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Great Idea for a Cemetery Plot

April 11, 2013

My friend Janis recently told me how disappointed she was when she saw the shape of her family burial plot.  Knowing Janis as I do I was not surprised to hear her solution.  She sprinkled a container of Scotts EZ Seed over the plot knowing that the only moisture was going to come from Mother Nature.  You see, EZ Seed not only contains great seed, but also a special mulch that holds moisture next to the seed while it is germinating and a starter lawn food to help the new grass grow.  Luck was with her as Mother Nature supplied some regular rainfall.

When she checked back several months later she was delighted to see that her family plot stood out from the others.  She went on to tell me how the jug of EZ Seed was the perfect size as it covers an 8 by 10 foot area.

Thanks Janis for passing along a good idea.

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  1. Ilya permalink

    Will Scott’s ez seed work on a similar burial plot in New York? What is the best time of year to do this and how much would you need for an 8×10 area ?

    Thank you very much

    • Hi Ilya
      Yes Scotts EZ Sun/Shade Seed will be good for your area and the container covers 80 sq. ft. (8 ft by 10 ft)

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