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Still Time to Put Your GrubEx Down… But Hurry

July 23, 2012

Grubs are the white larva of common beetles, including those pesky Japanese Beetles, and let me tell you, grubs are nasty things. They feed on your lawn’s roots, eating away where you can’t see them – until one day your lawn turns brown and you can roll up sections of it like a carpet.

So how do you protect against grubs? The best way I know is to spread Scotts GrubEx on your lawn. GrubEx not only kills grubs, it knocks off other turf damaging insects like Sod webworms, Armyworms, Cutworms and Crane fly larvae. And, now is the time to put GrubEx on your lawn to get full season long protection from a single application.  (Note:  If you have already spread GrubEx on your lawn this year, your lawn is protected with that season-long application.)

So don’t let grubs sneak up on you and ruin your lawn this year. And, don’t forget to water your lawn after spreading GrubEx.

Grubs eat grass roots resulting in brown, dead lawn patches in fall and early spring

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  1. patti permalink

    when we go outside in the morning there a bunches of little cob webs all over the lawn. What are they, good , bad, and what should I do about them

    • Hi Patti
      There is a lawn disease (fungus) called Dollar Spot that gives you cob web looking stuff (mycellium) on grass blades in early morning when dew is present. Other fungi can show this symptom, however Dollar Spot is the main one. If you are seeing quite a bit of brown grass spots showing up as well, you can treat with Scotts Lawn Fungus Control. Feeding the lawn also helps remedy this fungus problem.

  2. Keith permalink

    Can I apply Grub Ex and Turf Builder weed control at same time or do I need to seperate the applications by any length of time? Thanks.

    • Hi Keith
      You can put down the same day, however you should not mix together in the spreader. You will make two trips across the lawn and then water afterwards. GrubEx should go down ASAP and understand you may not get all the grubs. The best time to apply is during May/June/July

  3. Kevin O'Lena permalink

    It is mid/late September in Arizona. Just digging in my flower garden and found grubs. I immediately applied “Grub Beater” at the recommendation of my local nursery. It’s been a week since application. I was digging in my garden – again – and noted the presence of grubs still! Should I see results ie. dead grubs by this time? Am I too late for this granular insecticide to work? I understand that best application occurs in May, however what are my options this time of year. Do I need to give this agent additional time to work? One recommendation was Dylox 6.2. Please help!

    • Hi Kevin
      Grub Beater is not a Scotts product. I looked it up on the internet and see it is the type of grub control that prevents not kills. If you want the type that kills fast, however does not prevent then you would use a product that contains Dylox. Good Luck with your grub problem.

  4. I live in South Central Kentucky. When should I apply my grub control? I really had them last year but I can’t remember when it was.

    • Hi Donna Brogan
      Early to mid May would be good timing for your GrubEX application. Be sure to lightly water after application.

  5. Stephen Shaw permalink

    Hi, It is late September here in Michigan, and it’s clear I have a crane fly problem. They have recently hatched and can be seen flying around when walking through the grass. Is it too late to put down GrubX to treat? Should I wait until next spring?

  6. Stephen Shaw permalink

    Also, if I do put down GrubX in September, can I still apply again in early spring?

    • Hi Stephen Shaw
      Saw both of your comments/questions. Typically for European Crane Fly it is good to get your GrubEX down by the August. I would suspect you will get some protection from an application ASAP that gets watered in. However, you may experience some damage when the eggs from these adults hatch. So… apply the sooner the better. You can also apply again next late spring/early summer to protect against next year’s grubs (can also be a problem in your area).

  7. Kim permalink

    I am in Southern, Georgia I am looking for something to put down for bugs and also feed my lawn. What Scott product is best? It is June 28th.

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