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When Do You Put Down GrubEx?

April 5, 2013

If you have ever had grub problems in your lawn, it’s for darn sure you don’t want them again.  So this time of year I get the question:  “When is the best time to spread GrubEx on my lawn?”

For those of you who know all about grubs you do not need to click here to read a blog posting I wrote last year that explains the grub cycle and how you protect your lawn from being destroyed.  You just want to know when is the best time to put GrubEx down since there is such a wide application time frame listed on the package.  You will also note a direction on the package to not apply to waterlogged soils and to water after application.  Since the soils tend to be very wet this time of year and since the grubs will not be laying their eggs until summer, I asked our researchers when they apply GrubEx to their lawns.  Their answer:  May.  (If you are reading this and May is in your rearview mirror and you have not put your GrubEx down yet this year, apply as soon as you can up until late summer.)

So I follow their advice and put my GrubEx down in Early May.  Click here to get more info on Scotts GrubEx.

Grubs eat grass roots resulting in brown, dead lawn patches in fall and early spring

Grubs eat grass roots resulting in brown, dead lawn patches in fall and early spring

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  1. Jim Casteel permalink

    I got a bad case of moles last year. Should I put down Grub X or Bug B Gon?

    • Hi Jim
      GrubEx will take care of grubs (one of the primary things moles eat). Bug B Gon does not take care of grubs. Apply your GrubEx in May. Regarding the moles, understand that they also eat earthworms, so you could still get moles in your yard going after the earthworms. Of course, GrubEx will get rid of one of their primary food sources. If you get moles, you can trap them, bait them or repel them. If you trap or bait, you need to find the most used “run” or tunnel by stepping on 6 locations to flatten out, then checking the next day to see which place is raised up. This is the most active tunnel and the best place to set the trap or bait. Ortho has a Mole repellent you can treat your lawn with to discourage them. But, you are on the right track with GrubEx.

      • If I don’t see evidence of moles, does that mean i don’t have grubs? Years back we had so much rain with a tropical storm, the grubs floated on top of the water and I gathered them in a bucket there were so many. Haven’t seen many since.

      • Hi Diane
        You can have a grub problem without having a mole problem. Since you have not had a grub problem in recent years, here are some things to watch for so you can determine if it would be a good idea to put down GrubEx in early Summer. In early summer watch for Japanese Beetles feeding on roses and other plants, also watch for the brown or green beetles attracted to your porch light at night. These are some of the adults that lay eggs in your lawn during mid summer that will become grubs. If you anticipate grub problems, the key is to get your GrubEx down before the eggs are laid.

  2. Phyllis Harry permalink

    Where can I buy grass seed that will grow in sand and shade? For zip code

    • Hi Phyllis
      My question back to you is how much shade does this area of your lawn receive? If you are getting at least 4 hours of sun (it can be filtered sunlight through tree leaves), you can grow grass in that area. Less sun than that and the grass will always be thin no matter what you plant. The seed blend I suggest for your sandy soil and your area in Indiana that will tolerate quite a bit of shade is Scotts Turf Builder Heat Tolerant Blue Grass Seed Blend. Be sure to put down Starter Lawn Food when you plant your grass seed.

  3. Skip Berry permalink

    Does the application of GrubEx have to be timed around my Step 2 Weed/Feed application. Didn’t know if there was some minimum time I should separate my 2nd Weed/Feed and the GrubEx

  4. Scott S. permalink

    Can I spread Scott’s Water Smart Seed after applying Scott’s step 1 fertilizer with crab grass preventer.

    • Hi Scott
      You can put down grass seed ONLY if you have put down the special Step 1 Starter Lawn Food plus Weed Preventer. This product is compatible with grass seed, while the regular Step 1 will keep your new grass seed from germinating.

  5. Terrell permalink

    Can I put down grubex and grass seed in the same week? Or how long do I need to wait?

    • Hi Terrell
      Yes, you can put both down during the same week. The typical timing would be to do grass seed ASAP so it will begin to grow as the soil warms, and to wait to put GrubEx down in May since this application is targeted against the next generation of grubs that will begin to show up in late summer. If you are seeing grubs in your soil now, these are likely doing no damage now, will soon become beetles and GrubEx will not kill them at this stage.

      • Jim Casteel permalink


        If my yard is a “hybrid” of different grasses, one of the primary is Bermuda, is there a recommended method to getting it all to “Tall Fescue?”

        Thank you in advance.

      • Hi Jim Converting your lawn from a mixture of different grasses including Bermuda to Fescue can be tough to do. The process would start in mid summer with Roundup over the entire lawn. A week later spray Roundup again to get the grasses you missed and to hopefully keep the Bermuda from coming back. (Make sure you are using regular Roundup and not one with Extended Control.) A week later you would Dethatch heavily or slit seed to get your grass seed in contact with the soil. Scotts Heat Tolerant Blue would be a good mix. Feed and water your new grass in fall so it has a good root system the following year. In fact, a couple of fall feedings would be good. A more simple approach than killing your entire lawn is to seed your existing lawn each fall with Heat Tolerant Blue and allow all your grass types to coexist. Over time you will increase your fescue content, especially with a heavy fall feeding schedule.

      • Jim Casteel permalink


        Thank you! We have a “slight majority” of Bermuda and therefore from late fall until early summer the yard is brown. My sweet wife comments about a “couple” yards in particular that have “fully green/grass” yards. I am thinking of following this plan from you/Scotts (please advise):

        1) Now, Scotts fertilizer with Halts
        2) 6 weeks from now, Scotts Weed n Feed and Grub EX
        3) 6 weeks after, Summer Guard
        4) Dethatch, aerate and seed (Heat Tolerant Blue) (starter fertilizer)

        What do you think? Do I do anything after 4) above?

        What do I do next year (assuming it will take a couple/three years to get rid of weeds and a good root system of Blue (living with the Bermuda).

        Thank you again.

      • Hi Jim
        The only thing I would add to this plan is to do a follow up feeding in the fall about a month after seeding with Turf Builder. Over time as you get more of the Heat-Tolerant Blue blend established in your lawn, you will favor it and not your Bermuda by doing heavy fall feeding and an early spring feeding, then dial it back in late summer and summer when the Bermuda is looking for that extra food.

  6. Jeff permalink

    this is jeff can i mix scotts grass seed with scotts starter fertilizer do it all on shot and do i have to water right way

    • Hi Jeff
      You can put your seed and your Starter Lawn Food down the same day… just not in the same spreader pass (the spreader settings are different). You will need to make two trips over your lawn.

  7. Jeff permalink

    ok cool thanks

  8. I am a new homeowner in Michigan with grubs. After applying Grub-ex, how long should I wait to apply seeds?

    • Hi Jermika
      You can seed anytime now. Please understand that GrubEx you apply now is to kill the next generation of grubs that will show up in summer, not any grubs you may be seeing in your soil now. The grubs that are present this time of year are just about to shift into the pupae stage and become beetles.

  9. Will I be able to get any progress? I was told by a landscaper that I need several treatments before I seed. $60 a application, so I was thinking of doing it myself.

    • Hi Jermika I am not sure what your landscaper was planning to use. GrubEx is not for mature grubs. There are some insecticides on the market that claim to kill mature grubs. My thought is that any grubs that are present now will not be doing any more damage as they will be shifting to the pupae stage to become a beetle, much like a caterpillar goes into the cocoon stage to become a butterfly.

  10. Should I seed before putting down GrubEx? Can I do it all in one day? I love your blog! Its so informative for new homeowners like myself!

    • Hi Jermika GrubEx will not keep grass seed from growing. You can put it down anytime this month to prevent the next round of grubs from being a problem. I would put the grass seed and Starter Lawn Food the same day. Glad you are finding my blog helpful!

  11. I have been to a few sites about my ” Out of no where, out of conrol Grub issue” , and I am very pleased to see a response to every question!!! Very informative, Thank you!!!! Also other sites said other things. So you answered my question about how long I have to deal with the skunks, and watching every move my dog makes!!:) But I have GrubEx ready to go!!!!! From upstate NY

    • Hi Kathy
      Sounds like you have a perfect plan to take care of the next round of grubs this summer. Apply this month and be sure to water after application.

  12. Rosa Espi permalink

    How do i repair the damage that grubs and moles have created in my lawn? I bought grub ex and weed and feed, but i think that will only kill the grubs and dandelions whats the next step? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Rosa
      If you have extensive damage with lots of bare soil/dead areas/damaged spots, you will need to seed. If your bare spots/dead areas/damaged spots are only several inches across, then your existing grass will fill in when you feed it. If you do need to seed, then be sure to follow the directions on the weed and feed about seeding before or after applying. The GrubEx can go down anytime over the next 4 weeks or so and will protect from the next round of grubs that will show up in late summer. If you have a few spots to seed, Scotts EZ Seed works well, just be sure to not spread the Weed & Feed in those areas.

      • Jim smith permalink

        Does grub ex kill grass seed?

      • Hi Jim
        No, GrubEx does not kill grass seed.

      • Rosa Espinoza permalink

        Thank you for your quick response! One last question does Grub Ex burn grass like fertilizer does when you over do it?

      • Hi Rosa
        No you will not burn your grass with GrubEx.

  13. Jodi permalink

    my dog eats a LOT of grass……. will the grub ex after it has been applied, water & dried, hurt my dog?

    • Hi Jodi
      Water real good after application, allow grass to dry and then all is ok for your dogs. (Our cats eat so much grass I wonder why we spend so much on cat food.)

  14. can I use my weed killer for lawns and grubex at the same time?

    • Hi Chantal
      Since the weed killer goes down when rain is not expected and the GrubEx should go down when rain or watering is expected, the timing is different. I like to allow a week between all my lawn applications.

  15. Greg permalink

    I have recently encountered a grub problem. Large sections of my yard have died, and I’ve found grubs in the lawn. We have a acre yard that needs to be treated, and we live on well water, so I’m not able to water in due to the stress on the well. Can I apply grubex before a rain, and let it wash into the soil? When should I apply grubex?

    • Hi Greg
      You can apply GrubEx prior to a rain rather than watering after application. Apply anytime in May/June, the sooner the better. This application protects against the next generation of grubs that show up in late summer. Any grubs you are seeing now have completed their grub cycle and will soon become beetles.

  16. richard rutkoskie permalink

    Grubs are only 18% of moles diet. Part are worms, that you can’t eliminate what do you do now?

    • Hi Richard
      You hit on a fact that lots of folks do not understand. You protect against grubs with GrubEx, you will still have earthworms, the primary diet of moles. Here is a good website on trapping moles:

  17. Joseph permalink

    I just found this Blog, and I love it. I am also a new homeowner and learning the ropes of building a nice lawn. However, the previous owners just did not take care of it. So I have ALOT of problems with it. Grubs, Ants, Clover, Moss, Various weeds that I don’t know what they are. So it is slow. I missed the May Grubex. Gonna try and get it on this weekend(mid June). But my big question is what do I need to do next. To kill most of the “other” plants in my yard, and prepare for a seeding(which kind should I get, mostly sunny, Grand Rapids, MI) in the fall.


  18. Ed C permalink

    When i put down my Grub ex in May, i still found plenty of grubs. Does that mean my application last year didnt work? How do i prevent the grubs from turning into beetles. The japanese beetles are destroying my Linden Tree.

    • Hi Ed C
      Your application last year would get the highest percent control with a May or June treatment and if the soil was not saturated with water when applied and if you watered after application. 100% control is not likely even under ideal application timing/conditions. The goal is to get the population down to the level that no turf damage is noticed. Regarding your Japanese Beetles, Ortho Bug B Gon Spray does a good job when the insects are present. Another option is Ortho Tree & Shrub Insect Control as a systemic treatment in spring to be absorbed by the tree roots prior to insects showing up.

  19. Jon permalink

    I live in Southwestern PA. Do not have obvious grub or mole problem. Have not treated lawn for 3 years with Grubex.

    Should I apply Grubex now or wait until next spring??

    • Hi Jon
      You are in an area that has grub problems. GrubEx kills grubs as they hatch and begin to feed. If you are seeing lots of beetles flying around your porch light or feeding on your roses and other plants, GrubEx applied now will take care of the grubs that come from the eggs they will lay in your lawn later this summer. If you were to wait to apply next spring, you would not really be taking care of this grub cycle, but the one that willhatch from the beetle eggs laid next summer.

  20. Ed C permalink

    Thanks for your reply to my previous questions! A couple of follow-up questions – Is it OK to spread Grub-Ex through perennial beds? while planting or transplanting, i have seen adult grubs in my perennial beds.

    And, is there any harm/benefit in apply grub-ex twice in one season, say once in early May, and then again in early July? I have very sandy soil, and i wonder how much of my product just goes straight through after watering.

    • Hi Ed… We need to stick to the recommendations on the label, which says GrubEX is for use on lawns. I don’t think you need a second application even though you have sandy soil. The key is that your grass plants capture the ingredient in the root zone to protect the plants from grub damage. If you are only seeing a few grubs in your perennial beds, I would not be too concerned. Ortho has several systemic insect control products that can be used in shrub beds.

  21. Shannon permalink

    any idea if this will help with voles; my dog brought one to the door and i think this is what is killing my vegetable garden; Although I know voles only eat plants

    • Hi Shannon
      GrubEx will not keep your voles in check. You are right, voles can hurt plant roots. Ortho has a new repellent called Mole B Gon which can also be used for voles.

  22. Giovanna permalink

    I didn’t apply GrubEx last year and this year an area of grass is so damaged that I want to tear out any remaining grass and lay down a better base of topsoil and new sod, should I apply another round of GrubEx to this area before the sod goes down? I know grubs emerge in Spring but wonder if it would still be beneficial now. I want to lay the new sod here in Michigan by mid October, thanks

    • Hi Giovanna
      It is late to apply GrubEx for this year’s grubs. The best timing is to apply sometime between May and early August prior to eggs being laid. You then do not need to worry about grubs this fall or next spring. Having said that, I think you are going to disrupt any young grubs that are in your lawn now as you are getting your soil ready for sodding. If you see lots of grubs in your soil as you are preparing for sodding, you could treat the area. Scotts does not have a grub control that will provide this immediate kill. Check with your local garden center or home center for a recommendation of a product that will provide 24 hour grub control.

  23. Chas permalink

    OK, it’s mid-late Sept. in Virginia (DC area). The turf is coming off like carpet. Bare dirt everywhere. Obvious grubs, some live, some dead. What do I do? (Yes, I know, apply grub control in May…that’s months away!) Kill the live grubs now? With what? Seed? When? Fertilize? No pets or kids. Thanks.

    • Hi Chas
      I am sorry to say that I do not have a Scotts or Ortho product to recommend that will give you a quick grub kill. GrubEx is best applied prior to eggs being laid in August as you have cited. Check with your local Garden Center for a product that will provide 24 hour grub control. This is a good time to seed in your area. Scotts Heat Tolerant Blue Grass Seed Mix is a good choice. Put down a Starter Lawn Food when you seed.

  24. John permalink

    Just had lawn aerated, seeded, and fertilized. Lawn care service noted a grub problem and offered treatment now as well as a program starting next year. Should I go ahead and treat now or wait until the Spring/May of 2014? I live in NC so we are around mid 50’s to 60 in the evenings and mid 70’s in the afternoons. In short, any advantage to doing treatment now?

    • Hi John
      The treatment this time of year is a different material than the one used in spring/summer. This treatment provides immediate control of existing grubs. Scotts and Ortho does not sell a product for this purpose. The treatment in spring/summer is a single application of GrubEx to prevent grubs. This is the best choice however next year’s treatment will be for next year’s generation of grubs that will show up in late summer/fall. If they found a high concentration of grubs now, you should have them treat with the material that provides 24 hour grub control. You should also treat next spring/summer

  25. joetoronto permalink

    Hello, I live north of Toronto and we had a very high amount of crane flies this August and into September, they’re finally gone, I think.

    Anyway, I understand they come from grubs below the grass. My question is, should I wait until May to apply Grubex, or apply it now and in May too?

    • Hi Joetoronto
      Yes, Crane Fly larvae is a type of grub-like worm called “leatherjacket” that feed on grass roots. GrubEx is not sold in Canada, so I am sorry to say I do not have a recommended solution for your problem.

      • joetoronto permalink

        I see, what about my house in Niagra Falls, NY?

        I have the same problem there.

      • Hi joetoronto: The first strategy is to keep your lawn well fed so you maximize root growth. With healthy roots, your lawn can tolerate a small population of leatherjackets. You can apply GrubEx next May or June to prevent both white grubs and leatherjackets next fall.

      • joetoronto permalink

        Cool. Thanks so much, Ashton.

    • Last June/July of 2014 I had a severe outbreak/infestation of grubs like I had never seen before, I’m talking about 10-20 big, fat, jumbo Shrimp size grubs per each shovel scoop full of soil, I had always seen a small grub here or there but, never as many, and they were never as big! That guy on the food network who’s always eating some type of bug would have been in his glory! lol Needless to say, my than nice new lawn was ruined once again-(June/July of 2013 my entire lawn was ruined by Crabgrass taking over, when the CG finally died out around summers end I had almost no lawn left). Since Scotts/Ortho only makes time released products for grubs and nothing for immediate use against grubs I ended up going with what my local Home Despot guy recommended, some Beyer’s Advanced 24hr grub kill product (They WONT mention that product here, since they only want to sell you on Scott’s stuff) it killed most of the grubs after 24 hrs and all the grubs after about week or so, and I haven’t had any grubs again, yet!, but my lawn was still left in ruins from the grubs, and the stuff wasn’t cheap, but it did work, I couldn’t reseed in mid summer and unfortunately 80% of my lawn was left yellow and dead, I had to re-seed the entire lawn last late summer/fall of 2014 and used Scott’s Winterguard in October, and than again this spring of 2015 I overseeded again and refed with a Scott’s Lawn food for new lawns, so far it’s looking good, the new seed has emerged and has had it’s third or fourth mowing already, so I’ve just recently spread out Scott’s weed and feed with Haltz crabgrass preventer lawn food yesterday, as a preventative against getting crabgrass again, I will wait about 7 days or so and will than spread out a bag of Scotts GrubEx as a preventative measure against grubs, I will also spread a bag of Scott’s Summerguard later on, around the end of July, and than add more seed and more weed and feed around the middle of September. I hope my lawn gets back to where it was three summers ago when it looked like a nice thick green carpet before the CG and Grubs hot the last two summers! Good Luck, hope you find what you need! DJ

      • Hi DJ
        Thanks for telling us your lawn story. Sounds like your lawn is heading towards recovery. If you have questions anytime let me know.

  26. Linda permalink

    My lawn was a mess and trying to bring it back the last couple years. Using Weed and Feed, additional hand sprayer for weeds, and hand pulled 4 bags of crab grass. Im winning the battle with crab grass and dandelions:) Now working on the bare spots with seeding and trying to avoid not know what I needed to do.

    I understand most everything you have said. You mentioned if May was in the review mirror, apply Grubex by late summer. Well, there are no dates when the questions were presented. As I write this, we are approaching October 2013. I just did Weed and Feed last week. Should I use Grubex now as well. I hear what you are saying about their life cycle. Grubex is expensive. Would there be any benefits to apply Grubex in Oct or should I just wait and do in May? How many times a year do you use Grubex? Linda in Souderton Pa

    • Hi Linda
      You apply a single application of GrubEx sometime between April and August to protect against the cycle of grubs that hatch in late summer. Scotts or Ortho does not have a grub control product that works on grubs you may find in your lawn now and next spring. You mentioned seeding and weed control. Weed controls can reduce grass seed germination and can injure young seedlings. The best timing is to wait a month before seeding after putting down a weed controls that kill dandelions. Once you have seeded it is best to wait until the seedlings have been mowed 4 times before putting down any weed controls. Be sure to put down Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer around April 1 next year. If you plan on seeding in spring, use Starter Lawn Food plus Crabgrass Preventer instead.

  27. Linda permalink

    Your info on seeding and Weed & Feed timing is something I didnt take into account and I might have been my own worst enemy with some of the bare spots. Thanks so much for the info and speedy reply. I copied this whole thread.

  28. Mary permalink

    It’s the first part of October and the moles have appeared. With it being so late can I still put Grubx down or is it just too late?

    • Hi Mary
      It is too late to put down GrubEx for this year’s grub cycle. The moles may be feasting on earthworms, which are not killed my GrubEx. Ortho has a new liquid and granular Mole-B-Gon repellent this year. I have not had a chance to use this myself. Many of the mole experts suggest trapping. Here is a link to a website that talks about everything moles including trapping:

  29. Barbara permalink

    I just discovered I have grubs…it’s October and a section of my lawn has been invaded by critters ( skunks?) since the lawn looks as if it was thatched. Can I apply grubs now..October? Help

    • Hi Barbara
      We do not sell a product that provides the kind of 24 hour grub kill that you are looking for this time of year. Sorry. Check with your local garden center to see if they carry a product of this type. Our GrubEx is best applied spring to late summer prior to beetle eggs hatching into grubs in late summer.

  30. Dick Roeber permalink

    We had grubs last year, and GrubEx seems to have cured the problem.We have power rakes, fertilized and done our first mowing this spring. The sprinkler system is on, and We expect to aireate next week. Would you apply GrubEx before or after aireating?

  31. chris m permalink

    Just put down Step 1 last week before a good soaking rain in Massachusetts. How long should I wait before putting down my Grub X?

  32. Irene M permalink

    Just had Grubex put down today. It is going to rain in two days. Is that okay or should I water sooner?

    • Hi Irene M
      I have been in the same spot as you on previous occasions. And, then the rain did not happen and I wished I had watered. Watering would be the safe bet. Rain in two days is almost as good if it actually happens. Good Luck.

  33. ian permalink

    How long after i apply Grubex can i go back and rake up all the dead grass?

    • Hi Ian
      Once you have watered at least a half inch after putting down GrubEx, you can rake. If your grass still has some roots attached to the soil, I would be careful not to rake too hard since your grass may root down into the soil again if it is still alive (like new sod). Feeding with Turf Builder Starter Lawn Food for new grass could help if you have not fed recently.

  34. Susan doucette permalink

    How often can I put down grub ex?

    • Hi Susan Doucette
      One application of GrubEx between April and Mid Summer takes care of the next generation of grubs that will show up in late summer/early fall.

  35. Renee permalink

    Can I apply grub ex and summer guard at the same time? During the same application?? Thank u in advance

    • Hi Renee
      Ideally you would allow a week between applications of any two lawn products. If this is not possible, you can spread these two particular products the same day since they both require watering afterward and they are compatible. I would spread the SummerGuard first since it contains lawn food, this way if you happen to get spreader wheel tracks mixed up from the two applications you would not have under or over fed areas of your lawn.

  36. Linda Williams permalink

    Is it safe to eat tart cherries from a cherry tree that had Grubex applied on the lawn around it?

    • Hi Linda Williams
      I understand that the active ingredient in GrubEX is used on many fruit crops in commercial agriculture, including cherries. Hope this helps.

  37. Steve Taylor permalink

    I applied GrubEx in April but with this crazy weather (Midwest) is it best/safe to apply a 2nd application?

    • Hi Steve Taylor
      Your lawn should be protected from the next round of grubs that could show up late summer/early fall. If you believe your control could be reduced either because the granules were not watered in after application or because they were applied to lawn areas with super saturated soils (where you may have had standing water) and you have had big grub problems in the past another treatment could provide some peace of mind. But with normal application and conditions your April application should do the trick just fine.

  38. Jim Gibbons permalink

    Hi Ashton,
    Reading the label on Grubex … it stated apply spring to early summer. I’m here in NC (where spring starts in March) and applied my Grubex in Late March. Was this too early ? Should I apply again in May ? thx Jim

    • Hi Jim Gibbons
      I typically shoot for a May application, however I believe you will be ok with that single application protecting you for the upcoming season.

  39. Jerry permalink

    Is it too early to use GrubEX effectively in Tamps, Fl.

  40. marcomtrujillo permalink

    I just reseed my lawn last week. Can I use the crabgrass stopper now or should I wait until the seeds germinate??

    • Hi marcomtrujillo
      You can put down Scotts Starter Lawn Food plus Weed Preventer now as it will not keep your grass seed from germinating like other crabgrass preventers. You should do this ASAP so you prevent as much of the crabgrass as you can. Waiting until your grass seed germinates will be too late.

  41. Ebony permalink

    I applied grubex last June after my neighbor informed me that I had grubs(I’m a new homeowner), not sure if it did any good by then. I recently applied more grubex to my lawn. How long should I wait to put grass seeds down?

    • Hi Ebony
      You can seed now. The GrubEx you applied this spring will protect your lawn from the next round of grubs from eggs laid by beetles in late summer.

      • Ebony permalink

        Thank you for responding and thanks for the advice

  42. Anthony permalink

    can I put down grub ex right after I have over seeded the lawn and fixed the patches where the grubs have damaged the previous year

    • Hi Anthony
      The quick answer is yes. Or, you could wait to put down anytime over the next month to maximize the chance to protect your new grass than germinates in the coming weeks.

  43. Heather permalink

    Hi Ashton,
    Can I put down grubb x and then spray Scott’s weed and feed? The hose version. So I will be wetting the grass for the grubb x and also killing weeds!
    Thank you,

    • Hi Heather
      It is best to allow a week between applications of the spray weed & feed and GrubEX. Do the Weed & Feed first then follow up a week later with the GrubEX. If you can time the GrubEX application with a rain, then fine, if not do a light watering after spreading.

      • Heather permalink

        Thank you! Do u think the weed and feed hose version is ok? Or should I use the dry from the bag with the spreader ?

  44. Hi Heather
    The granular Turf Builder Weed & Feed gives you about 4 times as much nutrients providing a feeding that lasts longer than the hose version. One more thing: The granular needs to be applied to moist foliage on a day when rain is not expected.

  45. Adam F permalink


    I inherited a lawn that was old and worn out with lots of brown patches. I planted seeds in late April and put down Scotts starter food with weed control. I got some germination, but not a lot (don’t think I watered enough and it did not rain for 2-3 weeks). I just put down more seeds and this time with hay over it and now have sprinklers on timer. I was planning to put down grubex this week and more starter food in two weeks. However, I just noticed a good amount of a wheat like weed (annual bluegrass, Poa annua?). Any suggestions?

    • Hi Adam F
      My guess is you are seeing seeds from the straw germinating. Depending on what kind of straw you used, it could be wheat or oats. If this is the case, you will find that mowing will help eliminate this problem by the end of the summer. Now if you used hay as you stated, the seeds could be perennial grasses that may be more difficult to control, however regular mowing with a cutting height of around 2-1/2 inches after the cut is still my best recommendation. I would try to get the GrubEX down by mid June.

      • Adam F permalink

        Thanks Ashton! The weeds (that have a wheat like appearance) are actually in a different area than the straw (which I put down yesterday) so I don’t think they are connected.

  46. Hi Adam F
    Sorry that I do not have a way for you to post pictures here for me to ID the weed you are dealing with. Another thought is if this grass grows taller, faster than your other grass, it may be annual ryegrass. Some seed blends include a small amount of annual ryegrass as a temporary cover until the more permanent grasses develop. This kind of blend is helpful on a sloped area where fast germination of the annual ryegrass helps to hold the soil in place. Mowing this summer will eliminate this grass.

  47. Lou permalink

    I have an older Scotts Easy Green spreader. I called Scott’s for the setting for GrubEx and was told 21 or 22. I set it on 22. My lawn area is over 20,000 sq.ft. A 10,000 sq.ft. bag covered the area. I know I didn’t put enough down. Can I give it another application now? My last application was on June 3,2015.Thank you.

    • Hi Lou
      Sorry you had coverage problems. Since you know your lawn size, sounds like you put down a half rate. You can spread another 10,000 sq. ft. bag using that same setting. Be sure to water lightly after spreading.

  48. deborah clark permalink

    I’m finding your website very helpful. However, I live in Spokane WA. Different climate from your other Q/As. Moved to this new location where earthworm berms are an issue. I keep hearing that earthworms are good to “break-up” the soil, yet, every year our soil becomes more like cement!
    Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Hi Deborah Clark
      I don’t have a recommendation to control earthworms. As you say earthworms help to aerate soil. I have seen the mounds they create in Spokane lawns. I suggest you feed your lawn 4 times a year: early April, late May, early September, and mid October. This feeding schedule will encourage root growth and a thicker lawn. Mow at one of the taller settings so that your grass is around 2 1/2 inches after the cut.

  49. Eric permalink

    I just discovered grubs now in my lawn. It’s early oct. and as I peel back grass the grubs look to be about 3/4 in. in size and curled up dormant. Is it too late to apply grubex now or should I just seed the areas and wait till next spring to apply?

    • Hi Eric
      GrubEX prevents grubs from being a problem when you apply prior to eggs hatching (by mid August). This is the most effective way to deal with a grub problem. You can attempt to kill the grubs you have now with a “24 Hour Grub Killer”. Ortho does not make a product like this. Check with your local garden center for a recommendation. I do not have experience with this kind of product, so I am not sure whether you will get them all, however my guess is you will be able to knock back the population. You could attempt to seed those areas, however you may be getting late (depending on your location). Good luck and sorry to hear about your grub problem.

  50. susan leonard permalink

    Hi, Ashton…thanks for the helpful info. I live in Dallas and have had an awful time getting liriope (“Big Blue”) to survive. It’s in my front yard, which is mostly shady from large red oak trees. Some of the plants do great, but many turn yellow/brown from the bottom and then eventually brown all over and die. My gardening person has re-planted the areas at least 3 times now. She is at a loss to know what the problem is (and everyone I know who has liriope says they’ve never had a problem with it).
    I know she checked for grubs a couple of times and found a few. (I’m not sure what treatment; once was in March and another time in August). If I treat with GrubEx in May, how long should I wait to try again to replant? And would it be best to lightly till the soil in preparation for replanting and treat before or after adding some organic matter?

    • Hi Susan Leonard
      It is not uncommon to find a few grubs in the soil. I think your Liriope problem is Crown Rot, caused by Phytophthora palmivora. The disease is exacerbated by wet soil. Fungicide drenches can control the disease but they are too expensive to consider. New plants in the same area are likely to catch the disease from the contaminated soil. If you decide to replace the plants, add plenty of coarse sand (Pavestone Paver Leveling Sand is one source) to the spot to increase drainage and don’t overwater. (The tendency is to water when foliage starts to turn yellow.) Here are two links to info on this problem from several state Extension Services:
      Hope this helps.

      • susan leonard permalink

        Thanks so much for your reply. Crown Rot was indeed the other thing we suspected and were told what you are saying re: the fungicides. I think the problem was having a huge amount of rain last year after replanting. I’m thinking the best bet is to replace the dead liriope areas with wood ferns and pretend that’s what I intended all along! 🙂 Thanks again for the help.

  51. Hi Susan Leonard
    Sounds like a good plan. I believe ferns should be ok even though your soil has the Phytopthora fungus as I have not heard of root rot being a problem for them. Good luck.

  52. Pat Rouse permalink

    Today, March 14, I pulled back a spot maybe 4′ square, found grubs, beetles(which I thought were lady bugs) worms. Can I treat the soil, then top off with new soil and seed?

    • Hi Pat Rouse
      This is the time of year that you will find grubs when you pull back grass. They are doing some feeding on your grass roots now, however they will soon shift to the pupae stage (kind of like a cocoon) to begin the process to become beetles. The beetles you are seeing are likely not feeding on your grass roots as they are waiting for warm weather to emerge from the soil. Some folks say you can treat them now others say there is no need. A few grubs per square foot should not be a reason to treat. If you are seeing 6 to 8 per square foot you may want to treat. If you decide to treat you will need to use one of the 24-hour grub controls as GrubEX is designed to go down in May to prevent the next generation of grubs from showing up this summer. You can seed these spots, or if the existing grass is not dead, just easily pulled back from the soil, you can feed to encourage more root growth. It really boils down to how much grub activity you are seeing and if your grass needs to be replaced. Hope I have helped you decide what to do.

  53. Jo-Ann Iannotti permalink


    My name is Jo-Ann.I live in Webster, Massachusetts , 01570 .I had beautiful lawn last year, I planted 3 years ago..I noticed I had grubs and moles ..I know I need to put my grub control down in April…Can you give me a list of what I need to do in all 4 seasons..I go to Home Depot and I get conflicting advice..thank-you


    • Hi Jo-Ann
      Thanks for giving me your location.
      1) About the time of your first mowing or in early April feed with Turf Builder OR Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer (if you had any crabgrass plants last year).
      2) About 6 weeks after your first feeding, follow up with a feeding of Turf Builder OR GreenMAX Lawn Food. If you have any stray weeds you can spot spray them with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX. Your GrubEX should go down in April or May (based on your location, I think I would go with early May).
      3) In Early September feed with Turf Builder or GreenMAX Lawn Food.
      4) In Mid October feed with Turf Builder WinterGuard. You can also spot spray any weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon.
      (If your lawn looks like it needs a boost in summer you can feed with Turf Builder SummerGuard in July)

  54. John permalink

    It is March 29th, and the “guy” at the hardware is telling me that I need to put the weed and feed, and the GrubX down now….is it too early, and if it is, why?

    • Hi John
      If you are located in an area where warm weather has already kicked in and you are seeing dandelions, then Turf Builder Weed & Feed can go down now. If you are further north, then I would go with Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer as my first application and then come back with Weed & Feed and GrubEX in early May. (GrubEX can go down anytime from April thru mid summer. For most areas of the country, Early May is good timing.)

  55. Chuck permalink

    I have an ant problem and bought triazicide insect killer for lawns. Can I apply it beginning of April and kill the grubs also. Then I want to put down the crabgrass preventer and overseed my lawn. When is a good time to spread these items?

    • Hi Chuck
      Since I am not familiar with triazide (it is not a Scotts or Ortho product), I checked it out and learned it does not take care of grubs. It should take care of ants however. If your ant problem is immediate you can treat the areas where the problem is worse. Typically with this kind of product you wait a week before applying other products. You can put down Scotts Starter Lawn Food with Weed Preventer after you seed (same day). Other crabgrass preventers are not compatible with grass seed. Then in May/Early June you can put down GrubEX to prevent future grub problems.

  56. Dave permalink

    Today I put down Turf Builder with crabgrass preventer. I also bought the GrubEx, it says to put down spring to early summer.
    -Do I need to wait a certain amount of timeto put down GrubEx?
    -Or will next weekend be ok?
    -My yard also has a swail in back and side, should I avoid those areas since it stays pretty wet or does that not matter?

    • Hi Dave
      Suggest you wait till May to put down your GrubEX. I feel you will gain a small amount of increased grub prevention compared to putting it down in early April. (GrubEX controls the next generation of grubs that will hatch in summer.) Also, your wet area will likely be drier at that time of year.

  57. Bill permalink

    Hi Dave, I was just wondering if you had any experience with voles?

  58. Donna permalink

    How soon can I put weed&feed on lawn after I’ve used Grub control??Thanks!!

  59. Michelle permalink

    I’m planning a veggie garden and want to get rid of grubs now, so the skunks will stay away. I just applied grubex this morning, then learned that it won’t kill the grubs here now. Can I apply an instant grub killer, such as the Bayer 24 hr, on top of the grubex? We’re expecting rain in the next few days, and I’d like to take advantage of it!

    • Hi Michelle
      The grubs you are seeing now are going to be tough to kill even with the 24 hour type product as they are very near their pupae stage where they transition to adult beetles. When you rototill your garden area you will likely reduce their population. I should also point out that you should check the label to see if that particular product can be applied in an area where vegetables will be planted. Good luck with your vegetable garden.

  60. David permalink

    Hi, I am wondering what the timeframe should be between products, or if I can put down any of these together in the same day.

    Bug be gone
    Weed and feed
    Crabgrass preventer


    • Hi David
      Typically you want to space Scotts Lawn Food applications about 6 to 8 weeks apart to take full advantage of the timed-release of nutrients. You can jump the gun some if you feel you need to because the lawn was in poor shape when you began feeding, however it is generally not recommended to feed sooner than 4 weeks. I also like to allow a week between any “control-type” product. So now to your list: Crabgrass Preventer needs to go down in early spring before you are starting to see dandelion puffballs (this is a good visual even though the product does not prevent or kill dandelions). If you are passed that time, you can still put down to prevent some of the later germinating crabgrass that comes along through early summer. Weed and feed is applied after weeds like dandelions are actively growing and you are mowing regularly. GrubEX goes down anytime spring through early summer to prevent future grub invasions that begin in late summer… I like to put down in May. Bug B Gon is especially helpful with ants, fleas, ticks and the bad worms (sod webworms, cutworms, etc.) that can thin your lawn in summer. Late May thru August can be good timing. If you live in an area with lots of insects, then treating in late May and again in early August should do the trick.

      • David permalink

        Thank you, should I also wait a week between grubex and bug be gone?

  61. Hi David
    I wait a week between applications. Since both need to be watered after spreading, if you will find this difficult to do, you could spread these two products the same day prior to watering.

  62. Richard permalink

    Can I put Scott’s GrubEx down with Scott’s Bermuda grass seed at the same time?

    • Hi Richard
      GrubEX will not keep new grass seed from germinating. GrubEx is designed to be taken up by existing grass plants to protect them. If you are seeding on to bare soil, you should wait until your lawn is established before applying.

  63. Jennifer Williams permalink

    Question for you (and I know this thread was from years ago…) I purchased the GrubEx that is the “Season Long up to four months apply spring to early summer.” No where on it does it say not to use on vegetables it only says “residential lawn use only” (which leads me to think that they mean not intended for commercial use.) I have put this on my vegetable garden… how can I know if it is safe??

    • Hi Jennifer Williams
      You are correct, GrubEX is for use on residential lawns only. There are no directions or recommendations on the package to use in a vegetable garden. I always recommend to stick with the info on the pesticide label since this is the only approved way to use it. I know that does not answer your question. In an attempt to answer your safety question I looked on line to see if there are products sold for vegetable production that contain this active ingredient: This product appears to be only for commercial vegetable production in Australia and not for home vegetable gardens.
      Not sure if this really answers your safety question to your satisfaction, however it does provide more info on this active ingredient. Sorry I can not provide a more definitive answer.

      • Jen Williams permalink

        Hi! Is that the same as Chlorantraniliprole that is the active ingredient on the label?? Thank you so much for your help!!

      • Hi Jen Williams
        Yes, both products contain the same active ingredient, however I am not sure of the final concentration for the two uses. The Vegetable product appears to be a liquid. The vegetable label is very complex as it is for commercial production. They give a chart with a “WHP” which is the number of days to wait to harvest after application for the crops listed.

  64. Chad Kelahan permalink

    Having a hard time determining the difference between Scotts GrubEx and Scotts Summerguard. GrubEx is usually applied in the Spring and Summerguard is applied about mid summer. Do they do different things? How do you determine which to apply?

    Also having a hard time determining the difference between the Scotts ‘regular’ Turf Builder Lawn Food and the Scotts GreenMax Lawn Food. Do they do different things? How do you determine which to apply?

    • Hi Chad Kelahan
      Turf Builder SummerGuard kills insects that are mostly not found in the soil like sod webworms, cutworms, chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, chiggers, ants, etc. Some of these (like the first three I mentioned) can thin the lawn and cause it to turn brown during summer. So the two benefits of this product is to protect your lawn against these kinds of insects while giving a special summer feeding of Turf Builder that is a little bit lighter than the typical Turf Builder feeding. GrubEX is a different kind of insect control which gets absorbed into the grass plant so that when grubs hatch and begin feeding on grass roots they are killed. GrubEX also has some killing power against sod webworms and cutworms. GreenMAX lawn food has a bit more Nitrogen and Iron than in regular Turf Builder. This extra nutrition helps create the dark green color in grass blades that is important in absorbing sunlight during the photosynthesis process. If you are in an area where grubs are a problem definitely put down GrubEX this month. If you are any an area with other insect problems, it is also ok to put down Turf Builder SummerGuard OR if you want to feed with GreenMAX to get more green up, you can get the same insect protection without the feeding with Ortho Bug B Gon MAX granules (does not control grubs). Hope this helps.

      • Chad Kelahan permalink

        Thanks for the reply, this is starting to clear some things up and I am already getting more info here than from the Scotts site. Still a few things that I don’t understand.

        Last year I put down SummerGuard in May but still had Japanese beetles that attacked my rose bushes. However, for all I know, they are coming from neighbor’s lawns since most others do not treat or do not treat properly. I put up a Japanese beetle bag last year during the summer and filled up the bag a few times. I have not yet seen any evidence that my yard is being damaged by critters.

        My questions are:

        -Should I still apply GrubEx every year regardless if I didn’t see any issues the year before?

        -I’m assuming GrubEx doesn’t provide any feeding capabilities so I will never really know if it’s doing anything. Is this an accurate statement?

        -If I put the GrubEx down now (like today) can I also apply regular Turf Builder at the same time to provide feed?

        -Is it a waste to apply the SummerGuard in say late July? Scotts says to apply this during late summer, and as you stated it attacks different things than the GrubEx. What’s your thoughts on using both during the year?

        -The Scotts site says that the ‘regular’ Turf Builder is 32-0-4 while the GreenMax is 26-0-2. You stated that the GreenMax has more Nitrogen and Iron than the regular Turf Builder, what connection am I overlooking?

      • Hi Chad Kelahan
        – SummerGuard does not control grubs which are the larvae of Japanese Beetles. You are right they do fly in from other areas. If you put out a trap put it as far away from your rose bushes as you can so you will attract them into that direction. Ortho has some products you can put on Roses to control Japanese Beetles.
        – With that much beetle activity I would put down the GrubEX. A healthy Lawn can tolerate a few grubs per sq. ft., however if you start getting more than a few the root system can be thinned quite a bit damaging the lawn.
        – There is no feeding in GrubEX. Many of the folks who depend on GrubEX to protect their lawn have had grub damage in the past so that is why they use it. You are right it is somewhat of a “trust” product as you only see the negative results when your lawn is not protected.
        – You can put down Turf Builder the same day. You can then water after applying both products.
        – Some areas of the country have a long insect season that can last thru September so a second application in mid summer of SummerGuard or Ortho Bug B Gon MAX is not a waste.
        – This is probably one of the most confusing things about fertilizers. The numbers on a lawn food bag are %’s so you need to multiply the % by the bag weight to find the total amount of nutrients. Since a 5,000 sq ft. bag of GreenMAX weights 16.9 lbs, it puts down more nutrients per sq. ft. than a bag of Turf Builder (Northern Turf Builder 5,000 sq. ft. is 12.5 lbs and Southern Turf Builder is 14.06 lbs.)

        Hope this helps… let me know if you have more questions.

  65. Chad Kelahan permalink

    Thank you for this information, understood all. Excellent site you have here.


    We had grub worm infestation last year resulting in our lawn being dug up and flowers uprooted. Disaster. I applied GuideEX in March and saw about 3 brown grass patches a couple weeks ago. So I applied GrubEx last week and watered kit down real good. QUESTION: here it is a week later and the locusts have arrived…singing loud all over the neighborhood. Will my GrubEx application kill the eggs they lay or did I apply GrubEx too early?

    • Hi Patricia Wesley-Griffin
      Your lawn should now be protected from the next round of grubs that show up later this summer and fall from eggs of 11 different adult beetles that will soon be laying their eggs. There may be some minimal reduction in locust larvae, however I do not suspect you will see any reduction in future locust populations in your area.

  67. ray permalink

    grubs are killing my gladiolas and lawn,live in michigan,should i put down grub control now, killed a couple today 2 inches long

    • Hi Ray
      GrubEX is best applied before eggs are laid by beetles. It is in place to kill young grubs as they hatch and begin to feed. In Michigan it would have been best to apply earlier this summer. There are other grub controls in your garden center that say “24 hour control” that would be a better option for mature grubs.

  68. Mwalsh permalink

    Can I put grub ex & crab grass killer down at same time?

    • Hi Mwalsh
      You can put down GrubEX and then after watering, you can spray crabgrass with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. I want to point out however that GrubEX will not be as effective preventing grub damage as it would have been if you had applied it by mid summer. You can still get some control/prevention. If you are seeing active grubs now you may be better off putting down one of the 24-hour grub controls at your garden center. This kind of product is better for active grubs, however it does not do a good job taking care of future grubs as they hatch like GrubEX does.

  69. Tony permalink

    I dropped Grub-X in June and now notice brown patches which appear to be grubs. Should I drop another bag now (late-August) or is it too late?

    • Hi Tony
      Try to pull back the grass in those spots to see if it comes up easily (like a piece of carpet) where you will find grubs underneath if that is this problem. If you are seeing 4 or 5 or more per square foot, then you could treat with one of the 24-hour grub killers at your local garden center. If the grass does not easily pull up, then you may be looking at sod webworm, chinchbug or one of the other surface insect problems that happen this time of year. If so, you can treat with Ortho Bug B Gon MAX or Turf Builder with SummerGuard. If the spots are more circular in shape then it may be a lawn fungus problem that can be treated with Scotts Lawn Fungus Control. In any event, if your lawn is one of the cool-season grasses (Ky Bluegrass, Ryegrass and/or Fescue) you are approaching the time of year to feed 2 or 3 times to maximize root growth.

  70. Jeff permalink

    I put down Grubx and it rained do I need to reapply?

    • Hi Jeff
      No need to reapply, rain/irrigation after putting down GrubEX is recommended. The best time of year to apply is during May/June to prevent damage from grubs that hatch in late summer. Active grubs at this time of year are hard to control with GrubEX. Typically it takes a different type of insecticide that is capable of killing mature grubs, however this type of material does not provide long term prevention like the May/June treatment of GrubEX. If you feel you need to get the more immediate type control without the residual, look for a “24 hour” product at your local garden center. (Scotts does not sell this type of product.)

  71. Donna mcmann permalink

    Is may easy enough if u have had moles all winter and forgot to put grub X down last fall?

    • Hi Donna Mcmann
      A May application of GrubEX does a good job of stopping the next round of grubs that will hatch from eggs this summer. If you see spring grubs you may need to use a 24 hour grab control. Also, moles can be present because of a high population of earthworms.

  72. YeOldeLawnGuy permalink

    Maybe May is good where you live… how about those of us that still have some snow in May?

    • Hi YeOldeLawnGuy
      Hope your snow melts soon. The ideal window of application is mid May thru mid June, however this can shift earlier or later depending on location. If you miss the window, it is still beneficial to get it down in July or early August.

      • YeOldeLawnGuy permalink

        Well I put it down this weekend, watered it as per the instructions, and now it is suppose to rain all week. Will it all wash away if it doesn’t have a chance to dry?

  73. Hi YeOldeLawnGuy
    I would not be concerned as I believe your lawn will be protected from Grubs as the active ingredient gets absorbed into your grass plants.

  74. Nancy permalink

    How long after applying a weed-n-feed should I wait to apply GrubEx?

    • Hi Nancy
      Suggest you allow 1 week between applications of Turf Builder Weed & Feed and GrubEX. Apply Weed & Feed to moist foliage when no rain or irrigation is expected for 24 hours. GrubEX should get a good watering after application.

  75. Audrey Orozco permalink

    I live in San Antonio, TX and I’m writing on August 6, 2017. I’ve discovered I have a bad case of grub worms, so when should I apply the GrubEx? Our temperature has been in the upper 90°F to 105°F for several weeks already with several more weeks ahead. Do I apply the GrubEx now or wait until May? Thank you.

    • Hi Audrey Orozco
      GrubEX works best when applied prior to the time when they hatch. This is why it is recommended to apply late spring to early summer. I suggest you look for a grub killer that is designed to work in 24 hours to take care of your active grub problem. Put GrubEX on your calendar for next May.

  76. Karen permalink

    Hi Ashton, Great blog! I live in Massachusetts and have just yesterday (8/8) applied GrubEx. Am I too late? Thank you.

    • Hi Karen
      I believe you may get some control if you do not already have an infestation of grubs that are too mature for this type of product. GrubEX works best when applied prior to eggs being laid in late summer. This timing can vary year to year. If you start to find grub activity in the next month or so, you can apply one of the grub killers that claim 24 hour control. This type of product only works on active grubs.

  77. Karen permalink

    Thank you–I am so grateful for your knowledge and advice.

  78. Anna permalink

    I have applied GrubEx to my Lawn yesterday and watered it using my sprinkler system for 2 hours. I see the the grubEx still on my lawn , it has not gone down the soil. Is this because I didn’t irrigate it well after applying? How long should I Irrigate after its applied?
    Also Is this the right time to apply Grube Ex. I had lots of Japanese beetles last year and I want to get rid of them this year. I hope Grub Ex will kill the larvae.

    • Hi Anna
      You have watered enough. The granules you are seeing are the “inert carrier” that is used to deliver the active ingredient through a spreader. You have activated this active ingredient with the irrigation. This application of GrubEX will kill the next generation of grubs that hatch from Japanese Beetles that will lay eggs in mid summer. You may not see a reduction in Japanese Beetles early this summer as they will come from the grubs that were hatched from eggs last summer. A couple of things to help you with Japanese Beetles: If you locate one of those hanging traps in your garden you will attract more Japanese Beetles to your area than you will trap. If you can control the early scouts that show up, you will greatly minimize the big infestation that show up weeks later. Here is a link to a blog posting on this subject:
      Good luck.

      • Anna permalink

        Thanks for your quick reply. I thought they will have impact on last year larvae and so i will have reduction of beetles this year. Is thier any immediate solution/ products on your end that could also work on this years beetles. Also i would i like to know if it is ok to mow the lawn the next day after applying the grubex

  79. Hi Anna
    You can mow your lawn now. There are grub controls on the market that use an active ingredient that provides “24 hour control”, however does not provide season-long control like GrubEX. These kinds of products work best on young grubs in fall for folks who did not put down the season-long control prior to beetles laying their eggs in late summer. In spring mature grubs are difficult to kill even with the 24 hour product primarily because they are not actively feeding as they shift into the pupae stage prior to emerging from the soil as a beetle. Another reason you will still see Japanese Beetles this year is they will fly in from other areas where the grubs were not treated. Hope this long explanation helps.

  80. Denise Waddell permalink

    My lawn guy didn’t come this week, wanna apply Grubex now cause rain is coming. Should I wait for him to mow first, before applying Grubex ??

    • Hi Denise Waddell
      You can apply now as the rain will help move the granules into the soil. No need to wait for a mowing.

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