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Landscape Focal Point Idea

April 17, 2017

These three photos were all taken in one year as this high impact flower bed featured all tropical plants made dramatic growth.  These kinds of plants are considered annuals as they will not survive outside during winter (some of them are considered to be houseplants).  We planted this flower bed when we lived in Ohio, however these kinds of plants are available across the country in the tropical plant section of your local garden center.  Here are the details:

First:  We mixed a couple of inches of Miracle Gro Garden Soil for Flowers into the existing soil in the bed.

Second:  We planted these plants:

1-Red Banana plant

3-Purple Threadleaf plants

3-Pennisetum “Rubrum” plants

3-Coleus “Morning After” plants

3-Carex “Amazon Mist” plants

3-Peperomia “Silver Ripples” plants

And Third:  We fed with Osmocote Flower & Vegetable Plant Food.  I like Osmocote because it provides 4 months of feeding… a good choice for someone who forgets to feed on a regular basis.

These three photos show the dramatic results:

Our flower bed just after planting on May 20. (click photo to enlarge)

Our flower bed on August 18, three months after planting! (click photo to enlarge)

Stand back Rita… I don’t know how big it’s gonna get! Our flower bed on October 6, five months after planting. (click photo to enlarge)

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