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Killing Southern Lawn Weeds

March 14, 2013

The first line of defense against weeds taking over your lawn is to make your lawn denser and thicker by feeding regularly during the year.  Three to five feedings a year really helps your grass crowd out young weeds before they get a chance to get a toehold.  (Note:  Centipede Grass should only be fed two or three times a year.)  The second defense is to mow your grass at one of the higher settings on your mower.

Here are options for killing weeds in your Southern lawn:

Option 1:  If you want to kill weeds while feeding your lawn here are your product options:

  • Scotts Bonus S Southern Weed & Feed – use on St. Augustinegrass (including Floratam).  Apply to a dry lawn and water after spreading.  (Note:  This product can also be used on Zoysia and Centipedegrass lawns, however Turf Builder Weed & Feed may be a better option for these lawns depending on the weeds you are trying to kill.)
  • Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed – use on all Southern Lawns except St. Augustinegrass.   Apply to a moist lawn and do not water for 24 hours after spreading.

 Option 2:  If you want to kill weeds without feeding your lawn here are product options:

If you have lawn weed questions contact the Scotts Help Center.

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  1. Jenny permalink

    Preventing and destroying weeds is essential, but rather boring.

    What I really enjoy doing is using the Bug B Gon granules in my garden and Orthene powder in the red ant hills. Seeing them pesky ants eating and transporting the stuff back to their lairs is very satisfying. I don’t care where they go, I just want them out of my yard.

    If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the granules. Where I live, that is the ONLY thing that works to rid and prevent bugs that destroy my veggie garden without destroying the veggies themselves. It works great on lawns too.

  2. Brent freeman permalink

    I’m looking for a granular post emergent herbicide for centipede & st. Augustine .

  3. Ian permalink

    How soon should I put the Florida turf builder down after the Bonus S?

  4. Amy permalink

    Just mowed my lawn yesterday; is it ok to apply southern weed and feed to my lawn today?

    • Hi Amy
      Yes you can apply today. Assume you mean Scotts Bonus S Southern Weed & Feed. Make sure this one goes on a St. Augustine, Zoysia or Centipede lawn. Your lawn should be watered real good after application. If you got the Turf Builder Weed & Feed which can be used on Bluegrass, Fescue, Ryegrass, Bermudagrass or Bahiagrass, make sure you apply to moist foliage when no rain is expected for 24 hours. You can then water after that time.

  5. Robbie permalink

    I live in Charleston, SC. Is it to late to put out Bonus S product?

    • Hi Robbie
      I assume you are going to put Bonus S on your St. Augustine or Centipede or Zoysia grass lawn. It is ok to put down now, water your lawn good after application.

  6. How soon after using Scott Bonus S for St. Augustine can I apply Ortho Bug B Gone, using my spredder? It is summer time, so I will attempt to apply in the late evening when the Florida sun is not so hot and follow up with a good soaking. Thank you.

    • Hi AJ
      You can apply these two products the same day as long as you are not in the heat of the day and you are following up with a good watering.

  7. Peter permalink

    I believe i spread a bag of scotts southern weed and feed for st. augustine grass on my sparsely populated bahia lawn. I didnt notice until i bought a second bag for the other half of my lawn and read the label a little closer. Should I be concerned? Also, should i not spread this second bag on the other half of my lawn? Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Peter
      The best thing to do now would be to water your lawn good with at least a half inch. Hard to say if you will get injury to your grass and whether this injury will be temporary. Factors include weather conditions, health of your grass before you applied and how heavy the product went down compared to the recommended coverage on the package.

  8. Erik permalink

    I live in Mount Pleasant, SC and have centipede grass. I get a weed every February that takes over my lawn. It dies off when it gets hot, but it kills a lot of grass in the process. Initially it looks like bluegrass, but grows like crabgrass over time. I’ve tried pre-emergent and crabgrass spray and neither work. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Erik
      I believe you are describing Annual Bluegrass also known as Poa Annua. This weed germinates in fall is very small until it starts to take off during the milder winters of South Carolina. By late spring it is producing seeds for next year and then it dies during hot summer weather. The cycle repeats every year. Halts crabgrass preventer helps to prevent it from germinating when applied in early September (the opposite time of year when this same product is applied to prevent crabgrass). If you find out for sure this is your problem by looking at some pictures on the internet, then mark your calendar for next fall to put down a preventer. After several years of preventing you should be able to get this one under better control.

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