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Thank You Dad!

June 15, 2016

If my Dad were still here I would thank him again for all he taught me.  I especially appreciate his teaching me how to grow vegetables.  One thing he taught me about taking care of our lawn may have triggered my future career.  When I was about 12 he showed me how to use a lawn spreader to feed our lawn.  It was a drop spreader, the type you need to overlap the wheel tracks to make sure you do not miss areas of your lawn.  I did pretty good until I wanted the job to be over and I started to increase the distance between my back and forth trips with the spreader.  In a week or so it was clear what I had done when everyone could see the stripes of dark green fed grass next to the light green unfed grass.  Cars slowed when they drove by.  Neighbors chuckled at the stripes of faster growing, greener grass.  But you know my Dad did not get mad.  He told me he had done the same thing the first time he spread lawn food.

Looking back it seems I learned two life lessons:  It is ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and that Scotts Turf Builder is good stuff.  Little did I know that I would have a 40 year career with the company that invented that Turf Builder.

Fifty years later feeding your lawn is a whole lot easier and mistake-proof.  So with Father’s Day coming up if you know any Dads with a new lawn or an old worn out spreader, or if you would like to pass along some life lessons to your teenager, check out the Scotts SNAP Lawn Care System in this short video.


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  1. Things are getting confusing, just the facts Thanks

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