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Now is the Time to Spread GrubEx

May 3, 2013

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “the early bird gets the worm”.  Well, when the worm is a disgusting, root-munching grub, being early is your best hope of protecting your vulnerable lawn.

Right now is the best time for preventing those hungry grubs from showing up later.  You see, there could be thousands of grubs in your lawn this summer and next fall feasting on your grass roots like an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Fortunately, Scotts GrubEx wipes them out first.  GrubEx has a one-of a-kind formula to kill grubs early on in their life cycle.  You will get those little devils before they can destroy your lawn’s root system, leaving you with brown patches of turf that peel right up.  It’s this guaranteed protection that has made Scotts GrubEx America’s most trusted grub defense.  Just one application in late spring protects your lawn all season long.  (Note:  If your soil is super saturated from lots of excess rain, hold off spreading until your lawn is a bit dryer later this month.)

So, spread some GrubEx now and destroy the grubs before they destroy your lawn.  And, don’t forget to give your lawn some water after spreading.

Grubs eat grass roots resulting in brown, dead lawn patches in fall and early spring

Grubs eat grass roots resulting in brown, dead lawn patches in fall and early spring

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  1. Michael permalink

    When to apply Grub Ex in southern Wisconsin? This year spring has been late, colder than normal and wet.

    • Hi Michael
      Try to get it down this month. If your soil is super wet from all the rain, wait until it is more normal, then apply and water after application.

  2. Tammy permalink

    We are trying to figure out what to do to our lawn first. We need to remove weeds, get rid of ants and major fertilizing. Not sure which to do first.

  3. Richard Wetenhall permalink

    When applying Grubex does one overlap the rolls or leave a gap?

    • Hi Richard
      If you are using a drop spreader (drops the granules straight down), you do overlap wheel tracks so you do not miss any areas of your lawn. If you are using a broadcast or rotary spreader that throws the granules over a 4 to 5 foot path, you do not overlap your wheel tracks. Just spread at 3 foot intervals so you get some overlapping of the edges of your spread path.

      • Richard Wetenhall permalink

        Thank you very much for your quick response Ashton.

  4. sorry, I’m located in Texas.I have the broen tips on my St augustine grass and some brown spots . Can the fertilizer and grube x be put down the same day or what to do first . I have about the same problem as Tammy with bugs and ants the whole nine yards. Please Help !

    • Hi Lizette
      You can feed your lawn with Scotts Southern Turf Builder or Scotts GreenMAX and put down GrubEx the same day. Water after applying. Your ants and all other lawn insects, including fleas and ticks can be killed with Ortho BugBGon MAX. If you are dealing with Fire Ants, use the heavier spreader setting listed for Fire Ants.

  5. Is Grubex bad for re-seeded patches of lawn

    • Hi Brian
      GrubEx will not injure your newly seeded grass. I think it would be best to wait and apply after you have mowed your new grass. Water after applying. The idea is to have those new grass plants take in the GrubEx to be protected.

      • Jim Bourassa permalink

        Does Grubex hurt the night crawlers?

      • Hi Jim
        GrubEx will not hurt earthworms. The downside to this is you will reduce/eliminate your grub population, however moles may still be a problem as they love to eat both grubs and earthworms.

  6. jjm747 permalink

    Thanks for the info on grubs. I’ll plan to put Scotts GrubEx down. I’d like your help on timing of my next applications. I live in East TN and have tall fescue grass. I put down Scotts Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer in early February and April 1. When would be the appropriate time to put down Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control and Scotts GrubEx?
    Thank you

    • Hi jjm747
      You can feed with Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed (used to be called Plus 2) in about a week or so. You can put down the GrubEx anytime this month. I like to allow a week between these two applications. The Weed & Feed goes down on moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours. The GrubEx gets watered after applying.

  7. David permalink

    We are supposed to get a few days of rain here,is it okay to put the grub ex down before?Or should I wait till it is going to be a dry week?

    • Hi David
      If you have been getting tons of rain during the past week or so and your soil is super saturated, it would be better to wait until your lawn dries out some. However, if you have only received normal rain and your soil has not had some standing water, then putting GrubEx down prior to your expected rain would be OK.

  8. walter abbott permalink

    I need to seed my lawn where the grubs got it last season. When can I put on fertilizer ? Is it ok to seed and fertilize the same day? What fertilizer should I use with the new seed?

    • Hi Walter
      If you are using Scotts EZ Seed, the lawn food is already included. If you are using one of our other seed blends, feed with Scotts Starter Lawn Food the same day you seed. It is good to do a follow up feeding of new grass a month after seeding with Scotts Turf Builder.

  9. I live the Detroit area. Do I put down Grub-Ex or Weed and Feed first?

    • Hi Joni
      If you have not fed in the last 6 weeks, apply your weed & feed first to moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours. Then a week later put down your GrubEx and water after spreading. If you have fed recently, reverse and put down your GrubEx first.

  10. Hello,

    I put down Scotts fertilizer with 2% iron around 4/7. I have some weeds that look like some sort of ground cover (cloverlike) Should I buy a weed and feed or can I apply the 2% again with a separate weed killer and if I did that what weed killer would you recommend ? After a bout a week after that I would use grubex right? Thanks!

    • Hi pdmjr
      There are a wide range of weeds that have a clover-like look. Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer will kill all of them that I can think about without killing your grass. This will allow you to spray your weeds without treating your entire lawn. You can then feed again with Turf Builder or GreenMAX 6 weeks or so after your last feeding. Your plan for GrubEx is right on.

  11. How long should I wait to put down GrubEx after using Turf Builder Plus2?

    • Hi dtlb58
      I would allow a week between those two applications. Don’t forget to water after your GrubEx, but not after your Turf Builder Plus 2 Weed & Feed.

  12. John Paresky permalink

    I need to put down GrubEx but watering right after will be difficult. Is it alright to put the GrubEx down now with rain expected in a day or two? That is, the GrubEx will remain dry for a day or two. Is that alright?
    Thank you.

    • Hi John Paresky
      You can put your GrubEX down in anticipation of rain. One day would be better than two days as you want to have the granules “watered-in” to your lawn soon after application.

      • John Paresky permalink

        Thank you for the advice, and thank you for your website.

  13. Evelyn Hodges permalink

    Since the instructions on Grub-Ex say to water after application, is it ok to apply before it rains?

  14. Evelyn Hodges permalink

    Sorry, did not see the earlier post! Thanks

    • Hi Evelyn Hodges
      Glad you found your answer to your rain/watering question. Since you are asking this question in the later part of August, one additional point about GrubEX timing: GrubEX is most effective when applied prior to beetles laying their eggs in late summer. If your grubs have already hatched and are currently feeding on your grass roots, you may have a better chance of killing them with one of the grub products that claims “24 hour kill”. The 24 hour product is a better choice when grubs are already active, while GrubEX provides season-long protection when applied prior to grubs showing up (kind of like the flea/tick treatment you put on the neck/back of cats and dogs). Hope this additional info helps.

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