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Does Your Lawn Gather Moss?

March 4, 2013

Whoever said a rolling stone gathers no moss probably never lived in the Pacific Northwest or in a moist, shady area.  If this sounds like your situation, then you know just about everything gathers moss, especially lawns.  You can’t change your climate or conditions, but you can stop the moss in your lawn this season.

We have a range of liquid and granular moss killers.  One I am especially fond of is Turf Builder with Moss Control.  It kills moss quickly and gives your lawn a deep Turf Builder feeding – to help your grass thicken and fill in the patches where the moss used to be.  The granules will not harm a blade of your good grass and you can put down new grass seed once your moss is dead.

Moss can also thrive in acid soil (although I have also seen it grow in an alkaline soil with low fertility).  A soil test will tell you if your soil is acid (has a low pH) and could use some lime.  Moss is not necessarily a sign of needing lime so a soil test is really the first step to figure out if lime is needed.  To help you find a soil test lab in your state, you can do an internet search using these key words:  soil testing lab, along with the name of your state.

Regular feedings during the year will help raise your soil fertility and encourage healthy grass to crowd out additional moss from growing.

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  1. Bryan permalink

    Can moss spread from one yard to another? My neighbor doesn’t take good care of their lawn and has significant moss and I’m fearful it has spread to my lawn. How can I prevent the spread?

    • Hi Bryan
      Your best defense is a thick lawn with regular feedings every few months. Moss does not spread with blowing seeds like dandelion. However, if your lawn is thin because of shade, low nutrition, weak grass, compacted soil, etc., and you have heavy moisture, moss will grow there because grass is not growing there. If you get moss, you can put down Scotts Moss Control.

      • jerry DeCirce permalink

        when is the best time to apply moss control to my lawn

      • Hi Jerry
        Around the time you mow your lawn the first few times in spring.

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