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How We Prevent a Flea and Tick Problem

May 24, 2013

Since Rita and I know that fleas and ticks can hideout in our lawn, we protect ourselves and our cat by spreading Ortho Bug-B-Gon MAX Insect Killer granules on our lawn.  (This is in addition to the flea and tick treatment our cat gets.)  The extra bonus is that this single lawn treatment not only kills fleas and ticks for up to 3 months, but also knocks out ants, chiggers and 100 other insects, many of which can cause our lawn to thin and turn brown in summer.  I kept Dudley, our cat, inside while spreading.  I then gave the lawn a good watering to activate the kill.  Once the lawn was dry we let Dudley back outside.

As you can see, Dudley is not worried about fleas and ticks!

As you can see, Dudley is not worried about fleas and ticks!

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  1. Leo permalink

    This is a good homemade med to use. This is a solution to use on all pets for ticks/fleas. Spray on dry coat once a day if they are not out all of the time. If out all of the time you need to use it more often.

    1 cup water
    2 cups vinegar
    2 T veggie oil
    2 T lemon juice

    • Hi Leo
      Thanks for your tip. Our cat Dudley takes off running when he sees a spray bottle (part of the indoor training to keep him from clawing the furniture). Wondering from your experience using this: How frequently do you spray each day if the dog or cat goes in/out multiple times each day? Do pets try to lick this off after being sprayed? Does this mix stain the furniture or carpet when they come back in? I assume you try to avoid spraying near their eyes (since there looks like a lot of vinegar and lemon juice in the mix). Thanks.

  2. Cody Henning permalink

    Unfortunately I put down over $140 worth of ortho bug b gone to help protect our new puppy. Two weeks later we again have fleas in the lawn what a waste! I’m not satisfied at all.

    • Hi Cody
      Sorry to hear about your flea problem. In an attempt to get to the bottom of why you still have fleas, here is what I have found in my situation when I have used this product. I do apply at the heavy rate spreader setting on the package since I am also protecting against fire ants. This heavier rate works on fire ants and provides strong kill for the other insects. I have also found that watering 1/4 to a half inch after application really helps to get the product working. The longer the granules sit on a dry lawn, the less effective the control. Wondering if your new puppy may be picking up fleas from a non-lawn (untreated) area or from another animal. Suggest you give our Help Center folks a call and explain to them your level of satisfaction. Again, sorry for your experience.

  3. That’s a good tip on the Ortho. There are some other yard sprays that might be worth trying, like Adams, BioSpot and SentryHome. You can also try diatomaceous earth and nematodes for long-term prevention. They do work, although maybe not as well as pesticides.

    • Hi Robert
      Thanks for your suggestions. I am a fan of the Ortho Bug B Gon MAX granules as I know I am getting the correct “dose” when I use my spreader.

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