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How to Green Up Your Lawn Fast for a Party

June 16, 2013

Your lawn looks pretty good when viewed from a car driving by at 25 miles an hour.  (Or, 60 miles an hour in the case of some of you reading this… and you know who you are!)  Yet, you would like to show off you lawn a little bit for folks coming over for a July 4 get together.  And, you know they will not be driving by at any speed, in fact they will be standing on your lawn looking at your grass from a dead stop.  So, I have a suggestion for something you can spread to give your lawn that jump start you are looking for.

Feed your lawn some Scotts GreenMAX a week or so before your party and you will see what I am talking about… richer, greener, thicker grass that will get your lawn some extra positive notice and comments.  Even though you will likely hear some of your neighbors accuse you of setting the neighborhood lawn care bar a little too high, I will wager they will want to know your secret.

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  1. Brian V permalink

    Hi Ashton,

    How close to a previous feeding can this be used?

    • Hi Brian It is best to apply GreenMax about 6 or 8 weeks after your last Scotts feeding. You could tighten this down to 4 weeks especially if you have one of the Southern grasses like St. Augustine, Bermuda or Zoysia that enjoys the extra feeding this time of year.

  2. I applied Weed & Feed, followed the directions and used a spreader. You can
    see brown trails, like the grass got burned. Lawn was good before and now it
    is unsightly!!! Now what do I do? Would thie “GreenMax” help in any way?

    • Hi Sherrie
      Sorry to hear about your lawn. I would not put down the GreenMAX since your lawn was just fed. If you used a Drop type spreader and the wheels were not overlapped, the “brown trails” could be unfed grass if they are more pale green in color. You can see brown grass if too much is applied, especially if the temps are 90 degrees or above and the weather has been dry. This brown may be temporary, so I would keep the lawn watered and see how it looks in about a month before deciding what to do next.

  3. maynardGkeynes permalink

    Why don’t they put more iron in the regular Turf Builder? Doesn’t everyone want the greenest lawn possible?

    • Hi MaynardGKeynes All of the regional formulas of Turf Builder contain Iron for extra greening. GreenMAX contains 3 times more Iron than Turf Builder for those who want to give their lawn an extra green jump start.

  4. I have crabgrass, which would be the best product to use.

    • Hi Judy
      You can spray your crabgrass with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer without hurting your good grass if you have Bermudagrass (possible temporary discoloration of your Bermuda), Buffalograss, Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Zoysiagrass. Do not apply this product if you have St. Augustinegrass, Bahia, or Centipede.

  5. Jess from Tucson permalink

    Perfect! Thanks for the tip, I am hosting a backyard BBQ for 4th of July so I’ll be sure to throw on a little extra Scotts Greenmax. I probably won’t need much though, just some on the heavy traffic areas. I just had my yard redone a couple months ago and had some Arizona sod installed by the local guys at Evergreen Turf so it’s looking nice! Found some great tips on their website too for summer lawn care —

    • Hi Jess from Tucson
      We love to visit Tucson… however we have never been there in July. Maybe we should drop in on your July 4 party to see how your lawn is looking! Thanks for passing along the local lawn tips.

  6. Mary from Texas permalink

    I applied Bonus S Southern to my St. Augustine lawn early April. May I safely apply Green Max along with Bug B Gon granules this weekend? Seems the lawn service has scalped my beautiful lawn this week and it needs some love.

    • Hi Mary from Texas
      Your timing is perfect. Your lawn will love a feeding of GreenMAX and some Bug B Gon protection now. (I assume your lawn mowing service is not feeding your lawn too.)

      • Mary from Texas permalink

        You’re assumption is correct. Apparently they’re trying to destroy it! Thank you for your help AR…you’re much appreciated!

      • Hi Mary from Texas You are going to like the way your lawn looks after putting down some GreenMAX!

  7. Keith from Washington permalink

    We are in western Washington. I have added soil over our established lawn and planted new seed (NW blend), about four weeks ago in two places to level out low places. The new seedlings are now about 2/12″. Will GreenMAX be safe for the new grass? The wedding is in two weeks!

    • Hi Keith from Washington
      You can feed new grass about a month after seeding, so you are ok to feed now with GreenMAX. The daytime high temps in your area should not be an issue (I don’t like to feed cool-season grasses when temps are consistently in the 90’s). Hope you have great weather for the wedding!

  8. Kevin permalink

    Will Green Max work on a Kentucky blue lawn in Wisconsin?

    • Hi Kevin
      Yes, GreenMax Lawn Food will work well on your lawn. However, one thought… since this is the time of year to prevent crabgrass in your area, you might consider Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer as your first feeding and then go with GreenMAX about 6 weeks later.

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  10. When I appy my max green fertilizer do you water it immediately after applying it and keep it watered everyday except for if it rains

    • Hi Deborah Short
      Give your lawn a light watering after applying GreenMAX. Rather than watering everyday, if you are not getting regular rainfall and you need to irrigate it is best to water a half inch twice a week rather than a little bit each day. A rain gauge placed on your lawn when you irrigate will help you figure out how long to run your sprinklers to put down a half inch of water.

  11. Linda permalink

    I’m in the Central Valley California and our lawn is a mix of Bermuda and fescue, with quite a bit of crabgrass. It looks terrible right now–brown with clumps of green weeds. I’m having company for the Superbowl in a couple of weeks, what can I do to make it look less unsightly?

    • Hi Linda
      Thanks for giving me your location. Your Bermuda is likely dormant and will not respond to a feeding until you see nearly 40 to 50% of it starting to show a little bit of green growth emerging from the brown. When this happens you can feed your lawn with Turf Builder or GreenMAX Lawn Food. Give your lawn a good watering after feeding. You would see improvement in green within 7 to 14 days (provided it is still not dormant). Your Fescue would respond to feeding this time of year, however it would not spread to green up the areas that are primarily Bermuda. It is about time to prevent new crabgrass plants from germinating. Turf Builder with Halts OR Halts should be applied by the end of February if you are in the Southern part of the Central Valley and by early March if you are in the northern part. Some folks over seed their Bermuda with Ryegrass in Fall to provide green color all winter while it is dormant, however now that your soil is cooler I don’t believe you would not have much time to get good growth before your party.

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