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The Secret to a Darker Green Lawn

June 2, 2012

My friend Alan called to tell me that he is having some fun with his neighbor when it comes to their perennial battle over lawn supremacy.  Alan’s neighbor has not figured out Alan’s secret weapon.  When I told Alan that I was going to blog about how his lawn pulled ahead in their little lawn war, I heard a little moan over the phone with the comment:  “Let’s just hope my neighbor does not read your blog so that I can keep this friendly competition going a little bit longer.”

So what’s Alan’s secret you ask?  The answer:  Scotts GREEN MAX Lawn Fertilizer.

The right product at the right time is important to building a thick, sturdy lawn without wasting money on unneeded applications.

This lawn gets regular feedings of Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food.

Lawn experts agree most lawns need more iron than is available naturally in the local soil.  The trouble is the “iron mineral supplement” products on the market have NOT given much help.

Now there is a better choice and this is the perfect time to use it.  You can give your anemic lawn an iron boost for extra greening that makes it look like you have a green thumb when it comes to lawn care.  Your neighbors on either side will be asking you what you are doing to your lawn that makes it stand out with that dark, rich green color.  This is because the Scotts GREEN MAX Lawn Fertilizer provides 10 times the feeding power than the leading iron supplement product on the market (click here for more details).

Apply GREEN MAX today and your neighbors will be green with envy in the matter of days!

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  1. helen ibsen permalink

    Why don’t you put the iron that is necessary in the fertilizer. And how long is the weed and feed supposed to be effective?

    • Hi Helen
      We have Iron in many of our Lawn Food products, however not all of them. The Green MAX has extra Iron and I think it is especially good for this time of year when we want to maximize the greening, but not necessarily the growth like other times of the year. The weed and feed will store well and remain effective as long as it does not pick up moisture.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        OK to do Green Max early April as the first feeding of the year or go with basic fert. for the first feeding? THX

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Yes it is OK for GreenMAX as your first feeding if you do not need to prevent crabgrass with Turf Builder with Halts.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        I will put down for my second application mid May – the Crabgrass preventer/fert. Is that OK.? We are having an early season here in Boston area due to mild Feb. & March Grass is already getting green and ground is soft VS usally that does not happen until Mid or late April.

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        If you need to prevent crabgrass, I would shift GreenMAX to your second feeding. Feed now (about the time of your first mowing) with Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer, then follow up with Scotts GreenMAX lawn food in mid May. The reason is if you wait until your second feeding to put down your crabgrass preventer you will likely miss the early germinating crabgrass, especially this year because of your milder weather.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        OK I will do what you are saying. Is 5 weeks enough time to wait to put down the Green Max or wait for 6 weeks?? THX again !!

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Scotts Lawn Foods (Turf Builder, GreenMAX, etc.) feed for 6 to 8 weeks. A follow up feeding can be made as soon as 4 weeks, however typically 6 weeks is a good rule of thumb. If you were to feed a second time 4 to 5 weeks after the first your grass would be getting an extra boost along with extra growth for a couple of weeks.

      • Clint permalink

        Ashton, I just reseeded kentucky bluegrass and I would like to know if I can lay Green Max down with the seed?

      • Hi Clint
        A better option to feed new grass seed/seedlings is Scotts Starter Lawn Food for New Grass OR Scotts Starter Lawn Food for New Grass plus Weed Preventer. Here are links to info about both products:
        These two lawn foods will give your new seedlings phosphorus that is vital to seedling development (as well as other important nutrients). Mature grass does not need much phosphorus so you will not find it in lawn foods like GreenMAX.

      • Hi Ashton, I live in Denver and I need to place some grass seed down. My lawn is Kentucky blue grass, but I seem to have a tough time every spring/summer with keeping it think and green. I have a few brown areas in the yard now and I was told that I should probably put down some grass seed. Is that a good idea and should I add anything else to bring back the color and thickness?


      • Hi CJ
        Thanks for giving me your location. Kentucky Bluegrass does well in your area. If your brown areas/thin spots are 6 to 8 inches or less wide, your existing grass will fill in with feeding. If you have large areas, you can seed with a blend of Kentucky Bluegrass. Scotts Green MAX lawn food would be a good choice if you are not seeding. If you are going to seed, feed with Scotts Starter Lawn Food for New Grass.

  2. Chris Brown permalink

    Scott’s has recommended that my next lawn treatment be Grubex, which I will apply next weekend (15 Jun). So when should I apply this treatment to make my lawn greener?

    • Hi Chris
      If you have not fed your lawn in the last month or so, feeding with Scotts Green MAX will give it a great boost. You can apply GrubEx the same day if you want or anytime in the next week or so. Be sure to give your lawn a watering after spreading GrubEx.

  3. Patty & Bill Watson permalink

    Yellow and black leaves on my hanging Fuschia plant. Help!
    Patty Watson

    • Hi Patty
      Two things come to mind: Too much sun or not enough feeding. Fuschia plants prefer part to full shade. If too much sun the outer leaves may yellow and turn brown. Fuschia plants are heavy feeders, if they are hungry the inner leaves or older growth may turn yellow and brown. If there is a nutrient deficiency, feeding with a water soluble plant food like Miracle-Gro All Purpose to see if you get a response.

  4. Patty & Bill Watson permalink

    Brown grass
    I do water.

    • Hi Patty & Bill
      Let me know where you are located and what the brown areas look like and I will try to help.

  5. david permalink

    when i apply turf builder lawn food @ grubex this weekend when do i need to apply green max

    • Hi David
      You can feed your lawn with either Turf Builder OR Green MAX this weekend when you put down your GrubEX. You will not need another feeding until the end of summer. If you have not bought your Turf Builder, give Green MAX a try. I like the extra iron during summer. However, Turf Builder will do a great job this time of year.

    • Stephanie Thurman permalink

      5/26/14. I just applied Scotts Green Max about 10 days ago. Yes, it made my lawn green, but crumbs of this product got on my driveway, sidewalks and porch. Those crumbs rusted all three areas. Hosing those areas with water did not remove those rust stains. I read about these rust stains via blogs one day “after” I applied this product. Had I read the blogs one day “before” applying this product, I would not have done so. Green lawn, but rust spots on those three areas was not worth it! Beware!! Use at your own risk!!!

      • Hi Stephanie Thurman
        So sorry to hear about your iron stains. Green MAX contains a large amount of iron which will cause iron stains to hard surfaces if the product is accidentally applied to them. This is more prone to happen if the surface is damp when accidental application occurs and when product is not cleaned off surface as directed on label (sweep any dry granules on to the lawn). I have not had any experience using the following products that I understand have shown to be effective in removing iron stains from regular concrete pavers. These products can be found at a local hardware store or online. Before using any commercial cleaning products, such as those listed below, to remove stains, test the product on a small area to see if the product will fade or damage the stained surface. Most stain removal products work best with two applications. Be sure to follow the label directions.
        ◦Signatures Concrete Rust Remover
        ◦Goof Off Rust Stain Remover
        ◦Super Iron Out
        Again, I am sorry to hear about your experience.

  6. Ken permalink

    I just applied Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control. Can I use Green Max now, or do I need to wait?

  7. cedrick permalink

    when to apply in central illinois

  8. Michelle frazier permalink

    I used scotts green max about 5 days ago, how long does it take to green?

    • Hi Michelle
      You should see a greener lawn in a week with increasing greening for the next month that will last for a couple of months. If your grass is not alive, this will not happen. If you have problems, let me know where you are located and any details about your lawn (sun or shade, products you have put down, any other specific info) and I will help you figure out what is going on.

      • Michelle frazier permalink

        Ok, it has now been three weeks since I’ve used Scotts Green Max! I’m not seeing any results!:( Soooo disappointed! I have been told my lawn wasn’t that bad, I didn’t think so either. I live in Charlotte, N.C and I get alot of sunlight in my lawn. So what next, I’m aiming for a thicker, greener lawn. What do you recommend I do next and when!!

      • Hi Michelle Sorry you are not seeing increased greening. If you have been getting plenty of rain or if you have been irrigating and your grass is not dead, then you should get increased greening from Green MAX. Your grass type or soil pH may be a factor. Thanks for letting me know where you are located as this will help me give you some suggestions. If you have Bermudagrass or Zoysia, then no more feedings this fall are suggested. These kind of grasses like 3 or 4 feedings a year with the last one about the time you made your feeding in September. The green color starts to decline with the cooler nights and the grass goes dormant with colder weather. If you have Centipedegrass, 2 to 3 feedings a year are all you need with the last one in late summer. This kind of grass also goes dormant with cooler weather. If you have Tall Fescue, you should feed again in a couple of weeks with Turf Builder WinterGuard. Many soils in your area also benefit from an application of lime in fall at the rate of about 40 to 50 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. If you want to be sure that your lawn will benefit from this, do a soil test with your local extension office to determine if your soil pH is acid and below the range for good grass growth (below 6.0). Hope this extra info helps.

  9. David permalink

    I used Scott’s Weed and Feed on Feb 16 that evening in the front yard. Then I noticed there is a separate bag for Grabgrass. The Weed and Feed did not cover this? Do I wait 4 to 6 weeks to apply this bag and will May be a good time to use the Green MAX. I have all Bermudagrass in the front and back. I also live in Jefferson GA. When is there a need to use Turf Builder with SummerGuard? I know its for bugs but does it really improve the lawn minus no bugs? First year home owner so the yard is a mystery to keep up with everyone around. My feeding schedule would be?



    • Hi David
      Thanks for telling me where you are located and all the details about your Bermudagrass. We usually like to wait to feed Bermudagrass until you see about 60% green starting to show up. You should be seeing that now. Because of our March weather you still have time to get your crabgrass preventer down, but you need to hurry. You may have missed a small amount of early germinating crabgrass, however I would still put this down. You can use Turf Builder with Halts to do this job. This will be a feeding and crabgrass prevention. Then in mid May you can feed again with GreenMAX. Your summer options are several: You could feed again with GreenMAX, then if you want to protect against fire ants, fleas, ticks, etc. you can spread Ortho Fire Ant Killer Granules. Hope this helps.

  10. Jose permalink

    I have a bag of scotts green max I want to apply in about a week or so. Parts of my lawn are on a slight incline and when I water the lawn after a few minuets water spills onto the sidewalk. I don’t want to get oxidation on the sidewalk should I avoid green max altogether? Thanks for any advice.

    • Hi Jose
      What I have found is that if your lawn and sidewalk are wet/moist when you are spreading a high Iron product, staining will start before you can sweep granules off of your sidewalk back into your lawn. If there are no granules on the sidewalk when moisture or high humidity are present then there is a much lower chance of staining. Sweep the stray granules back onto your lawn ASAP after spreading. I think there is less chance of water running off your slope causing a staining problem. If you switch to Turf Builder there is lower level of Iron.

  11. nate permalink

    My lawn has just recently started having some large areas of bright green grass should i be worried i live in morris illinois just south of chicago

    • Hi Nate
      Based on where you live, you may have some patches of Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua). This grass is a brighter, more apple green color than the traditional Kentucky Bluegrass that grows in your area. You may find that these patches will show seed heads quicker than your other grass and then die out more easily in hotter, drier summer weather. There are some other grass species that do this also. You may want to seed your lawn in fall with more a more desirable grass blend. This will not eliminate these grasses totally, however you will improve your lawn over time.

  12. Gee S. permalink

    I live in NJ and purchased a weed and feed bag which i plan to apply this weekend after the rain. I have another bag of iron supplement i’d like to apply. Which one should i apply first? And how many weeks apart? Thanks — gee

    • Hi Gee S.
      If the Iron supplement is Scotts GreenMAX, you should wait at least a month between applications because the GreenMAX and our Turf Builder Weed & Feed provide a high level of feeding in addition to the Iron. If the Iron Supplement you plan to use is not a Scotts product, with very little feeding other than Iron, you can narrow that down to a week.

  13. Gee permalink

    Great, and thanks for the quick response!

  14. Scot Johnston permalink

    Hi, thanks for your blog, first of all.

    I applied Green Max yesterday and 6 to 7 hours later it rained. I believe the bag mentions not applying before heavy rains are anticipated, and it was not anticipated, but it rained anyway. Do I need to reapply? And if so, when?

    • Hi Scot
      No you do not need to apply again for about 6 weeks or so. Your situation was not ideal, however you will see a big improvement in your lawn.

  15. Jenifer permalink

    Hello I live in Toronto GTA area I used weed and feed the corn one . But since then we had soo much rain . In one or 2 days we received the same amount we would have for the month and since every few days it has been raining. it has been 3 weeks no change. Wheather is getting better now . I also I find it is a dull colour and want to use the scotts max. Do you think with all that rain I can use the Max?

    • Hi Jenifer
      Not sure what weed and feed you used, however with any weed control based on corn gluten you will only see prevention of certain weeds, not control of weeds that are already in your lawn. Based on your comments, I suggest you feed your lawn with Scotts Turf Builder at 8 week intervals, mow your grass at a higher cutting height so you can measure at least 2-1/2 inches after you cut… this will help your grass compete with new weeds. The combination of more nutrients and a higher mowing height will give you a stronger lawn!

      • Jenifer permalink

        Thank you for your quick reply . I did use scotts turf builder weed control with the corn gluten . But as soon as I put it on we received over 30 cm in rain in a couple of days . Weeds are fine but the colour is pale and its been 3 weeks and I do cut high. So is it safe to put scotts max green so soon?

      • Hi Jenifer Yes, if it were my lawn I would put it down.

  16. chris permalink

    Hello, I Live in Detroit Mi and have Kentucky Blue Grass. The problem is there is no blue in my lawn. Will Scott’s Green Max bring the blue out in my green lawn or? Thanks

    • Hi Chris
      Good one… thanks for the chuckle. Your Kentucky Bluegrass will go from light or pale green to very dark green with Scotts GreenMAX. I can promise you your grass will be “happy” and not “blue”.

  17. Senordor Hines permalink

    I have a weed free, slightly green bermuda lawn in Phenix City, Al. I’m trying to get my grass deep dark green. I just used Expert Gardner 29-0-4 (Wal-Mart). Can I still put the Scott’s Max Green down or should I wait. Also, what do you think about using ammonium nitrate in conjunction with the fertilizer.

    • Hi Senordor
      Your Bermuda loves getting fed in summer, however you should wait at least a month after putting down your last lawn food application before putting down Scotts GreenMAX. You will not need to use Ammonium Nitrate. I like the slow feeding you get with the GreenMAX compared to the very fast Ammonium Nitrate.

  18. Kisha permalink

    Hi Ashton,

    I am very thankful for finding your blog on the net tonight through a few random lawn serches. I am living in Utah where we are experiencing 95+ degrees a day for the past few weeks. Our Kentucky Blue should be renamed Utah Beige. We originally started fertilizing with a local farm stores fertilizers that are formulated for the area. The last application was early June. I am not seeing the results I had expected this year. So of that may be due to the heat, but I see other lawns that are must more lucious than mine.

    1 – We have held off on an additional summer fertilizer because we are afraid of lawn burn from the heat and chemicals combined. Is this accurate?

    2 – For thicker grass, do we need to overseed or just fertilize?

    3 – Can we switch mid season from the local fertilizer “regime” to Scott’s?

    If needed I can send pictures or a better description of the issues. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Kisha
      Kentucky Bluegrass does not like to be fed when temps are in the 90’s since it is shifting into a slower growth mode, especially if there has been a shortage of water. If the grass was healthy with a good root system when the hot, dry weather began to hit, it will go dormant. (Sounds like it already has.) Then when cooler, wetter weather shows up later in the year you can feed it with Turf Builder and you will see your lawn green up and fill in. You can decide at that time if you need to put down grass seed because you have areas that are not filling in. Feed your lawn twice this fall about 6 weeks apart.

  19. Gary permalink

    Hi Ashton,

    I live in Orlando, FL and applied Scott’s Max Green on my St. Augustine yard about 2 weeks ago before traveling out of state for work. I was very happy to return to a lush green lawn so the product worked very well. The issue I’m having is that I missed some areas and the difference is very noticeable. What’s the best course of action this late in the season? Can I simply buy another bag and address the areas I missed?

    • Hi Gary
      Yes, the best approach now would be to feed the unfed areas with the same product as soon as you can. Good luck with your lawn!

  20. Pamela permalink

    I had fescue mix sod put in across my whole front yard 50 feet in because the water company put in another water line. My problem is that the new sod is darker than my old sod. What can i do to get it to match up with the rest of my yard. Also the new sod doesn’t get as long as the old sod.

    • Hi Pamela
      One can see differences in both different varieties of fescue and the age of the grass plants. Suggest you feed your entire lawn with Turf Builder or GreenMAX and I think you will start to reduce some of the difference gaps. After several feedings this year you may see the areas appear similar.

      • Pamela permalink

        My yard was done almost two years ago and i have had it fertilized and i still can tell where the older sod and newer sod come together. Would applying fertilizer to the just the older sod be better so the other sod doesn’t get darker?

  21. Hi Pamela
    Thanks for giving me more info. Now that I know this difference has been there for several years even though you have fed, it is likely that the difference in grass varieties may always be evident, especially in early spring. I would still suggest feeding both areas the same.

  22. Lesa permalink

    My lawn is half green half yellow i live in southern california (LA) hot dry weather, will max green turn my yellow lawn green? And when do i apply? Do i mow first leave the cuttings on grass and add the max? And how often do i water the lawn with max. I water every other day currently? Thank you

    • Hi Lesa
      You will see a greener lawn after feeding with GreenMAX. Apply a day or two after mowing. Leave your clippings on the grass. Sweep any granules off your driveway onto your lawn before they get wet so you do not get any iron stains on your driveway. Follow your regular water schedule.

  23. Thomas permalink

    Iron sulfate

    • Hi Thomas
      Thanks for your input. Iron Sulfate can provide a quick Iron boost. One big difference is not only do you get the Iron boost from GreenMAX, there is also a full feeding of Scotts slow-release Nitrogen and other nutrition to help the overall grass plant growth. Good luck with your lawn!

  24. Ricky permalink

    Hi, I live in southern Texas, and my yard is very green except for a handful of brown 8-inch in diameter patches. My last feeding with Scotts Weed and Feed was 2 weeks ago. What should I do about brown patches?

  25. David permalink

    Is Ironite good to use on brown patches in yard along with Scotts Fungus Control?

    • Hi David
      You will get a much higher level of “greening power” with GreenMAX. Suggest you allow a week between applications of Lawn Fungus Control and GreenMAX.

  26. hello I live in olive branch, ms and last year my lawn was immaculate and this year not so well at all , I was using 13-13-13 from the coop store here locally , my lawn just isn’t green , I have some yellowish gold like color in places all over my yard and also water twice weekly , have used green max once early in the spring, nothing since but the 13-13-13. my lawn people cuts every seven days, what do you think?

    • Hi Kenneth Webb
      Do you know what kind of grass you have? In your area there is a lot of Bermuda, however there can be Zoysia, St. Augustine, Centipede or Fescue. Some of these grasses like different feeding schedules and there are some fungus diseases that certain ones of them are prone to getting this time of year. Tell me a little more about your grass type, how those yellow places appear (are they circles are not a particular pattern), when was your last feeding and how many total times has your lawn been fed this year?

      • yes my lawn is Bermuda grass and my last feeding was may 31,2014 and its august 1,2014 now , also the color spots are not a particular pattern , I have fed my lawn a total of three times so far this year. I have no weeds at all in my yard. also it has been around 90 degrees here at the most.

  27. Hi Kenneth Webb
    Thanks for all the details about your lawn. Bermuda likes to be fed 4 or 5 times a year. Feed your lawn now with Scotts GreenMAX and you will see improved color and a more even green. When you water, it would be good to measure how much you are putting down on your twice weekly schedule. A rain gauge or straight sided ice tea glass will help with that measurement. A half inch of water from rain or irrigation twice a week is the ideal. (By the way, when you fed your lawn with 13-13-13, the proper rate would have been around 35 to 40 pounds per 5,000 sq. ft. The feeding advantage you get from Scotts is a gradual feeding over a 2 month time frame. The 13-13-13 tends to feed the grass more rapidly and not last as long.)

  28. Maranata permalink

    Hi today place the product in my grass but after 2 hours started to rain .what I need to do ? Sorry I living in Orlando fl my grass is zoysia

  29. Maranata permalink

    Thank’s you

    • Maranata permalink

      Another question is how often should put the product ?

  30. Hi Maranata
    Based on where you live, the target feeding schedule would be 4 or 5 times a year at 6 to 8 week intervals.

  31. Tyler permalink

    Hello, I live in Central Florida and moved into a new home where I think the grass was a bit neglected. We have a lake in our backyard and when it rains, there are puddles/ flooding. When I mow (every week in the summer, mostly high unless I hit something and it changes the setting on me), but there are some brown patches in our front yard with some of those Y Shaped green weeds that keep growing back. I haven’t applied anything yet, but I did buy some Scotts Max Green and also have some Bonus S from a while ago. What is the best application for my lawn? I think we have St. Augustine grass. I don’t have a water routine yet as the irrigation system is down due to broken pipes/sprinkler heads and more relying on the rain and hand watering (mostly the front since the back gets enough water)

    In addition to the lawn, there’s a very weedy area in the back (where the flooding is) that has a ton of honeysuckle vines. I’ve mowed over this area and plan to clear it out to eventually put grass, but is the best attack method to kill the vines/weeds in this area, but not kill the area so much that grass won’t grow? Till it?

    • Hi Tyler
      You can put down Bonus S now on your St. Augustine lawn. You should time your application before a rain or you should water after feeding. This will help minimize your weed problem and feed your grass to help it fill in. Generally the best time to sprig or sod new St. Augustine is in spring, so you may wait until next year to kill the vegetation. You can keep it mowed now until then. You can spray the tough to kill vines with RoundUp Poison Ivy and Tough Brush Killer and then you will be able to sod or sprig your St. Augustinegrass 30 days after planting. Feed your new grass with Starter Lawn Food when you plant.

  32. Cortlen permalink


    I live in Denver and my home had new Kentucky Blue grass sod placed down about two summers ago. This past summer, the grass greened up, but I had a few patches of dead spots in the yard throughout most of the summer. Well, now I am thinking about power raking/aeration in the next few weeks. Is their one method I should use over the other? Once this is completed, should I add Turf builder to the yard, or Green Max Lawn food or Both. I don’t have a green thumb, but I would love to have a great looking yard this Spring/Summer. Thanks for your help!


    • Hi Cortlen
      Core aeration is your best choice. You can leave the cores on the soil surface and they will break up over a several week period. Since your soils in Denver like extra Iron, you can feed with GreenMAX after you aerate.

  33. Cortlen permalink


    Can I use GreenMax and GrubEX at the same time. I am having my lawn aerated this week and wanted to know if I could use both products on the same day? Also, if I can use the products on the same day, how long should I wait to water them in?


  34. Hi Cortlen
    You can apply GrubEx and GreenMAX the same day. You can water them after spreading.

  35. Jamie clewis permalink

    What am I to do if I put like on my lawn by accident? How can I fix or try to undo it?

    • Hi Jamie Clewis
      If you put lime (not sure that is what you mean) down by accident, there typically will not be an issue. Water your lawn to help remove it from the grass surface. If you are not talking about lime, let me know more info and where you are located.

  36. Brad C permalink


    I live in Phoenix, AZ, Right now we’re running mid 90’s most days. I’m a first time home buyer so this is all a bit new to me. I have Bermuda, it isn’t dead but fairly dry right now. The majority of the water is flood irrigation and that comes every other week. Today was the first day. Could you give me some advice on what to put on, and when? I hear about TurfBuilder, GreenMAX, and weed and feed, and I have no idea what I should be applying, when, and when I need to be watering. What needs to go on a dry ground, and what should be on a wet lawn?

    • Hi Brad C
      Suggest you feed your Bermuda with Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food now that you should be seeing some new growth coming out of winter dormancy. I am suggesting GreenMAX because of the extra Iron that helps lawns in your area. Suggest you feed after your next flood irrigation on a day when the temps are going to not get above the low 90’s. If you can lightly water after you feed that would be good. Also suggest you sweep any stray granules from your sidewalk, driveway back onto your lawn before you water. Your Bermuda will appreciate 3 or 4 feedings this year.

  37. david reis permalink

    i live in sc and i have centepede grass and its on a clay soil and it doesnt look that great should i feed it sir

    • Hi david reis
      Your centipede lawn benefits from two or three feedings a year. This kind of grass does not like to be fed more than that. The first feeding should go down in spring after you are seeing at least 60% of your grass green up coming out of winter. Allow a couple of months in between feedings. If you have not fed yet this year, suggest you feed with Scotts GreenMAX.

      • Josh Duran permalink

        I live in Effingham county, ga I really have no clue what grass is in my yarrow but I put turf builder southern lawns and my grass is getting greener and thicker with regular watering but some of the areas in the lawn are starting to turn brown? And I have weeds that grow”stickers” what are these and how do I get rid of them. I have oak trees in the yard with sandy soil all around any ideas how to grow grass in these areas?

      • Hi Josh Duran
        Lawns in your part of Georgia are typically Centipedegrass, Bermudagrass or Zoysia. There are also some St. Augustinegrass lawns. Use this link to help you figure out your lawn type:
        The reason you may want to do this is if you have Centipede you will want to only feed 2 or 3 times a year. The other grass types like to be fed 4 times a year. This will also help when you are picking out a weed control to match your grass type. The weed you are describing is likely Sandbur. Crabgrass preventers like Scotts Halts help prevent this weed from germinating when applied by Early March in your area. Here is a link to info on this weed from my friend Walter Reeves, The Georgia Gardener: Good luck with your lawn.

  38. Willie Jamison permalink

    I put down scotts weed and feed on tall fescue on May 7, 15. I live in Va Beach, Va. When can I safely put down Scott’s GreenMAX?

    • Hi Willie Jamison
      Thanks for letting me know where you are located. Tall Fescue lawns in your area really like most of the feeding in fall/early winter and less feeding is spring and summer. I hesitate suggesting another feeding now so soon after your feeding 2 weeks ago. Normally you would want to wait at least 6 to 8 weeks between feeding. If you were able to feed your lawn 2 or 3 times last fall, you could probably wait to feed again in early September. Here is the feeding schedule I would follow if I had a Tall Fescue lawn in Va Beach: Early May, Early Sept, Mid Oct, Late Nov.

  39. Dorothy Pitts permalink

    SW Wyoming. Dry, hot, windy. It’s supposed to in the 90’s the next two weeks. I haven’t fertilized yet this year but want to do it this weekend. What can I used that won’t burn my lawn?

    • Hi Dorothy Pitts
      Thanks for giving me your location. The lawns in your are like to get fed in spring and fall during the optimum growth period for those grass types. You can feed now if you have not done so this year. Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food is a good choice for your area because of the extra Iron. Feed early in the day when it is cooler and give your lawn a half hour watering after feeding. Try to remember to feed once or twice this fall.

  40. sbledd permalink

    I had someone to cut my grass and they cut it too long and it begins to brown what products do I use

    • Hi sbledd
      Let me know where you are located and the height of your grass after mowing as this will help me guide you.

  41. I live in Michigan I would like to know do I use Green Max now before I start putting my scotts grass seeds out and my scotts starter or wait today is monday Spring starts this coming Sunday what do I do.

    • Hi Deborah
      Thanks for giving me your location. You still have plenty of time to seed as your soil is still cold. In early April your primary focus will be to put your grass seed down and either feed with Scotts Starter Lawn Food or Scotts Starter Lawn Food with Weed Preventer if you had crabgrass last year (this is a special crabgrass preventer that you can put down with grass seed). You can follow up with a feeding of Scotts GreenMAX in early May. This second feeding will help your new grass seed fill in as well as nourish your existing grass.

  42. Victor permalink

    How often will i need to water my lawn after applying scotts green max? I live in the central valley of california.

    • Hi Victor
      GreenMAX Lawn Food will strengthen your lawn’s root system and give it the nutrients it needs. It will also help protect the yard against heat and drought in the future. A well-fed lawn is better able to use the increased grass roots to find and utilize any available water. You can also encourage deeper roots by watering deeper and less frequently. Rather than watering each day, it is better to water a half inch twice a week. It is best to water in the morning due to less wind and cooler temperatures, for soil to absorb the water. And be sure to adjust your sprinklers so less water is hitting the driveway and sidewalk. If you have some hard to water lawn areas (slope or skinny strips) consider replacing the grass with more drought tolerant plants and mulch.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        In terms of time(minutes) you say to water more but less days. How many minutes per zone is the right amount of water for the lawn and how many days per week to do this. This would be of course I assume when there is no rain for at least a week hitting the lawn? THX!!

  43. Hi Mark Selbert
    Here is a link to an excellent publication from Univ of Calif to help you calculate how long to run your sprinklers based on how much water they put out. The info is based on different geographical areas in your state. Hope this helps:

    • Hi Ashton,

      I live in Denver, CO and I have a couple dead patches in my front yard. Just two days ago, I put down some Scott’s EZ seed Patch Repair. I also have a bag of Scott’s Green Max Lawn food. Can I put down the Green Max right now also in my front yard or should I wait?

      • Hi CJ
        You can feed your lawn now with GreenMAX. Since there is Starter Lawn Food in the EZ Seed, you can skip those spots if it is easy to do with your spreader.

  44. Ben permalink

    How many months do you have to wait till you can use the Scotts green max again? Thanks for your time and have a great day

    • Hi Ben
      Scotts lawn foods provide feeding for 6 to 8 weeks, so if you have not fed recently, you can spread Scotts GreenMAX now.

  45. david permalink

    I just bought expert gardener lawn fertilizer 29-0-4 from walmart. Doing some research before applying and came accross your blog. Is this just as good as scotts fertilizer and cani use it before mobing on to scotts next application due to current budget. Lawn a lighter yellow and not as thick so needing to feed.

    • Hi David
      The Walmart lawn food is the correct mix of Nitrogen and Potassium for your lawn so you should use it. Scotts Turf Builder is made a different way with granules that each contain the same balance of nutrition so each grass plant gets fed the same thing. Also, the Scotts lawn products provide an extended feeding for 6 to 8 weeks after spreading. Lots of folks feel Scotts is worth the extra few bucks. However, having said that, the Walmart option will improve your lawn. You will see a big difference in your lawn if you can feed it around 4 times a year.

      • david permalink

        So i applied fertilizer to my lawn this past saturday and we were supposed to get some drizzle rain yesterday which didnt happpen. Is it okay for me to lightly water my lawn today? Or is it too late and fertilizer wont work.. i live in iowa and i used expert lawn fertilizer from walmart

      • Hi David
        Yes, give your lawn a good watering today.

  46. Ross permalink

    I just bought grubex and GreenMAX. I have a little crab grass in my back yard. Should I buy a crab preventer and apply first and can I apply with grubex? Also how long till I can then apply GreenMAX? I live in central IN. Thanks!

    • Hi Ross
      Based on your location, I believe you still have time to prevent the majority of the crabgrass that will germinate. So, I would put down Turf Builder with Halts ASAP. You can apply your GrubEX anytime in May. You can do your second feeding with Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food around the end of May. You can spray any young crabgrass (and other weeds) that you miss with the pre-emergent using Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer.

  47. Ashley permalink

    I used starter fertilizer when I laid Bermuda sod two weeks ago. How soon could I use GreenMax? Thanks!

  48. Ashley permalink

    Hi Ashton,
    I applied Scott’s starter fertilizer to the soil when I laid bermuda sod two weeks ago. How soon can I used GreenMAX? Thank you!

    • Hi Ashley
      You can feed with GreenMAX 4 to 6 weeks after you laid your sod and fed it with Starter Lawn Food.

  49. Pete permalink

    I just applied scotts turf builder a week ago. Can I apply green max now?

    • Hi Pete
      Since both Turf Builder and GreenMAX lawn foods provide nutrients over a 6 to 8 week period, you would get a double feeding which may create more growth and extra mowing than you are looking for. (Kind of like visiting an all you can eat buffet for both lunch and dinner.) Suggest you allow at least 4 weeks between feedings.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        Used Green Max about 2 to 3 weeks ago. My Lawn looks really good. I have some Dandalions in certain spots so just using the Ortho Weed spray control. I guess I will use Weed & Feed granular product in about 3 weeks? I do see some clover coming up in certain spots. Please advise. THX

  50. Hi Mark Selbert
    You can spray your clover and other weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. Once you have sprayed your weeds you do not need to use Turf Builder Weed & Feed. You can feed next with GreenMAX again.

    • Mark Selbert permalink

      You are talking about granular product that has no fertilizer in it or just keep using the spray bottle that I have on all weeds that I see ? I am concerned about the clover that if I spray that area I could kill that area and have no grass or that is NOT the case? THX!!

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Ortho Weed B Gon MAX is a liquid spray and it will take out the clover while not harming the grass. The feeding you put down a few weeks ago and the next feeding will help the existing grass fill in.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        Ok. Thank You for that info!! Your the best!! Mark

  51. Mike Mandell permalink

    I’ve been using Green Max about 3 years and like it. However, a couple weeks ago Lowe’s had it on sale as Green Max for Southern Lawns”. This is in Pennsylvania. The bag has no indication of “Southern Lawn”. Is there another version of this product?

    • Hi Mike Mandell
      There is only one version of GreenMAX. The first year this product was introduced it was first sold in the South. My guess is that when they prepared the ad the art work from the original bag was used. They are selling the same product you have been using for the past 3 years. Glad you are a fan of this product… it does a great job feeding the lawn.

  52. Jay permalink

    Hi Ashton,

    Does gypsum help soften your soil? Is it worth putting it down in NJ?


    • Hi Jay
      Gypsum can help clay soils that tend to have a high sodium content. These type soils are more generally found west of the Mississippi River. The better option is to mix a couple of inches of organic matter into clay soil whenever possible. This is easier to do when establishing a new lawn or when creating a vegetable garden area. In New Jersey soils can be acidic (low pH). If a soil test shows a less than optimal pH, lime can be spread on the lawn to help improve the soil chemistry. Here is a link to one of my blog postings about lime:

    • Mark Selbert permalink

      Concerning Sod- I was told you should fertilize sod about 3 weeks after you install. Do you agree and if so what product of fertilizer is best to use on the sod? Thank You !!

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Turf Builder Starter Lawn Food for New Grass can be applied just before or just after sodding (same day). This will help your new sod form roots faster.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        and when should you fertilize the sod again-how many weeks should you wait and what product do you recommend?? THX

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Since you are in New Jersey, the cool-season grasses grown there love being fed 2 or 3 times in late summer going into fall/early winter. So I would follow up with my next feeding around Labor Day with Scotts Turf Builder and then once or twice more with Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard. So allow your new sod to get established with a single feeding of Starter Lawn Food now and then over the summer by keeping it watered. If you were in the south and were sodding a warm-season grass like Bermuda or Zoysia right now, you would want to feed a month after sodding with Turf Builder (since these kind of grasses can put out a lot of growth during hot weather). The cool-season grasses like Ky. Bluegrass, Fescue and Ryegrass typically do most of their best growth during the cooler weather of spring, fall and early winter so that is when you want to do most of your feeding.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        I am in Ma. not NJ Just South of Boston. Thank You for your answers!!

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Sorry I got your location confused. My NJ advice will work for the Boston area as well. If you have further lawn questions I am ready to help. Good luck with your new sod.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        Well- Sod has been in the ground for a week and I am seeing some low spots so I am in the process of getting 40 lb. bags of Premium Top Soil and removing the full piece of sod and spreading the top soil so when I step on the sod I do NOT go deep-problem is I think I will need many bags of top soil. I did 31 pieces-the area is 20 by 16. I have a feeling I will be doing at least 15 pieces. I thought I prepped the area nice but I guess not perfect enough. Please advise. THX!

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Some minor unevenness you are seeing will resolve itself as your soil settles and will be less obvious as you mow at 2-1/2 to 3 inches. If you see some major depressions that need to be fixed, do so ASAP as I suspect your new sod has already begun to send out new roots.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        Hi- For Ma. is this the best time for Grub X Mid to Late June? ??

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Yes, put your GrubEX down ASAP followed by a good watering.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        OK Thank You. Will do.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        When over seeding this fall plus aerating on an established lawn is it best to use the Starter Fert. or Turf Builder ? The numbers are very different such as the middle number so which is best to use this fall when over seeding an established lawn. Then Of course Winter Guard to be used in early November. THX

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Starter Lawn Food is best option when seeding this fall even though you are seeding into an established lawn. The Nitrogen level is almost the same as Turf Builder when the % Nitrogen is calculated with the bag weight and coverage. The extra phosphorus is important for the new seedlings and will not hurt your existing grass. You are correct to follow up later this fall with WinterGuard.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        OK Will do. Thank You.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        I may end up NOT aerating this fall. Based on that – Is it Ok to still over seed after I cut the lawn ? Will the seed get into the ground . It will be raining tomorrow plus I have sprinkler system. I will put down New Seed Fertilzer when I seed so please advise on this. THX

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        Some of the seed will germinate, however you would get a higher survival rate the more seed that comes in contact with the soil.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        If I aerate next week or two weeks from now will that be a good thing since today I just over seeded and put the starter fert. down We are expecting good rain tomorrow -if not I will have to put on the sprinkler system. In 6 weeks(First week on Nov.) I will use Winter Guard.

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        If you aerate in a week or so you could injure some of your seed as it is starting to germinate. So I would skip for this year.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        WOW ! I never thought of that. Ok so I will wait and maybe aerate in the spring like mid April. Or if I aerate lets say in the next couple of days I assume that would be OK since I just put down the seed yesterday. Please advise. Thanks Ashton for your help.

      • Hi Mark Selbert
        The quicker the better if you need to aerate now. If you aerate next spring, do it before spreading crabgrass preventer.

      • Mark Selbert permalink

        OK Thank You for your help !

  53. Dusty Kampen permalink

    Hi, how much iron is needed on a average lawn? 5,000 square feet. I have been using myself 41-3-3 granule and also using Miracle Gro liquid suitable.

    • Hi Dusty Kampen
      Soils in the Western and Southern U.S. tend to be more Iron deficient than other areas. Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food has a 33-0-2 analysis with 4% Sulfur and 5% Iron. The 5,000 sq. ft. bag weighs 15.15 lbs. So this means you are putting down 1 lb. of Nitrogen and 0.15 lb. of Iron per 1,000 sq. ft. (Potassium and Sulfur also provides some additional nutrition.) This is a good rate of Iron for most lawn conditions.

  54. Brandon permalink

    I applied Green Max but after a week it didn’t green nearly as well as expected. Can I do another application to add color?

    • Hi Brandon
      If you think you got full coverage (you spread a 5,000 square foot bag over an area equivalent to 50 foot by 100 foot) and there was rain or irrigation after spreading you will see more greening this week. The way the granules time-release the nutrition causes the greening to pick up during the second week and continue over a total of 6 to 8 weeks.

  55. Dennis permalink

    I put down top dressing and over-seeded and fertilized May 20th. The lawn is lush and green. We are located near the west coast of Canada and headed to the summer heat. What do you recommend and when should I add it?

    • Hi Dennis
      If you used a Starter Lawn Food when you seeded about 5 weeks ago, you can follow up now with a feeding of Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food. If you did not use a Starter Lawn Food when seeding, I suggest you feed with that rather than Turf Builder. As long as your daytime high temps are in the 80’s or below it is ok to feed now. Water your lawn after feeding. Mow at one of the higher settings so your grass is around 2-1/2 inches after the cut. Hold off on any weed controls until your new grass has been mowed at least 4 times. Plan to feed your lawn once or twice this fall.

  56. Question, My next step is summergard fartilizer can I add more green max fertilizer along with the summergard y/n? Let me know what you recommended for this matter. Thank you. Al

    • Hi Al
      Suggest you feed now with Turf Builder SummerGuard and then you can come back with GreenMAX as your next feeding the end of August.

  57. Katie permalink

    We recently purchased our home in Spokane, WA & this is the first Summer we are caring for the lawn. We have been told by neighbors the front was grass seed, the backyard was sod, and both re-done in the past five years. My guess is the lawn is maybe fescue or a mix. We get mostly sun, though the front has some afternoon shade from a tree. We had a terrible problem with crabgrass & dandelions earlier in the season along with all the neighboring houses as well – treated about 5-6 weeks ago with Spectraside weed stop (hooked up to the hose and spray-application which did a fair job) though some of the weeds are coming back.) A neighbor had made the recommendation who was battling similar conditions. Our lawn in general, looks lacking nutrients… it’s a moderate green with patches of yellow here & there, and also patches of deep, dark green in the backyard from where our dog has urinated. I just applied Scott’s Summerguard last night, followed by watering per instructions. We have a sunny, 90 degree day today, followed by a week ahead of sunshine & upper 80’s. We currently run our sprinkler system 3x a week. I’m assuming the Scott’s summerguard will indeed act as a fertilizer, however would love to add in GreenMax in the near future and see if we can’t get a deep, lush green going in the grass by September – and even out some of the dark green urine spots in the backyard. Any recommendations? Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hi Katie
      Thanks for giving me your location as this helps me understand your lawn situation (I’ve been to Spokane several times… I love Eastern Washington). You are correct, the commonly found lawns in your area are turf-type Tall Fescue and Ky. Bluegrass. These lawns do well with 4 feedings a year. The Turf Builder SummerGuard you just put down provides a “light” summer feeding. You can follow it in 4 weeks with Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food. I would count this as your first “fall feeding” then I suggest you feed again in early October with GreenMAX or one of the other Turf Builder products. Since this would be a good time to kill weeds, you could use Turf Builder WinterGuard Weed & Feed for your early Oct feeding instead of a straight lawn food. Weed & Feeds should be applied to moist foliage on the day your sprinklers do not run or no rain is called for. Then early next spring you will want to spread Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer around the time of your first mowing. Your 4th feeding would be next May with GreenMAX. You will find with 4 feedings a year you will see a dramatic change in your lawn with thicker grass that has a deeper root system.

      • Katie permalink

        Thank you so much for the helpful tips and responding so quickly! Looking forward to following your advice and cultivating a healthier lawn. Thanks again!!

  58. Jeff Cardillo permalink

    I reside in the Punta Gorda/Pt. Charlotte area of FL. My wife and I re-sodded our lawn with Empire Zoysia 3-4 years ago. This year it looks a bit anemic and have read about the Green Max product. I’ve been using your Bonus S product. The last feeding was end of May ’16. We water 1-2 x per week, depending on rainfall. I appreciate any suggestions, recommendations. I have a large Oak tree on front lawn, which is on the northern side of my home.
    Thank you for your help.
    Regards, Jeff

    • Hi Jeff Cardillo
      Suggest you feed now with Scotts GreenMAX lawn food as your last feeding has pretty much run out of gas. I believe you will be quite pleased with the results.

  59. How do I turn my grass back to that vibrant green that we experienced early Spring? We’ve had a mild rain season therefore our lawn has suffered we have not been able to keep the lawn hydrated well enough. How do we get back the deep green from early on

    • Hi truprofi
      The two factors that influence a healthy green lawn are adequate water and regular feeding. Lawns thrive with about an inch of water a week from rainfall and/or irrigation. A rain gauge helps to track the rainfall and if supplemental watering is needed. If irrigation is used to achieve the inch a week, it is better to put down a half inch twice a week than getting there via daily watering. Lawns appreciate around 4 or 5 feedings a year. If you live in an area where the cool-season grasses like Bluegrass, Fescue and Ryegrass grow; you want to put down 2 or 3 of those feedings between now and mid November. If you live where warm-season grasses like Bermuda, Zoysia or St. Augustine grow; you want to put down 1 or 2 of those feedings between now and early October.

  60. permalink

    Hello I live in Maryland ,and my lawn specially in the back has lots of dried up patches and generally compared to my neighbors does not look very green and healthy I did treat my lawn with starter grass lawn food couple of months ago ,I don’t know if the yellow patches and in some parts dead grass is due to too much heat or too little nutrition or too little water please help Thanks

    • Hi mahvash_alavi
      If you noticed the brown patches of grass within a week after you fed, there may have been some fertilizer damage. This can happen if the granules went down too heavy in some areas, especially if the temps were in the 90’s and there was not enough water or rainfall after spreading. If you used the correct spreader setting and you got the correct coverage (a 5,000 sq. ft. bag was enough to feed a 50 foot by 100 foot area) then this kind of damage is very unlikely. The other thing is yellowish or light green areas that did not receive any feeding because they were missed with a spreader can be very obvious when the rest of the lawn is showing the dark green color. There are some fungus diseases that show up this time of year in your area that are circular patterns of brown grass. You could also check to see if the patches of dead looking grass can be easily pulled back from the soil showing grubs underneath that have eaten the grass roots. Hope these suggestions help you figure out what is causing your lawn to look the way it does.

  61. Aki permalink

    How many applications of Green max isntoo many per year for Northern Illinois?

    • Hi Aki
      Your lawn will appreciate 4 or 5 feedings a year with any one of the Scotts Lawn Foods. If you do not need to use one of the Turf Builder combo lawn foods that prevent crabgrass or control weeds, you can do all of your feedings with GreenMAX if you like.

      • Aki permalink

        Thank you, just didn’t want to overkill with iron. Awesome!

  62. Randall Holmes permalink

    Hello…I am located in southern Maryland and I have a zoysia grass yard. I applied Green Max on 27 Aug 16, and Winterguard Fall lawn food on 02 Sep 16. I am just wondering if I should wait until the grass comes out of dormancy before applying Green Max again. Thank you.

    • Hi Randall Holmes
      You do not need to feed your Zoysia lawn anymore this year. Your next feeding will be in spring when you see about 50% of your grass greening up after winter dormancy. (Thanks for giving me your location.)

      • Randall Holmes permalink

        Thank you. My Scott’s lawn app also said that, but I just wanted to double check. Should I also use a crabgrass preventer next year (the guys who laid my sod said I should)? Thanks again.

      • Hi Randall Holmes
        A crabgrass preventer would be a good idea next spring. Spread Scotts Halts (without the Turf Builder) around mid-March since crabgrass typically germinates around April 1 in the Wash DC area. The reason to use the Halts without the Turf Builder is that your Zoysia is likely to still be mostly dormant in late March. You will then feed with GreenMAX, Turf Builder or Scotts Natural Lawn Food when you are seeing about 50% of your grass breaking out of dormancy.

      • Randall Holmes permalink

        Thank you Ashton. One further question – if I feed with Green Max, may I also feed with whatever turf builder product Scott’s recommends? My zoysia does not get really dark green so I want to supplement it with additional iron. Perhaps I should stagger the feedings by a few weeks?

      • Hi Randall Holmes
        GreenMAX Lawn Food provides about the same level of feeding as Turf Builder plus the added benefit of extra Iron, so yo do not want to duplicate the feedings. You should plan for a total of 4 feedings a year for your Zoysia. The first should be as we discussed: spring when you are seeing about 50% green up, then follow up with feedings about every 6 to 8 weeks.

  63. Chris permalink

    If I fertilized with the Scott Bonus S a month ago, can I apply the GreenMax now? Thanks

    • Hi Chris
      We typically like to wait 6 to 8 weeks between Scotts Lawn Food feedings because of the time-release of the nutrients. You can squeeze this down to 4 weeks especially if the lawn has gone through a period of low nutrition prior to your last feeding.

  64. I am planning to put down the green max fertilizer, instead of the feed and weed control fertilizer this late spring season. I dont have many dandelions/weed in general. So, Can we put 4 bags of 5,000 sf ft for the green max fertilizer instead of 2 bags ? Please let us know.Thank you

    • Hi Al
      Suggest you not double up on your feeding. Use the spreader setting on the bag and cover your lawn with the same amount of coverage as you used previously with the weed and feed. (For example, if it took 2 – 5,000 sq. ft. bags of weed & feed in the past, you will want to use 2- 5,000 sq. ft. bags of Scotts GreenMAX.)

      • Thank you for the quick response. I though will be more beneficial to add 1or 2 bags of the scotts green max, but i guess not based in your advice. So, after this application will you advice to put down the scotts turf summerguard or the green max fertilizer? Thank you

  65. Hi Al
    Your lawn would receive a “full feeding” from Turf Builder Weed & Feed OR GreenMAX Lawn Food. The GreenMAX has extra Iron to give extra greening. If you have only a few weeds, you could feed with GreenMAX and spot treat the few weeds you have with Ortho Weed B GON MAX. If you have many weeds then Weed & Feed would be easier and more efficient. Then in 6 weeks you can come back with another feeding of either GreenMAX OR Turf Builder SummerGuard. The SummerGuard product is an insect control with a “light feeding”, which would be fine if your lawn is looking good and you want to protect it.

  66. Rene permalink

    I live in Atlanta Ga. and have fescu grass. Is it the right time of year to put Scott’s GreenMax down? (June 2017)
    It is mid-80s and supposed to rain next week

    • Hi Rene
      Yes, you can feed your fescue now with GreenMAX based on the kind of temps and rainfall you are getting now in Atlanta. If your temps were regularly approaching the 90’s I would say hold off. Here is a blog posting I did last June talking about the difference in how Warm-season grasses and Cool-season grasses like to be fed in summer: Both of these types of grasses grow in Atlanta. You will see from my blog posting that sometimes during hot weather it is best to skip feeding your Fescue especially if you have already given it two feedings this spring. Sometimes under certain summer weather conditions of high temps and humidity (especially if it does not cool down at night) if your Fescue has been fed too much, a lawn fungus problem known as Brown Patch can show up. Your Fescue will thrive in Atlanta with at least 2 or 3 feedings during Sept thru early December.

  67. Matt permalink

    Hello. I live in northeast florida and I mowed my Bahia lawn yesterday and applied Scotts Green Max fertilizer by hand in the evening as I was expecting rain to water in this product. However it did not rain. My question is how long per section of my backyard do I need to run my manual sprinkler to water in this product and if I decide to use a hose to walk and wet this product does it need to be soaked into the lawn?

    • Hi Matt
      Water your lawn until the lawn food particles work their way down into the soil off of the grass blades.

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