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Bright Green Grassy Lawn Weed that Grows Taller Than Your Grass

June 28, 2017

That bright green grassy weed that grows taller than your good grass is called Nutsedge or Nutgrass.  It grows in groups as it spreads from underground roots and nut-like bulbs.

You think you are getting rid of this very pesky weed because it is easy to pull. However, Nutsedge quickly grows back from the bulb-like roots that are left behind in the soil. (Some folks call this weed Nutgrass) Click photo to enlarge

Ortho has a spray to kill tough lawn weeds like Nutsedge, Wild Onion, Wild Violet, Ground Ivy, and about 50 others including Dandelion and Clover without harming your good grass.  Ortho Nutsedge Killer for Lawns can be used on most any kind of lawn.

Ortho Nutsedge Killer for Lawns comes in two kinds of sprays.   If you only have a small patch of weeds you are trying to kill, there is a ready to spray squeeze trigger bottle (click here to check it out).  If you have a big area with lots of lawn weeds it comes in a spray bottle that attaches to the end of your hose (click here to check it out).

It is best to spray weeds when they are actively growing.  If your lawn is stressed from drought and weeds are not growing very much, wait to spray when your lawn is getting regular rain or irrigation.  Also, you do not need to drown your weeds with spray to kill them.  Just wet the leaves and they will eventually die.

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  1. Do they come back ? How to remove permanently?

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    • Hi lenleone1
      If you pull them, they will likely grow back from the “bulbs” or “nuts” that get left behind in the soil…. plus several others will also spring up near by as they spread. This Ortho spray kills them root and all.

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