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How to ID the Kind of Grass in Your Lawn?

March 3, 2014

If you live in an area where some of the lawns in your neighborhood are brown in winter and some are green, you know there are different kinds of grass.  Or if you are a golfer, you know there is a different kind of grass growing on the green compared to what is growing on the fairway.

Then one day you read the weed control package it states “Do not use on this and that kind of lawn!”  This is especially the case with weed controls for southern lawns.  So, what to do?

Well, I have good news for you.  Click here to go to Scotts easy to use grass type identifier.

Here Scotts will help you figure it out with descriptions and pictures of grass types to help you narrow it down.

Let me know if you need more help and I will see what I can do.

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  1. I have patches of reddish grass, what is it and how to get rid of it?

    • Hi jim massengill
      I am not sure what kind of grass you have. Let me know where you are located and any further info you have and I may be able to help. Some of the annual grassy weeds have a reddish color at the base of the stem (like foxtail). These kinds of grasses will be killed by frost and can be prevented in spring with a crabgrass preventer. Some grasses take on a reddish temporary color when there is a phosphorus deficiency or when temps drop. Creeping Red Fescue is not red even though it has red in the name. There are a number of red grasses that are grown as ornamentals and not in a lawn. There are two fungus problems that can show up as red color on grass: one is Red Thread and one is Rust. Sorry I have not been more help.

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