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My Most Popular Blog Postings in 2013

January 1, 2014

These three blog postings from this year were read by the most people.  I am also giving you a link to my favorite blog posting from this year:

Number 1:  When Do You Put Down GrubEx? – April 2013

“If you have ever had grub problems in your lawn, it’s for darn sure you don’t want them again.  So this time of year I get the question:  “When is the best time to spread GrubEx on my lawn?”  (Click here to read more)

Number 2:  Feed, Weed or Seed? – March 2013

“What should I do first:  put down seed or kill my weeds?  This is the question I get more than any other this time of year.  Here is the way I try to layout the options:”  (Click here to read more)

Number 3:  How to Kill Dandelions and Not Your Grass – May 2013

“Dandelions!  You dig them… they grow back.  You put down a crabgrass preventer earlier this spring, but you still got dandelions now. You try to dig them and they just pop up again.  You ask, “So… what’s the secret to killing dandelions and other weeds in my lawn without hurting my grass?”  (Click here to read more)

My favorite blog posting this year:  Lawn Humor – March 2013

“I am here to dispel the myth that those of us who have built our life’s work around watching grass grow do not have a sense of humor.  We love a good laugh as much as the next person.  In fact, the lawn and garden experts who have staffed our Help Center for more than 50 years have told me numerous stories of callers who made them laugh.  Here are a few that I think will bring a smile to your face:”  (Click here to read more)

Thanks for visiting my blog last year.  Keep coming back this year for more of my lawn and garden tips.

Wishing you a great gardening year in 2014!

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