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GrubEx Application Timing

June 23, 2014

The most searched question on my blog right now is whether it is too late to put down GrubEx.  The GrubEx package directions say to apply spring to summer.  If you have been reading my blog postings, I have written that Scotts entomologists and those with University Extension Services suggest the best timing is in May to give the product time to be washed into the soil to protect the lawn from the grubs that will show up in late summer.  If you were able to follow that advice you are all set as your single application will protect your lawn.

If you did not get your GrubEx down yet and you are starting to see lots of Japanese Beetles on your roses and other plants or you are starting to see one of the many other kinds of beetles hanging around your porch light at night, you still have time to protect your lawn… but you need to hurry.  For best results be sure to give your lawn a good watering of at least a half inch after you spread your GrubEx.  It is OK for your pets and kids to play on your lawn after the grass has dried.

One last tip regarding moles:  Since GrubEx does not eliminate earthworms in your lawn you are still likely to get moles even though the grubs are not present.  For moles, click here to check out this info on the options from TOMCAT.

Japanese Beetles lay eggs in your lawn that become grubs in late summer that feed on your grass roots until winter.

Japanese Beetles lay eggs in your lawn that become grubs in late summer that feed on your grass roots until winter.

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  1. Richard Seaberg permalink

    I had complete lawn sod over new topsoil done last fall. I applied GrubEx this past May. Now AGAIN I have brown spots appearing even though I’ve added watering timers.. Should I apply GrubEx again?

    • Hi Richard Seaberg
      I do not think your brown areas are being caused by grubs as the next time grub damage would typically show up will be this fall/next spring and you are protected from that with your previous GrubEx application. If the brown areas are showing a circular pattern, it is likely a fungus problem. If it is not showing a circular pattern then look for spots on individual grass blades as this is also a fungus problem. In either case Scotts Lawn Fungus Control provides protection from most lawn damaging fungus problems. Your GrubEx application provides some protection from lawn damaging insects other than grubs, however for complete control of these kinds of insect problems that cause your lawn to thin and turn brown, apply Ortho Bug B Gon MAX. Hope this helps.

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