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Controlling Fall Webworms in Trees

August 1, 2014

Fall Webworms show up this time of year on many kinds of trees.  Fall Webworms make their web nests on the ends of branches.  Folks sometimes confuse them with Tent Caterpillars because of the way the nests appear.  Tent Caterpillar nests are typically located in the “crotch” where tree branches come together and show up earlier in the year.

Larger trees will typically survive a Fall Webworm infestation, however if there are lots of insects and your tree is small, weak or you find the infestation unsightly, you could consider getting rid of them.

If the nest is small, you can prune the branch where the nest is located and place in a garbage bag.  An easy alternative for large or hard to reach nests is to spray the surrounding foliage with Ortho Bug B Gon Insect Killer.  The Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer is a handy way to spray this product as it attaches to the end of your hose and features various nozzle spray patterns.

A Fall Webworm nest on a Sourwood tree.

A Fall Webworm nest on a Sourwood tree (click photo to enlarge).

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