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Lawn Moths

July 17, 2013

This time of year you see brown patches on your lawn and your first thought is, “it’s the heat.”  But if your lawn has been getting water, there’s a good chance it’s probably insects eating your lawn alive.  Lawn moths flying from your grass when you mow is a sure sign of trouble just around the corner.  These tan-colored moths are about a quarter to a half inch long and fly in a zig-zag pattern over the lawn, especially in the evening.  The moths do not damage your grass, however they lay eggs for sod webworms and cutworms that will cause your lawn to thin and turn brown.

Lawn Moths are easy to see when they fly from your grass in a zig-zag flight pattern.

Lawn Moths are easy to see when they fly from your grass in a zig-zag flight pattern.

The good news is you can protect your lawn with Turf Builder SummerGuard.  Just one application will take care of lawn-damaging insects as well as ticks and fleas.  And, it gives your lawn a special summer feeding.

The insects won’t like it a bit, but your lawn will thank you all summer long.

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  1. Lee permalink

    Hi Ashton,
    I live in the Northeast and over the last 3 weeks we have been getting a lot of rain from thunderstorms. All of a sudden crab grass has popped up all over my lawn and it is taking over everything. I would say it has taken over 80% of my lawn. I need your expert advice on how to not only kill the crab grass but get my grass to grow back. Thank you!

    • Hi Lee
      You can spray crabgrass now with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. The spray works better when the crabgrass is young than when it is mature. (What works best is to prevent the crabgrass with Turf Builder with Halts applied around the time of your first mowing in the spring.)

  2. maxine carroll permalink

    Spots in my grass looks like it did in the winter, its dead

    • Hi Maxine Carroll
      Please tell me where you are located and what products you have applied this year and when applied. This will help me figure out what may be causing your brown spots.

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