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Kill Weeds Not Your Good Grass

May 17, 2016

I get asked this question a lot:

“What kind of weed and feed should I put down to kill dandelions and other weeds without hurting my good grass?” 

My answer:

“The kind that actually sticks to the dandelion leaves and kills it root and all.”

Don’t give ugly dandelions a chance to dig in and take root on your lawn.  The small particles in Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed stick like glue to your dandelions and other weeds.  This is absolutely crucial for penetrating and killing down to the root.  That’s the rule of thumb:  If it’s going to kill, it has to stick.  You don’t want those big particles that don’t stick and don’t work.  You find them in those weed & feeds that may cost a little less resulting in hit or miss weed control.

And a second bit of good news.  Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed gives your lawn that deep Turf Builder feeding which helps to strengthen your good grass so it is a better competitor against new weeds that may try to take hold.

So to keep it simple, stick with the weed & feed that sticks to the dandelions:  Turf Builder Weed & Feed.  And here is a helpful hint:  apply Turf Builder Weed & Feed to a moist lawn on a day when rain is not expected.  This short 44 second video shows you how it is done:


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  1. suggestion for parley bittercress short of Crossbow etc?

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