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Make 2013 All About Kids

December 27, 2012

I have an idea for you as you approach a fresh start to your gardening year.  This idea is rooted in the fact that I learned a great deal about gardening from my parents and likely gained my passion at a very young age.  They taught me how to grow a radish patch, pull weeds in our vegetable garden, and how to use a lawn spreader among many other things.  I am sure I had the notion that this seemed like “forced labor” at the time, however now I am very glad I had all those experiences.  I gained confidence as I learned how to garden and before I knew it I caught the gardening fever.

Here is the big idea:  If you do an internet search with the key words “kids gardening programs” you will get over 18 million hits.  Add your location to narrow your choices and you will find some neat programs for kids of all ages.  For example, click this link to some great ideas provided by the National Gardening Association.  Or, click this link to connect to the Junior Master Gardener site.  Pretty cool stuff!

Kids Gardening Program

I hope I have gotten your brain wheels turning to help get your kids or grandkids excited about growing things.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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