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How We Keep Ants, Spiders and Scorpions Out of Our House

June 9, 2014

I know I tell you every year about putting a protective barrier around our home to keep all those creepy crawlers out.  So this is just a friendly reminder that this is a great time to protect your home as well.

Yesterday I protected our home from a long list of invaders by spraying a barrier around our foundation.  It was easy, fast and saves lots of money compared to hiring someone to do this job I can do myself.  I put down Ortho Home Defense MAX Outdoor Perimeter Insect Killer.  I like this product not only because it works great, I also like that it does not stain and there is no bad odor.  You can put down your protective barrier as dry granules or as a spray.  I used the spray.  Click here to get more info on the hose-end sprayClick here to get more info on the granules.  There is also a concentrate available if you want to use your own sprayer (click here for more info).


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