding.

  18. Rashmi Mukherjee permalink

    Hi Ashton,

    I read all your comments above and felt you’d be the right person to answer my question. To begin with, I live up north in Toronto, CA. I have a moderate size front yard where I worked rather hard to build the lawn, and glad to say the new grass is coming up strong and healthy and green. That said, I do have weed, mostly dandelions, some Canada thistle, crabgrass and plantain (I ID’d the weeds from this site – I’ve researched a lot on the internet for various types of weed killers and have some names, but I want some expert advise before I buy them. Here are my questions:

    1. What would you suggest i use to eradicate all of the above mentioned weeds. What frequency should I be following over the course of a year?
    2. The spots where I overseeded and covered bare spots is growing a bright green, but the older grass is a lighter green in colour, anything I can do to make the whole lawn the same colour?
    3. I have a flower bed in the front yard which a stone edge. To avoid having to run the mower close to the stone border, I’ve created a 6inch border of mulch around it to kill the grass under it and have more space to run the mower by. It looks pretty except that I still do have grass growing from beneath it in many spots. Here’s my main question – Can I apply Round Up to just that portion of mulched area to kill the grass? Will it adversely affect the lawn/flower bed surrounding it? If not, how else can I kill the grass under the mulch?
    4. My back yard is tiled and has some flower beds. i have creeping charlie growing in their. Can I use the same thing you’ll suggest for point 1 on these pesky weeds too?

    That’s all that I can think of right now. I apologise in advance for the length of my query but I’m trying really hard to get that WOW! lawn. 🙂

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!


    • Hi Rashmi
      Ortho has a weed control product called Killex that will work on most of your weeds without harming your good grass. Please note though that new grass should be mowed 4 times before spraying weeds in that area.
      New grass is a brighter green than older grass. This will even out in time.
      You can use Roundup in that area, just be careful not to spray your flowers or your lawn.
      Creeping Charlie is harder to control. The Killex will work, however you will find that spraying in fall is the best time of year. So, plan to treat again if necessary.

      • Rashmi Mukherjee permalink

        That was super fast! Thanks a ton Ashton. I have already mowed my lawn twice, so I can wait another 2 mows to apply the product you’ve mentioned. Where can I buy Killex? i will be travelling to Chicago end of this month, so if it’s not available in Canada, I can pick it up during my trip.

      • Hi Rashmi Ortho Killex is only sold in Canada. In the U.S. we sell Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer at all major retailers. Have a great weekend.

  19. Rashmi Mukherjee permalink

    I found Killex in Canadian Tire, but the store close to me might be out of it currently. Can I buy it from HD in US if needed?

  20. Tim permalink

    Hi, I treated my lawn with weed and feed yesterday and thoroughly washed out my watering can. I found out today that my girfriendhas watered my plants with the watering can!!! I have sprayed them heavily with a hose, but am worried my plants will die! Will they be ok? I did wash the can out thoroughly…
    Tim (Wales, UK)

    • Hi Tim
      Sounds like you did all the right things to avoid injury. Some plants are more sensitive than others, such as tomatoes. You will know in a few days if your plants have no damage. If you see some damage, it may be temporary and you will see new growth that is healthy. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. (Be kind to your girlfriend as she probably feels very bad about the whole incident.)

      • Tim permalink

        Thanks Ashton. They still seem full of bloom this morning, though the only casualty seems to be my chives in my herb planter! My girlfriend and I laughed about the whole thing to be honest. At the end of the day, no one was hurt! Great site btw. Some really good tips.
        Thanks again,
        Tim (Wales, UK)

      • Hi Tim Glad to read your good news. Enjoy your garden this year! Here is a link to our UK website where there is lots of great info:

  21. Manny permalink

    How are you doing. I recently redid my front grass with Virgo tall fescue seed and now I’m getting weeds and grab grass. I pull them out all the time but feel like I’m making patches everywhere by pulling them. I also bought weed&feed but now I have yellow patches everywhere. Please help.

    • Hi Manny
      Sometimes spring seeded cool season grasses, like tall fescue, do not have enough time to get established before hot summer weather, especially in years when the weather turns hot/humid sooner than normal in late spring/early summer. In this case a lawn fungus can get going before the lawn is strong causing circular brown patches. Fall seeded cool-season grasses have more of a chance to develop deep roots. Weeds like crabgrass are also more of a problem when seeding in spring. It is also recommended to hold off on putting down a weed and feed until the new grass has been mowed 4 times. New grass can be more sensitive to a weed & feed if the temps are starting to get into the upper 80’s and 90’s. Mow your grass at one of the taller settings and you may need to seed thin areas this fall.

  22. Chris permalink

    I live in Southeastern Louisiana with Florida St.Augustine grass. I have two small issues. One being an area in the front lawn of my house where a strip of the grass is lush and green at the bottom ( towards the street) and fades to dull and dry looking towards the top (or towards the house). The other pieces of the front lawn that are not connected are lush with a minor weed issue. What do you think is causing that dry dull look and what can I do? I do feed my lawn on a 4 time a year Scott’s program. Also I have a dog that loves to go to the bathroom in the backyard how can I prevent my grass from turning yellow from his urine? And how can I fix the current yellowing?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Chris
      Several thoughts: The way you describe your grass near your house suggests it may dry out faster in that area than the area near the street. Maybe the soil is different, or there is a slight slope away from the house or there is other vegetation near the house grabbing the available water. My other suggestion is to make sure you are protecting against insects like chinch bugs. If you are putting down a whole lawn granule treatment to protect against fire ants, you are getting chinch bug protection. If not, consider using Ortho Bug B Gon MAX several times a year. This also kills fleas and ticks in your grass. If you put it down at the heavy rate you will also get fire ants. Regarding the weeds, your spring and fall feedings can be Scotts Bonus S Weed & Feed. If this does not take care of all the weeds, you can spray with Ortho Weed B Gon for Southern Lawns.

  23. Zeeshan permalink

    Hi Ashton,
    I live in Oakville, Canada, I’m new in gardeing, My house is a corner unit and accross my house are big fields, most of the time the white pollen kind of thing comes with wind and falls on my front yard grass and backyard grass, I think I have around 1200 sq feet grass which is green but full of weeds with small grean leafs on head of those weeds and some are longer weeds leafs. My question is what shoudl I use to kill these weeds and protect our grass, If you like I can send you my yard pics, and I used to dig and take out weeds but its so many I spend 2 days still not finish.

    I will appreciate your advice and help.

    Thank you

    • Hi Zeeshasn
      You can spray your weeds with Ortho KillEx. This will not hurt your good grass. Be sure to feed your lawn 3 or 4 times a year to help your grass grow into the areas were the weed grew and to get your lawn thicker so new weeds have a more difficult time getting started.

  24. Malachi Benedict permalink

    Hello Ashton,

    I take care of lawns. I have a client that I fertilized about 4 months ago and now we noticed that his lawn now has more weeds than ever. I just put down some 20-0-10 lesco product to see if it helps. I guess my question is…Do you think that fertilizing the lawn increased the weeds more and if so can I can I fix this issue. I value him as a client and want him to be happy.
    Btw: I live in South Florida and the type of grass he has Is a St Augustine grass.

    • Hi Malachi Benedict
      Thanks for telling me where you are located as this really helps. There are many “winter weeds” that germinate in South Florida during Fall and thrive in the Florida winter growing conditions before fading away in summer. These weeds will come back every year from seed. Feeding can stimulate their growth. I am not familiar with the product you recently applied, but if it has a weed preventer in it, you will not see any control of existing weeds. If it is a weed and feed for St. Augustine, you may see some control. You would not want to put down Scotts Bonus S Weed & Feed for St. Augustine since you just fed. If you decide to spray the weeds, be sure to use a weed control that is ok for St. Augustinegrass. You may have a variety of St. Augustinegrass called Floratam that may be more sensitive to some weed controls, so read the label. Check out Ortho Weed B Gon for Southern Lawns to see if the weeds listed are the ones you are trying to control. Good luck.

      • Malachi Benedict permalink

        Thank you very much!!

  25. Brandon permalink

    Hi Ashton,
    I’m a new home owner and the previous owner didn’t take care of the lawn at all. I have a couple of bare spots and weeds are taking over. I put pre-emergent down as soon as I saw the first few weeds growing thinking I could keep it from getting bad but it’s spread a lot. It ended up raining about 10 hours after I put it down also. My question is can I put down weed and feed if it’s only been 2 weeks since pre-emergent is different? (I live in TX and I have Bermuda grass) One last note when I moved in last fall roadside aster had taken over the yard, it’s all dead but the roots are still all across the yard and hard and thick and suggestions?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Brandon
      The pre-emergent you applied is to keep new seeds of crabgrass and other annual weeds from germinating this spring. For existing weeds in your Bermuda you have two options: You can put down Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed, or you can spray your weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX and feed with Southern Turf Builder. The Ortho Weed B Gon MAX controls more different weeds than you will get with Weed & Feed. In both situations it is best to wait until your Bermuda is actively growing (when at least 60% of your Bermuda is green showing that it is coming out of winter dormancy). If the aster roots are dead, they will decompose. If the plant is just dormant, you can spray with Ortho Weed B Gon when you see new growth. Good Luck!

  26. blumackey permalink

    Hi Ashton,

    I live in San Antonio, TX. We are a new homeowner and when we moved in our lawn was taken over by all kinds of weed. We tried pulling some of them out but it looks like more of them had came out in different areas. It’s pretty hard to water regularly here because of the water restrictions. What would you recommend for us to do so we can get rid of all these weeds and possibly prevent them from coming back? Thank you in advance! 🙂

    • Hi blumackey
      Based on where you live, you likely have St. Augustinegrass (which has a wide blade and forms a very thick lawn in both sun and lightly shaded areas). If you have this kind of grass, you can put down Scotts Bonus S Weed & Feed now and water after application. This product will not control all weeds, however it is your best choice right now on St. Augustinegras. The next most likely lawn type in your area is Bermudagrass (which has a finer blade texture and grows mainly in sunny areas). If you have this kind of grass you can apply Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed to moist foliage when there is no rain or irrigation for 24 hours.

  27. Hi; I am a senior citizen who lives in Grand Prairie, Texas who likes to garden and have a mixture of Bermuda Grass and St, Augustine in my front lawn along with a mixture of weeds mostly Dandelions, and crabgrass along with some others I don’t know.. I used Vigoro fertilizer which helps the lawn and weeds too for I was told that a weed killer would harm the I need to know how I can safely kill weeds and not harm the grass. I had a yardman in the past who almost killed my lawn but the Vigoro has helped to restore it. I will handle this personally from now on when I find out what to do the right way. I want to know now before our severe summer hot days arrive sometimes as early as mid May. I have read other articles like suggestions of plain vinegar, salt & dish detergent but thought I’s ask you first before I try anything. I would appreciate your helpful suggestions. Thanks, Mae.

    • Hi Mae Emmons
      You are correct that you have to be careful which weed controls you spray on a mixed Bermuda and St. Augustine lawn. One option for you is to spray your weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX for Southern Lawns. It can be used on Bermuda and most varieties of St. Augustine except Floratam. Here is a link to the info on the ready to spray version of this product. It also comes in a hose-end spray as well as a concentrate that can be mixed with water and used in a sprayer.
      Hope this helps.

  28. Vanessa permalink

    I had a beautiful yard…..then we got dogs!! 😦 the run up and down the side and just tear up the grass… we just have a giant mud pit! We put up a fence in order to prevent the constant running back and forth but what is the best grass to grow that will grow not only quickly but also strong…..also should i send the dogs somewhere else while it is growing? I live in Lebanon, Pa

    • Hi Vanessa
      Thanks for telling me where you are located. The Scotts Heat-Tolerant Blue grass seed mix will do well in your area. This blend of three different turf-type tall fescues and Thermal Ky Bluegrass can take some shade and a lot of wear and tear. You would need to keep the dogs in another area while you are getting it established. This may take several months. Use Scotts New Lawn Starter Food when you seed. If you seed now, you need to do the project ASAP so the grass has a chance to establish strong roots before summer. The alternative is to wait to seed around Sept 1. Good Luck.

  29. Tracey permalink

    Hi Ashton. We took out some huge evergreen trees and planted grass last fall in our backyard Mostly weeds came up in that area but some grass too. I live in Columbus, Ohio but I don’t know what kind of grass we planted. Should I weed and feed that area (it looks like dry dirt and weeds)?? Or should I seed again this fall?
    Also, there are several yellow/dry/burn spots from our dog. What is the best way to spot treat these?
    Last, some spots in our yard have no grass, just dirt and one of those is almost like a hole. I sometimes trip in it. Can I seed just those small areas?? Should I fill in the one with dirt? How else would I even it out?

    • Hi Tracey
      Sometimes after a tree has been taken down and the wood chips from the stump grinder are left in the hole, plants are slow to grow because any available nutrients are being utilized by organisms breaking down the wood. Seedlings are “starved”. By this fall the wood chips in the hole will be well on their way to being decomposed. You could keep the weeds and grass in that area mowed this summer, treat the weeds with Roundup in late August and then seed the area with the Scotts Heat-Tolerant Blue seed blend in early Sept. (I had great success with that blend when I lived north of Columbus.) Be sure to put down Starter Lawn Food when you seed. You can seed small areas this time of year because they are easier to keep watered. Scotts EZ Seed Sun/Shade blend is good. You can seed the dog spots, use Scotts EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair.

  30. Paul permalink

    I sprayed some weed killer on my grass , it’s been about a week now , and I have , what I thought was st Augastine dyeing , it’s brown in spots when I go to rake up the dead , brown it’s like breaking the green grass of at ground leval , what have I done , also why does St Augustine come in seed form , I can get plugs or sod no seed , I’m in South Weat Fl . Looks like I need to get more plugs , please help I did read about the right weed killer to use , so I know what to do now in the fall . Thank You

    • Hi Paul
      Sorry to read that your St. Augustine is not doing well. A common variety of St. Augustine called Floratam is more sensitive to weed controls than other varieties. Sounds like you may have Floratam. You are right, there is no St. Augustine seed. The only way to establish this kind of lawn is via sod, plugs or sprigs. One other thought is that chinch bugs and sod webworms can cause damage this time of year that shows up as brown sections of lawn. Ortho Bug B Gon MAX works well on these insects and if you apply at the heavy spreader rate, you can get protection against fire ants.

  31. Paul permalink

    I am having serious problems with dandelions and clover. What product works best to kill these two pests. I live in Denver Colorado.

  32. donnagroussman permalink


  33. cheryl permalink

    So my husband and I just bought our first house, and the yard is huge! But the previous owners never took care of the lawn and it is overrun with weeds and crabgrass. We want to tear it up and grow new grass next year because we want ky Bluegrass and because it is very very very uneven. But in the meantime is line to get rid of these weeds because I think they are contributing to the higher bug population in our yard. Any thoughts or advice?

    • Hi Cheryl
      Check out my Aug 5 blog posting on Total Lawn Renovation to see how you can do a total kill/conversion.

  34. Jeff permalink

    I live in western MD have a new construction house. The new lawn was seeded in the spring and the fescue has grown fairly well. The weeds though are now taking over. Many of the weeds look like a spider where they grow out in every direction and seem to cause brown spots around them. We plan to put down more seed for bare spots this fall but I’m not sure what is the best way to attack the weeds. Is a simple weed and feed all we should use this fall? Does it matter what order we apply the seed and weed/feed?


    • Hi Jeff
      You will not be able to use a weed and feed where you seed. (The waiting period to seed after weed control is a month. The waiting period to put down a weed control is after your new grass is old enough to be mowed four times.). Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Weed & Feed will kill most non grassy weeds. Just skip the areas you plan on seeding. You live in an area where lawns like 2 or 3 feelings in fall.

      • Jeff permalink

        Thank you for the reply. If I re-seed now is there a recommended fertilizer I should use in September or Octobter that does not have the weed killer? I could then use the Scott’s winter guard later in the fall? Does that sound OK?

  35. josephine permalink

    Help!I have weeds and lots of them in my back yard,used weed and feed not working.How do I get rid of them without harming my grass.?

    • Hi Josephine
      If you used Turf Builder Weed & Feed in the yellow bag, it should have been applied to a wet lawn when no rain or irrigation is expected for 24 hours. Takes about 3 to 4 weeks to do the job. If you used the Bonus S Weed & Feed it should have been watered after spreading. There are some harder to control weeds that may be killed with one of the Ortho Weed B Gon products.

  36. Hi Jeff
    Scotts Starter Lawn Food for New Grass is best for new seedlings. Following up with WinterGuard 6weeks later is a good plan.

  37. Allen permalink

    Hi Ashton,

    I am living in GA. and I am a new homeowner. I think the builder cut them to short before I moved in, so some part turns to yellow and there are a lot weeds on my back yard.
    1. Can you suggest me when I should put the fertilizer and what the procedure?(water, weather..)
    2. How can I handle the weeds?

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Allen
      Do you know what kind of grass the builder put in? We can grow Fescues, Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine in Georgia.

      • Allen permalink

        Thank you for replying me, yes it is Bermuda.

  38. Hi Allen
    Bermuda wants to be fed about 4 times a year, primarily in late spring, summer and early fall. You can feed your lawn with Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Weed & Feed now. Apply to moist foliage on a day when rain is not expected in order to maximize your weed control. For next year your application schedule would be to put down Halts crabgrass preventer with no lawn food in late February. Your first feeding would be Scotts Turf Builder or Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed in spring when you see about 50% green grass coming out of winter. Around 6 to 8 weeks later (probably around late May) feed with Scotts GreenMAX and then in Late July feed again with GreenMAX. Your last feeding next year will be in mid Sept. Good luck with your lawn.

  39. Allen permalink

    Hi Ashton,

    Thank you so much for the suggestion. Really appreciate it. One more question,
    Do I need to pull out all the weeds or apply anything to kill the weeds or something kill worm or bugs? Any suggestion would be really appreciated.

    Thank you.

  40. Hi Allen
    Feeding now with the Turf Builder WinterGuard Weed & Feed will kill quite a few of your weed problems. Early next summer you can put down Ortho Bug B Gon MAX at the heavy rate to kill lawn damaging insects, fleas, ticks, and fire ants.

  41. Allen permalink

    Also, Do I need to put fertilizer before mow my lawn or after?

  42. Hi Allen
    Since you will be putting down a weed & feed, wait to mow at least a few days after applying and let your clippings stay on your lawn.

  43. Garry Holt permalink

    Does weed control products harm trees. I live in the San Antonio area and have two mature pecan trees a half dozen newly planted fruit trees in the yard. I need to get rid of a bumper crop of clover in St. Augustine.

    • Hi Garry Holt
      The new Scotts Bonus S Weed & Feed will kill clover in St. Augustine, however the directions say to not apply under the branch spread of trees and shrubs. Ortho Weed B Gon MAX for Southern Lawns also will kill clover and can be applied to varieties of St. Augustine except Floratam. If you do not know if you have Floratam or not, you could lightly spot spray some clover with the product before spraying your entire lawn. Be sure to follow the directions when spraying.

      • Garry Holt permalink

        Thanks for three speedy and though response.

  44. Christina Fairfull permalink

    We put Scott’s weed and feed on our front lawn about a month ago. Now, almost the entire front lawn has turned brown and there’s even spots of zero growth. We live in SE NC. We did use southern lawn. Any idea how to help?

    • Hi Christina Fairfull
      You are living in an area where a wide range of grass types can be grown. Let me know your lawn type if you know it and I may be able to give you some more specific recommendations.
      If you used the Bonus S Southern Weed & Feed, it can be used on St. Augustinegrass, (including Floratam), Bermudagrass, Centipedegrass, Zoysiagrass, Seashore Paspalum, and Buffalograss, however not on Bahiagrass, Ryegrass (annual and perennial) and blends that contain Ryegrass. It also may be used on tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and fine fecues if temporary discoloration can be tolerated. My first thought is that if you have a fescue lawn you may be seeing this temporary discoloration. My second thought is that if you have a Centipede, Zoysia or Bermuda lawn that was still mainly dormant coming out of winter, you may have set it back. In either case, my hope is that your lawn will recover over the next few weeks. Water if you go through a dry spell.

  45. Darick permalink

    It rain after i sprayed ortho weed n feed will it still be effective

    • Hi Darick
      If you had an hour or more of dry weather after spraying Ortho Weed B Gon MAX you should still get good weed control. You should begin to see the effects on your weeds within the next week. It may take a few weeks fro them to completely die.

  46. Zarmeneh permalink

    GREAT website! We just became first time homeowners and have zilch gardening knowledge (didnt even know what sod and mulch is) but willing to give time and effort to learn and make our yard look awesome. Our yard currently has pretty good grass but thinned out ( not sure which one) and of course weeds. Will kill weeds as mentioned in article but my question is if I put down seeds 4 weeks after will it give our yard the luxurious thick carpet feel we’re looking for by increasing the grass’ density?

    • Hi Zarmeneh
      Glad you are finding my blog useful. Let me know where you are located and I will give you a schedule of what to put down and when to help thicken your lawn and rid it of weeds. This will also help me give you suggestions as to when to plant grass seed.

      • Zarmeneh permalink

        Oops forgot to mention we’re in Beachwood, OH.

  47. Hi Zarmeneh
    Thanks for giving me your location. Since you described your grass as pretty good, however thinned with some weeds, I suggest you plan to feed twice this fall: Early September and late October. Since I suspect you have quite a bit of Kentucky Bluegrass in your lawn, you will see your lawn thicken up to fill in thin areas when you feed your grass. You will likely not need to seed unless the bare spots are a foot or more in diameter. The first feeding should be Turf Builder Weed & Feed applied to moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours. The second feeding should be Turf Builder WinterGuard. If you need to seed in early Sept, be sure to skip the weed & feed in those areas using Scotts EZ Seed (has Starter Lawn Food and mulch with the grass seed). Hope this helps!

    • Zarmeneh permalink

      Thanks. And doing this will keep my lawn growing and weed free even in the winters? Or does lawn grass stop growing and go brown in winters?

  48. Hi Zarmeneh
    Two fall feedings really help the kind of grass that grows in Northern Ohio develop stronger roots and maintain green color into the winter months. In fact, some folks do a third fall feeding in mid November in your area. Next spring in early April you will want to put down Turf Builder with Halts to feed and prevent weeds like crabgrass.

  49. Avery permalink

    I have a lot of weeds growing throughout my junipers, do you have a product that would kill the weeds but not the junipers?

  50. John C. permalink

    It is Aug. 23rd and I just moved into a house that has clover taking up 1/3 of the back and 1/2 of the front. I have no clue what I can do at this point. Also, there is a burn pile with a heap of ash…is there anything I can use that for?

  51. Matt permalink

    Live in south Florida, new to grass, I’m from the desert. My yard looks like weeds and maybe some grass with a lot of patches. Mowed it down, now I don’t know where to start, can I grade and seed? What’s the best way to start?

    • Hi Matt
      Most of the lawns in your area are St. Augustine grass. St. Augustine likes full sun, however this grass can tolerate some shade. It prefers to be mowed at one of the taller settings on your mower. In South Florida it likes to be fed 4 or 5 times a year beginning in Feb/March and continuing at 2 month intervals. Since this grass is not seeded, you will need to buy sod at your local garden center. The good news is that you can cut the sod into small 2 inch squares and “plant” it in your bare areas and it will spread/fill in. When you plant this grass, feed with Scotts Starter Lawn Food. The weed and feed that you use on this grass is Scotts Bonus S Weed & Feed. The best lawn food choices are Scotts Southern Turf Builder or Scotts GreenMAX lawn food.

  52. Zarmeneh permalink

    Ok so finally did one application of scotts weed and feed today. I know I’m late but weathers still holding out well here (cleveland) so we should be ok. Questions:
    1. When will I start seeing dead weeds? What should I expect? Will the weeds just start dieing and grass will get greener?
    2. When can I mow my lawn?
    3. Should I do a second application in 30 days?

  53. Hi Zarmeneh
    Assuming you applied to moist foliage and no rain that day, you will start to see weeds show signs of twisting and curling within a few days. They will be noticeably weaker in two weeks, however it generally takes about a month for them to disappear from your lawn. The grass will start getting greener in a week. You can mow several days after applying. I would let the clippings fall back into the grass. You can feed again in 4 to 6 weeks. You should not have to do the weed and feed again unless you have some left over and you want to use it up.

  54. Cynthia G. permalink

    Hi Ashton,
    Every year when the weather gets cooler I get weeds in my backyard. Spring weed and feed normally gets rid of them but seems the weeds are getting thicker every year with dandelions and a creeping/crawling type of weed that does not have deep roots and is easy to pull by hand. I live in Southeast Texas and have St Augustine. I read to not use Scotts Turf Builder Weed And Feed Fall on St Augustine. Would appreciate any suggestions.

  55. Hello! We need some help! We live in the high desert in southern california where we have drastic temperature changes in the winter vs. summer. We have a lot of dandelion damage in the thin areas. 3 Weeks ago, we put down new Scotts tall fescue seed and mulch over. The seed is starting to pick up so I am happy with that. However we have dandelions in the back yard too. Our neighbor told us not to put the weed n feed down in the front until about a month after the new grass was seeded. So we decided to put the weed n feed in the back yard. The grass is super deep green and looks great but has yet to make any mark on the dandelions. Is there another product we need to consider? I just can’t stand to look at them and don’t want to attempt it on the front lawn and wait forever then only to try another product and wait again. Any advice is great, thanks!

    • Hi Tricia Austin
      Your neighbor gave you helpful advice. It is best to hold off on weed controls until your new grass has grown enough to be mowed 4 times. Regarding the Weed & Feed in the back. These products work best when applied to moist foliage so the granules stick to weed leaves (no rain or irrigation for 24 hours). When properly applied you will see weeds die and fade away in about 3 to 4 weeks. The Scotts Weed & Feed also continues to feed for about 8 weeks. You can also spray weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX in your existing grass but not in areas that have been recently seeded until the new grass has been mowed 4 times. Hope this helps.

  56. Rita Kennedy permalink

    Hello there…new homeowner here in Amarillo Texas (dry land) patches of grass mixed in with lots of weeds! No clue as to where to begin…growing more grass or killing the weeds 1st. Embarrassed to say I’m clueless…
    The helpless lifelong apartment dweller 🙂

    • Hi Rita Kennedy
      Based on where you live, my guess is your lawn is likely Bermuda Grass, especially if your lawn area is mostly sun. Bermuda turns straw color in winter as it is dormant and begins to green up with warm weather in spring. When half of it is showing green, you can put down Turf Builder Weed & Feed. Apply to moist foliage when rain or irrigation is not expected for 24 hours. If your grass was mostly green all winter then it is likely Fescue (especially if you have shade). The same weed & feed can be used on Fescue. You can feed a second time this spring about 6 weeks after your first feeding and you can spray any stray weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. Hope this helps.

  57. Derek permalink

    Trying to determine the best route of what to apply. Yard was sodded about 6 months ago as its a new house and weeds are taking over the backyard. Ive been keeping it mowed and watered, what do you recommend I apply? Im in Dallas, Tx

    • Hi Derek
      Thanks for giving me your location. Based on where you live, your lawn is either St. Augustine Grass (wide blades) or Bermuda Grass (narrow blades). If you have St. Augustine you can feed with Scotts Bonus S Weed & Feed. Water your lawn after spreading. If you have Bermuda you can feed with Turf Builder Weed & Feed. Be sure to apply to moist foliage and do not water for 24 hours.

  58. Javier permalink

    Trying to kill dandelions, crab grass, and yellow nut sedge form the lawn of my new house. the yard is not great but not bad either. Needs to get those weeds killed and also needs to build more and stronger turf. i will probably need to seed some spots at some point. I live in IL 35 miles from CH.
    What do you recommend, when to apply it and how?
    thanks for your help!

    • Hi Javier
      Thanks for giving me your location. Lawns in the Chicago area like 4 feedings a year to help build up the root system and thicken up the thin areas of your grass. The approach I am going to give you is feeding and weed focused. Since grass seed is not compatible with most weed controls, I suggest you wait to seed in early fall after you see how much your good grass fills in the thin areas after being fed. You still have time to put down Turf Builder with Halts as your first feeding to prevent crabgrass, but you need to do it soon. About 6 weeks after your first feeding you can put down Turf Builder Weed & Feed for the dandelions and other weeds. OR if you do not want to wait that long to go after your dandelions, in early May you can spray your weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX and then feed with Turf Builder around the end of May rather than using the Weed & Feed. Your Nutsedge problem can be taken care of with Ortho Nutsedge Killer anytime. (I like to wait a week or so between treating weeds). You will then feed late summer and fall to get your 4 feedings in for the year. The only other thing you might consider is Chicago can get grub problems so if you see lots of adult beetles around your porch lights in June or Japanese Beetles feeding on roses and other plants, consider putting down an application of GrubEX sometime in June. Hope this helps and good luck with your lawn.

      • Javier permalink

        So just to make sure i am clear, just Turf builder now, 4 weeks later turf builder Feed & Weed, late summer repeat Weed & Feed, and fall same deal to complete the 4 feedins a year.
        At what point i start feeding and what type of grass should i use?

  59. Hi Javier
    Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer now. Turf Builder Weed & Feed 6 weeks later (could apply as soon as 4 weeks if you want). Late Summer Turf Builder OR Turf Builder Weed & Feed. If you decide you need to seed in late summer/early fall you will need to skip the weed control. If you seed bare spots, Scotts EZ Seed for Sun & Shade. Then your last feeding can be Turf Builder WinterGuard.

  60. Alia permalink

    Hello,I’m in Cleveland Ohio. I have a crabgrass problem every. This spring I have too many dandelions. I don’t know what to put what to treat first. I’ve bought both halts and weed and feed.

    • Hi Alia
      Thanks for giving me your location. Based on average year timing, Crabgrass is beginning to germinate now in the Cleveland area so you should put down Halts ASAP. If you bought Turf Builder with Halts, this will mean that you should really wait at least a month before putting down your Turf Builder Weed & Feed because you do not really need to overlap the feeding in both products. However, if you bought Halts without the Turf Builder, you can put Halts down and water afterwards, then in a week you can put down Turf Builder Weed & Feed on moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours. The alternative if you put down Turf Builder with Halts now and you do not want to wait till the end of May to deal with the other weeds, you can save your Weed & Feed till fall and spray your weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX about a weed after spreading Turf Builder with Halts.

  61. Gail permalink

    The grass in my pool area is yellow and crunchy when I step on it. I have watered it regularly but that doesn’t help. It looks like it is starting to spread outside the pool area. Help!!!

    • Hi Gail
      Where are you located (so I can determine the type of grass you have and some of the common problems in your area). Sometimes around pools the grass suffers if there is a big runoff onto the grass from the pool water raising the salt content in the soil.

  62. Mike permalink

    I have a husr problem with fescue grass coarse style. I broke down and used round up and am preparing to heavily fertilize and seed bluslegrass how long should I wait? To cut ferilize and seed

    • Hi Mike
      You can seed a week after using Roundup. Use Scotts Starter Lawn Food for New Grass when you seed, Or use Scotts EZ Seed which has Starter Lawn Food mixed in with the seed along with a mulch to help hold moisture during germination.

  63. I have a large yard and the back yard is over run with dandelions.
    So weed and feed is the best option to tackle this problem? My front yard and side yard have a moderate amount, not as much as the back but enough that its a problem. When the weeds die will there be brown spots all over since the weeds are withering? does the weed and feed start new growth or will i have to plant new grass seeds?

    • Hi Des Lovelace
      Yes, Turf Builder Weed & Feed applied to a moist lawn on a day when rain is not expected will take out the dandelions and other weeds while feeding your good grass to help it fill in the thin areas. The weeds will take about 3 weeks or so to die. You will need to wait at least a month after treating before you can put down grass seed. Since you are approaching the summer months, you may want to wait to seed around the first of September.

      • I checked the forecast last night and it said no Rain… So i applied the weed and feed at 6am this morning. Now as i am headed to work i look at the forecast, and it says that it is going to thunderstorm in the afternoon. I am pretty irritated since last night there was no rain in the forecast. Will this weed and feed still work, or will i have to repeat the process now that it is going to rain.

  64. Hi Des Lovelace
    Ideally you like to see the particles stick to and remain in contact with the weed leaves as long as possible up to 24 hours. I suspect you will still see your weeds die within 2 to 4 weeks if the rain holds off until late afternoon or early evening. I would not repeat the weed & feed, especially since the lawn food will be feeding your grass now. You can spot spray any weeds that are present in a few weeks if necessary.

  65. Ok thanks, What do you recommend for spot spraying ?

    • Hi Des Lovelance
      Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer if you think after 2 to 4 weeks your weeds are not going to die. Good luck with your lawn.

  66. Its has been almost two weeks since i used Scotts weed and feed and the lawn is looking a lot better. pretty much all of the dandelions are dying.

    Now that this problem is solved, i have to take step two. in a couple of weeks.

    I still do have other weeds, Crab grass, creeping charlie. And the grass is thin, and slightly brown in some spots. Is the best method to fix this to over seed the entire lawn. and do i need to Aerate?

    • Hi Des Lovelace
      You will continue to see the weeds fade out over the next week or so. You will also see the lawn fill in to some extent as the feeding continues to nourish the grass. Since you can not seed for at least a month after weed control and since you may want to spot spray some of tougher weeds and since you are coming onto the hotter months of the year when grass seed would have to be kept moist during the establishment process (up to 2 weeks to germinate and about 4 weeks more to establish a decent root system), you may want to wait to early Sept to seed. The seed will need to contact the soil so core aeration or a slit-seeding machine would help this process. When you seed you will want to feed with Turf Builder Starter Lawn Food for New Grass.

  67. Ludmila leslie permalink

    Hi. I leave in Florida. I put new sod about 3 years ago, and about a year a go I did Scott weed and feed and for some reason the grass started to to die. Luckily, i was able to save it. Now, my lawn is covered with all types of weeds and im afraid to try weed feed again. Should I try Lesco? What kind? can i dot it now, on summer? Im starting to be hopeless, it feels like i can never keep a good lawn.
    Thank you so much

  68. Jeff permalink

    Hi Ashton,
    Great comments and guidance.
    I’m in Raleigh NC with fescue. Front is sunny and fine.
    Back is shady and slowly evolves into solid weed every 3 years or so. I kill it with Round up, seed with Scotts Southern Gold and straw in the fall and enjoy for a few years. I even mix in a bit of rye for quick coverage.
    Is there a better shade seed?

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