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How to Create Your Lawn Care Plan

March 14, 2017

Need to revive a tired lawn? Wish your lawn looked greener and healthier? Just trying to maintain what you’ve got? In a few easy steps, you’ll be on your way to a better lawn.

Scotts “My Lawn Care Plan” is an interactive tool designed to help you achieve your desired lawn quality.  Answer a few simple questions based on where you live (your zip code), and you will learn the right lawn food & maintenance program for your lawn.

Just sign up for your FREE lawn care plan by clicking here.

This lawn could be greatly improved with a lawn care plan that puts down the right product at the right time.  (click photo to enlarge)

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  1. Audrey I Rees permalink

    Greetings Ashton! Asparagus Fern is overtaking our hillside. Any ideas on a selective product to kill or control without harm to other plants and trees? I’ve been digging it out, pulling the runners, suffocating with plastic cover but it gets the best of me!!
    Lovely family you have and I can see you are both very proud grandparents.
    Audrey Rees

    • Hi Audrey!
      Asparagus Fern is one of those perennial plants that grow and spread from very strong rhizomes. It can grow back from any root pieces that remain in the soil after digging. New plants start by spreading roots and from the berries that drop to the ground. Here is a link that describes the steps to get rid of it:
      We are doing great and yes our Granddaughter is a year old. Saw the pictures Shirley O posted of her visit with you. Wish you two all the best and good luck with your Asparagus Fern removal!

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