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Little Known Way to Protect Against Ticks and Fleas

April 27, 2012

We take the precaution of treating our pets for fleas and ticks.  We wear protective clothing and repellents when hiking.  Yet experts say we can take an extra step to help protect our family and pets from being attacked by fleas and ticks.  The good news is this extra step is easy and does not cost much.

The milder than normal winter has caused Entomologists across the country to predict a big population of fleas and ticks this year.  Since fleas and ticks can hideout in your lawn, you can help protect your family and pets by taking a few minutes to spread Ortho Bug-B-Gon MAX Insect Killer granules on your lawn using your trusty Scotts lawn spreader.  The good news is that this single treatment not only kills fleas and ticks for up to 3 months, but also knocks out ants, chiggers and 100 other insects, many of which can cause your lawn to thin and turn brown in summer.  The final step is to water your lawn after spreading to put the kill in motion.

I treated my lawn yesterday and now I know fleas and ticks do not stand a chance around our home!

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  1. does it knock out beneficial bugs also?

    • One benefit of using the granules followed by watering to activate, is there would be no injury to pollinators that may be flying in and around the lawn (like bees on clover). Lady bugs, lacewings, praying mantids, etc. do not tend to live in the lawn. What other beneficials were you thinking of? I am not aware of beneficials that live in the lawn that are flea and tick predators. I believe most anything that kills insects, whether natural or traditional, should be used carefully or not used where you are trying to encourage beneficials.

  2. Michael permalink

    Does it kill earthworms?

  3. Harvard,ma. permalink

    I’m frustrated in trying to locate replacement parts for a very standard weed sprayer from ortho?????? My hose and brass nipple got glogged from a granular pest app.and is impossible to clean/clear??????

  4. Peter permalink

    Are ortho be gone granules safe for pets which will be roaming in the back yard.

    • Hi Peter
      Yes, Ortho Bug B Gon Granules are safe for pets after you have watered the lawn or after it has rained and then the lawn is dry. We keep our cats inside after I have applied this product on our lawn for fleas, ticks, ant, etc until I have a chance to water for a half hour or so and then once the grass is dry we let them outside.

  5. Lisa Byard permalink

    im trying to find out how much water you should use? because im worried i wont use enough and then expose my dogs to poison, then im worried i will use to much and cause it to be ineffective,

  6. Ruby permalink

    How do i know if its working

    • Hi Ruby
      When it is working you should see less ant, flea and tick activity. Your lawn will be less prone to thin during hot weather because insects that damage are held in check (like sodwebworm, cutworm and chinchbugs). I find I get about 4 to 6 weeks protection here in Georgia after putting down Ortho Bug B Gon on my lawn, so I need a couple of applications a year. We are in an area with very heavy fire ant activity. Also, this is area has lots of fleas and ticks. Between the lawn treatment and the treatment we put on the back of our cat’s neck, we are able to keep fleas and ticks under control.

  7. Heidi K. permalink

    I just used the Ortho Bug B Gon and it started raining. So far we have gotten about half an inch and are supposed to get more. Will this be too much water for the lawn since I just put down the bug b gone?

    • Hi Heidi
      A half inch or a bit more of rain is fine. I think you will get good control from the perfect timing of rain after you applied.

  8. Shylow permalink

    How long after watering is it safe for my animsls to go back outside?

    • Hi Shylow
      If the product directions suggest you keep your pets off the lawn while you are spreading and that you should water your lawn after treating, it is safe for them to go on the lawn once it has dried. We have followed that procedure with our cats for years and it has worked great.

  9. Scarlett permalink

    Is it safe for very young children to play on? Toddlers/crawlers

    • Hi Scarlett
      After spreading the granules on your lawn and you water (a quarter to a half inch) and your lawn has dried, it is safe for your kids and pets to play on the lawn.

  10. Cindy Mendez permalink

    Does it harm your pets after you apply it to your yrad? Hoe long should I keep my dogs away from the treated area?

    • Hi Cindy Mendez
      Keep your pets off the lawn while you are spreading. After you water your grass and your grass is dry it will be safe for your pets (and kids) to use the lawn.

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