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So Far So Good – No Deer

April 23, 2013

Rita and I are liking the new Ortho Deer B Gon Repellent for two reasons.

First, the deer are keeping their distance and our plants are not being munched.

And second, this stuff does not stink because the formula is based on essential oils.

Click here to check out the complete line up of Ortho Repellents.

New Ortho Repellents for deer, rabbits, dogs, cats, moles and many other critters.

New Ortho Repellents for deer, rabbits, dogs, cats, moles and many other critters.

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  1. We are in Central Kentucky (about 50 miles south of Louisville) and put out one of Scott’s weed & feed granule products last weekend hoping to get rid of the dandelions that have starting popping up. Not knowing any better – we did not put out a crabgrass preventer (Scott’s Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer – is it either too soon after putting out the weed & feed, too late in the season to put out the crabgrass preventer, or both?

    • Hi A:
      An application of Turf Builder with Halts in your area now would miss some of the earliest germinating crabgrass. Since you fed last weekend, you have two options for your crabgrass. If you had lots of this weed in your lawn last summer, you could still put down Scotts Halts (contains no Turf Builder) to prevent the crabgrass that has not yet germinated. (Crabgrass germinates during a multiple week period this time of year.) If you did not have much crabgrass last summer, you could wait and spot spray it as you see it with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer.

  2. Jared permalink


    I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and last year I put down some new sod. Everything turned out great until a couple moles invaded my lawn. Got so frustrating and I failed trying to trap them so I hired a mole guy who came took care of it and trapped one. I am wondering if you can recommend anything I can apply or do to the lawn now to prevent moles from coming back this summer?. Now that I am watering, fertilizing etc the soil will get nicer and maybe attract more moles.



    • Hi Jared
      Ortho sells a mole repellent for lawns here in the states, however it is not sold in Canada. Not sure if there are other brands available in your area or if they are effective. Regarding mole traps, it is important to figure out what is the active tunnel (run) that the mole uses most days rather than the ones seldom used. Step on the run in several places to flatten it out, then check those spots 24 hours later to determine where to set the trap. You are right, if your soil attracts earthworms and grubs, the moles will be there to feast. We once had a Siamese cat in Ohio that was great at catching moles. She would leave them on our front door mat just to show us she was earning her keep.

  3. Jared permalink

    Thanks for the advice. On another note, I recently power raked my front lawn as it was in rough shape from previous owner. I then threw some top dress on and overseeded with some 18-18-18 fertilizer and have been watering every day since i threw the seed down 5 days ago. Theres definitely quite a few weeds in the lawn from before and I see a few more creeping in since i power raked and thinned everything out. Is there anything I should be doing to these weeds while I am waiting for my seeds to germinate? Im skeptical to spot treat this area now as I have new seeds down. What do you suggest

    • Hi Jared You are correct to not put weed controls on new seedlings. Most weed controls direct to not apply until new grass has been mowed 4 times. Regular mowing will help to minimize some of the weed problems. Your mowing height for the kinds of grasses grown in your area would be around 2-1/2 inches after the cut. Regular mowing and feeding will help to crowd out some of the weeds.

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