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Snow Mold in Your Lawn

March 27, 2014

Gray Snow Mold and Pink Snow Mold are caused by fungi that thrive in moist conditions under melting snow that is on your lawn for several months. The Snow Mold patches are covered with gray, pink or white matted grass blades that appear to be stuck together. These patches can be up to several feet wide.

Rake patches as soon as you can in spring with a leaf rake to allow air and sunlight to get to grass plants. Lightly infected grass plants usually recover when the grass is fed and temperatures start to warm. If the patches are dead (showing no small green grass shoots after you rake), you may need to spread grass seed in these spots.

Your feeding should include a crabgrass preventer if crabgrass was a problem last summer. Click here to learn about Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer. If you are seeding, be sure to use a crabgrass preventer that will not prevent your grass seed from growing. Click here to learn about Turf Builder Starter Food For New Grass plus Weed Preventer.

Use a leaf rake to break up matted grass so sunlight and air can reach new grass shoots

Use a leaf rake to break up matted grass so sunlight and air can reach new grass shoots

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  1. amit permalink

    Thx for the tip. I live in the Northeast region ( Albany, NY ) and plan to plant some vegetables and apple trees for the first time. I have done some gardening and will like to try my hand at a small vegetable garden. Any tips on what are th e easy ones to grow for first timer. I have lot of land so i want to try my hand at planting some apple trees. What will be the best time to try those.

  2. Hi amit
    You can plant apple trees in your area during spring. Here is a link to info from Cornell Cooperative Extension Service for planting tree and other fruits in your state:
    Hope this helps!

  3. Sharon permalink

    I just recently over-seeded my 1/2 acre front lawn. Since all the good rain and now plenty of sunshine, the established grass is really growing. Will it hurt if I push mow my lawn?

  4. Hi Sharon
    Mowing your lawn will help keep your existing grass from shading out your new grass. Be careful in very wet areas as muddy wheels will pick up young seedlings with weaker roots.

  5. adrian permalink

    Evenin Ashton,

    Not sure if this falls on this topic but im in N. Texas and have st. Augustine. It is beginning to green and I have already sprayed Ortho Nutsedge and a week later fertilized with Scott’s weed and feed. 1st and 2nd week of march. Now, I just noticed some of the grass turning yellow and in some spots it looks dull, brown and mushy. Is it disease or what and how do I save it without having to re sod?

    Thank you for all of your tips by the way.

    Adrian Alvarado

    • Hi Adrian
      The primary lawn disease on St. Augustine is Brown Patch, which shows up as circular patterns on grass during warm humid weather. You probably do not have this problem at this time of year. When St. Augustine is beginning to grow after winter dormancy, it can be sensitive to weed controls. I always like to allow a week between two different kinds of lawn treatments. Sounds like you allowed a week between using the Nutsedge control and the Weed & Feed. Which Scotts Weed & Feed did you use? Scotts Bonus S Weed & Feed is ok to use on St. Augustine grass. Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed can cause damage to St. Augustine. Both Weed & Feeds can damage a lawn if applied too heavy. Keep your lawn watered during dry weather and see if it shows signs of bouncing back.

      • adrian permalink


        Thank you. I used Bonus S and it was a week apart. When I applied Nutsedge aa massive freeze came through for 2 days. Thats Texas weather for you.
        Do you recommend to only use regular turf builder or green max as regular feedings year round? And is it safe to fertilize in 4 – 5 week intervals ?

        I want to prevent digging it up and re sodding becaise it looks like a good 30 squares worth.

        Thank you again

  6. Hi Adrian
    I like both Turf Builder for Southern Lawns and GreenMax. You should shoot for about 4 feedings a year at 6 to 8 week intervals. I will keep my fingers crossed that your lawn will recover. A big freeze is tough on St. Augustine once it has started to grow in spring.

  7. Alexis permalink

    Hi Ashton! I live in Colorado and the snow has finally melted (although more is on the upcoming forecast). Its also been quite windy here. My lawn is very brown and gray from (I’m assuming) snow mold. I’m not sure what approach to take here. I was recommended Scotts Max Green, but I don’t know if that would be the best option. Thank you!

    • Hi Alexis
      Snow mold looks like grass blades are stuck together with glue. The best approach is to rake the snow mold spots with a leaf rake to open up the matted grass blades so air and sunlight can reach the crown of the grass plant where new growth originates. You can then feed with GreenMAX as this is a good option for you since the extra Iron always helps with Colorado soils.

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