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Cold Frames Extend Your Veggies

November 25, 2013

Back when we lived in Ohio we were able to stretch our vegetable harvest by using cold frames.  Here is a short video showing you how we extended our veggie harvest in fall and got a jump on our veggies in Spring:

cold frame video

If you feel inspired to build a cold frame for your garden, click here for a link from Mother Earth News showing the plan that I followed when I built my cold frames.


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  1. Delphinia Ashley permalink

    what grass seed can I plant with centipede grass seed, I live in the state of south Carolina. I reseed with centipede and the majority of the lawn is weeds, I would like to kill off the weeds in the fall and plant another grass seed because the centipede grows to slow. Would fescue grass work well?

    • Hi Delphinia Ashley
      Centipede is the primary grass type in much of SC. Fescues can be grown as you move toward Greenville or if you have shade. Centipede seed is best planted in late spring. You can also fill in thin areas by transplanting Centipede from other areas of your lawn. The key thing with Centipede is to not feed it too much. Two feedings a year are best, with the possibility of a third. For example, feed in late spring after you are seeing at least 60% green and then again in two months. A third feeding two months later is possible if you feel your lawn needs it, however you should not exceed three feedings a year. If you are located along the coast and you have shade, you will find that St. Augustine could be a good choice.

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