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Can You Put Down Grass Seed in Winter?

December 7, 2012

Homeowners will typically ask this question after their lawn does not bounce back during cooler fall weather like they thought it would.  They wonder if there is an advantage to seeding in winter rather than waiting till spring.

Professional turfgrass managers call this practice “Dormant Seeding”.  Often time professionals are forced to seed in winter because their athletic fields are in use during optimum seeding times.

Click here to read a good article on this subject published in Ground Maintenance.  The article was written by Dr. Bridget Ruemmele, an associate professor of turfgrass science at the University of Rhode Island.  Even though the article is directed to professional turfgrass managers, I think you will find this info useful if you are considering dormant seeding.

If you decide to put down grass seed this winter that will germinate when the soil warms, remember to not use a regular crabgrass preventer come early spring, click here to learn about one that will prevent crabgrass while allowing your new grass seed to germinate.


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  1. Ronald T. Woods permalink

    I just visited my Daughter in Florida and found that she has ticks in her yard.
    Is there anything you can put down to prevent getting bit by the ticks. There
    is a field beside the yard but does not belong to her. She has a small baby
    and every time he goes out ,she has to give him a bath and look for really
    small ticks. I walked up the side next to the field and they got on my pants.
    When I got home I had been bitten twice. Is there anything we can put on
    the yard to get rid of these ticks?

    • Hi Ronald
      I have had very good results with Ortho Bug B Gon MAX granules. They are easy to spread on the lawn with a Scotts Spreader. Water after application to activate. If a spreader is not available, you can also buy Ortho Bug B Gon MAX in a hose end sprayer.

      These products will knock out ticks and fleas. If she has a problem with fire ants, use the heavier spreader setting on the bag.

      Good Luck and enjoy the rest of your holidays.

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