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Should You Feed Your Lawn During Summer?

July 8, 2015

Answer:  Depends!

Some kinds of grasses thrive during the dog days of summer, while others tend to suffer.

Northern lawns (like Bluegrass, Fescue and Ryegrass) prefer cooler temperatures and tend to suffer if the nighttime temps and humidity don’t drop much from the 90’s during the day.  However, cool night temps that drop back into the 60’s can do wonders to help these kinds of lawns stay healthy in summer.  Southern lawns (like Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede and Bahia) thrive this time of year, even if the night temperatures are not that much different from hot day temperatures.

If your Northern lawn has not been fed in a while and you live in an area where night time temps drop, you can give your lawn a feeding.  If you have already fed your Northern lawn twice this year you can skip feeding until late August or early September.

Southern lawns (like Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia) love to be fed at two month intervals from spring to fall for a total of about 4 feedings a year.  Centipede only likes two or three feedings a year from late spring to late summer. Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food, Scotts Turf Builder or Scotts Natural Lawn Food are good choices for this time of year.

An alternative feeding choice, if you want to protect your lawn from the insects that cause your lawn to thin and turn brown during summer, is to feed with Scotts Turf Builder SummerGuard.

This well fed healthy St. Augustinegrass helps to keep weeds from gaining a toehold.

This well fed healthy St. Augustinegrass helps to keep weeds from gaining a toehold.

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