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Planting Our Second Round of Tomatoes

July 13, 2015

We just planted a few more tomato varieties that are especially adapted to hot weather.  Many garden centers have plants available now.  Here is a link to info from one of the major vegetable plant growers with info about growing late season tomatoes in areas with hot summers.

We always mix a couple of inches of fresh compost into your existing soil prior to planting.  I like to do this every time I plant.  If you do not have your own compost you can use a bagged compost like Miracle Gro Natures Care Organic Garden Soil (click here for info).   If you are planting in a container use a potting mix rather than a garden soil (click here for info).  And don’t forget to feed your plants.  I like Miracle Gro Organic Choice Plant Food (click here for info).

If your tomatoes have ever suffered from blossom-end rot, which is a condition that causes the bottom of the tomato to turn black, you should feed with Miracle-Gro Shake ‘n Feed for Tomatoes as this special food has extra calcium to help with this problem (click here for info).

And finally, to put a smile on your face, watch this short video.  It features a real toe-tapper by Guy Clark along with some mouth-watering tomato photos.  Enjoy!


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