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How to Kill that Bright Green Grass Weed without Hurting Your Good Grass

August 12, 2014
You think you are getting rid of Nutsedge (also called Nutgrass) because it is easy to pull. However, it quickly grows back from the bulb-like roots that are left behind in your soil.

You think you are getting rid of Nutsedge (also called Nutgrass) because it is easy to pull. However, it quickly grows back from the bulb-like roots that are left behind in your soil.  (click photo to enlarge)

Ortho has a great way to kill tough lawn weeds like Nutsedge, Wild Onion, Wild Violet, Ground Ivy, and about 50 others including Dandelion and Clover without harming your good grass.  Ortho Nutsedge Killer for Lawns can be used on most any kind of lawn (This product is available for sale in all states except New York.)

Ortho Nutsedge Killer for Lawns comes in two kinds of sprays.   If you only have a small patch of weeds you are trying to kill, there is a ready to spray squeeze trigger bottle (click here to check it out).  If you have a big area with lots of lawn weeds it comes in a spray bottle that attaches to the end of your hose (click here to check it out).

It is best to spray weeds when they are actively growing.  You may need to spray hard to kill weeds twice.  If your lawn is stressed from drought and weeds are not growing very much, wait to spray when your lawn is getting regular rain or irrigation.

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  1. joseph permalink

    hello ashton, i have a grassy weed in my lawn that becomes noticable in mid spring and it is super light green and stands out like crazy from the other grass. anywhere that i seed in spring it comes in very bad. is there any way i can take a picture and send it to you so you could tell me if this is nutgrass or quack grass? if it was nut grass i know there is ways to treat it but quack grass you can’t without killing the good grass. this is driving me crazy, i would try to just pull it but that would take a long time because my lawn is kind of big. i have a mix of fescue, kbg and rye. any help would be great. thanks

  2. Jim permalink


    I just applied Step 4 fertilizer on my lawn okay. Can I use this product in conjunction with Step 4 or do you recommend waiting a period of time. If so how long?


    • Hi Jim
      You do not need to wait to treat your Nutsedge.

      • Jim permalink


        A followup to that. If I have weeds should I wait to use Weed-B-Gon Max for a period of time since I just used Step 4? Any downside to use Nutsedge, Weed-B-Gon and Step 4 all within a day or two?


  3. Hi Jim
    No waiting period between using Step 4 and the weed controls, however allow at least a week between using the two weed controls. You may find that some of the weeds are listed on both labels.

  4. Hello Ashton. I live in Florida and have a St. Augustine lawn. I have nut grass and have spot treated with Scott’s Nutsedge. It killed the nutgrass but has really set my St. Augustine back. Will it eventually recover?

    • Hi Gordon
      Sorry to hear you damaged your St. Augustine. I overdid my spray one time (which is easy to do since you want to make sure you kill the weed) and damaged my grass as well. I believe your St. Augustine will recover. Keep your grass watered and if you have not fed in the last 6 weeks or so, feed with Turf Builder or GreenMAX. Good luck.

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