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Our Yard is a Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat

November 21, 2012

Rita and I have fed birds year round for as long as we can remember.  So a while back we toured Atlanta area backyard wildlife habitats to pick up additional tips from other homeowners.

Every garden we visited featured year round bird feeders and various nesting boxes.  All the gardens provided water for the birds.  One gardener created a fence made from stacking old tree limbs within parallel rebar stakes.  This not only screened the view to the neighbor’s yard, but the wood created a home for insects that served as a tasty treat for birds.

We were inspired by our tour.  We decided to visit the National Wildlife Federation website to see how we could get our backyard certified as a wildlife habitat.  We found lots of additional tips, a check list to gain certification and we made a small donation to receive our certificate.  (Click here for more info.)

And here is another plug:  We also discovered how much better the Scotts Wild Bird Foods are than the stuff we were feeding before.  There is less wasted seed as birds are not throwing what they do not want on the ground.  To learn more about this great selection of wild bird click here.


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