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GrubEx Last Call

July 10, 2017

If you have not applied your GrubEx yet this year and you have had a serious grub problem in previous years, I say go for it ASAP. A sign of upcoming grub problems is if you have been seeing lots of Japanese Beetles feeding on your roses and other plants or other kinds of beetles hanging around your porch light at night. The best time to apply GrubEx is late spring to early summer. You may see some reduced control with an application now in mid summer, however reducing your grub population this fall and next spring would be better than doing nothing. It is best not to apply to waterlogged soils. If there is no rain after spreading, don’t forget to turn on your sprinklers so your lawn will get about a quarter to a half inch of water.

By the way, if you already applied GrubEx this year, your lawn should be protected.

Japanese Beetles eat the foliage of many plants and then lay eggs in your lawn that become grubs in late summer that feed on your grass roots until winter. (click photo to enlarge)

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  1. Julie permalink

    Thanks, this is very helpful!

  2. Hi Julie
    Thanks! Wishing your lawn a grub-free year!

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