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Three Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Hot, Dry Weather

May 15, 2013

You can help your lawn get ready to survive a long, hot summer (and the possibility of a long, dry summer as well). Here are three lawn tips to help your grass hang in there if there’s a drought in our future.

First, you want to make sure your grass roots are not starving. Feeding your lawn while we’re getting some late spring rain will strengthen your grass and help it grow new roots. Research has proven that the slow, steady feeding that is unique to Scotts helps your lawn develop a healthier root system that uses water more efficiently. A healthy lawn that’s been fed 4 times a year with one of the Scotts Lawn Foods will look darn good this summer on less water than a starving lawn with weak roots.

Second, mow your grass taller. Taller grass blades mean deeper roots to match the leaf growth. So adjust your mower to leave your grass height at around 2-1/2 inches for Bluegrass, Ryegrass and Fine Fescue; at 3 inches for Tall Fescue and Buffalograss; at 3 to 4 inches for St. Augustinegrass; and at 1-1/2 to 2 inches for Bermudagrass, Centipedegrass and Zoysia.

That leads us to the third tip: get rid of dandelions and other aggressive weeds, otherwise they’ll steal what little water there may be from your good grass. If you have just a few weeds, you can spot treat them without hurting your good grass by spraying Ortho Weed-B-Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer.

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  1. It is late may in southside virginia, so can I still aereate the lawn and then apply Scotts super turf plus 2 weed control?

    • Hi Tom
      You can put down Super Turf Builder Plus 2 now. Apply to moist foliage when rain is not expected for 24 hours. I would hold off on aeration until early fall since this would break up any crabgrass preemergent barrier you may have put down earlier this spring. Even if you did not put down a preemergent, you would likely stir up some seeds and open up your lawn to germinating crabgrass.

  2. Sweet! I’m in a very hot place. Will try your tips on my lawn, thx 🙂

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