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My New “Lawn Feeding” Video

March 8, 2014

Watch this short video to see how I feed a lawn.  My guess is that you will find that it’s easier and faster than you think.

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  1. Rick permalink

    Great video Ashton

  2. Rick permalink

    Thank you sir, as my irrigation system been nothing but a disappointment and a money pit in repairs the past two years…knocking on wood for this season

  3. Dave permalink

    Great video, that will help me a lot. I have a question about my lawn care program from my Scotts app.
    I will be using a broadcast spreader mini on an average lawn. Early last year my lawn was above average but I had just moved in June, had a lot of rain and late summer drought and didn’t treat it all. It did show some life again in fall but not what I wanted. I think it still has great potential.
    It tells me to do the early spring feed with halts crabgrass, late spring weed n feed, then reseed in the early fall and feed in late fall with winter guard.
    According to a lot of your blogs, it seems as though I am missing something??

    • Hi Dave
      Let me know where you are located so I will know what kind of grass you have and can make some suggestions.

  4. Dave permalink

    I am located in northern Kentucky about 20 miles south of Cincinnati.

  5. Hi Dave
    Thanks for letting me know where you are located… this really helps. The recommended schedule looks good: Turf Builder with Halts by the end of March, Turf Builder Weed & Feed in May, Turf Builder Starter for New Lawns when you seed in early September, and Turf Builder WinterGuard in Late Oct. The only other suggestions you may want to consider is GrubEx in May and a fifth feeding of WinterGurard in November. (In your area Grubs can be a problem and lawns in your area really do well with three fall feedings.) Good Luck with your lawn.

  6. Dave permalink

    Ok, thank you!

  7. Dave permalink

    Another question. When I seed in September, should I use a blend or tall fescue?

  8. Hi Dave
    Turf Builder “Heat-Tolerant Blue” Grass Seed Blend works great in your area. It contains three of the top rated turf-type tall fescues and a small amount of Thermal Ky. Bluegrass.

  9. Chip permalink

    I have a new home with sod put in in December in Louisville. Grass has been dormant and is not starting to green up. I have been cautioned about not putting crabgrass control on a new lawn that has not rooted yet.nhow should I proceed. I have a snap spreader. Should I just feed now and maybe in6 weeks put down crabgrass weed and feed? Thanks.

    • Hi Chip
      It is very likely that your sod was relatively crabgrass free last year based on its health and the management practices of the sod grower. Suggest you feed with the SNAP Pac Starter Food for New Grass in early spring and with SNAP Pac Lawn Fertilizer in late spring. Take care of weeds if they pop up later in spring with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer.

  10. Chip permalink


  11. Dave permalink

    Hi Ashton, Dave from northern Ky again. I just fed my lawn with turf builder and crabgrass preventer yesterday. We had a lot of rain today with more expected tomorrow and possibly Friday. Will too much affect the feeding? Thanks.

  12. Hi Dave
    Your lawn should be fine… not to worry.

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