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Mouse Trapping Options

November 8, 2017

Our house in Ohio was an older home in a wooded area that was prone to an annual mouse invasion during the onset of cold weather. Dudley, our cat, was a good signal that there was a mouse in the house when he would get all stirred up or if he spent long periods of time staring at the bottom of the frig, washer or the door to the garage.

A mouse can squeeze through a dime size hole to gain entry into your home or garage

Here are some signals that may alert you to mice in your house:

Are your pets upset?  They can get stirred up when they hear and smell rodents in the house.

Can you see rodent droppings?  Rat droppings are shiny black, blunt at both ends, and ½ – ¾ of an inch long. Mice droppings are smooth, with pointed ends, usually about 1/8 – ¼ of an inch long.

Do you see small tracks and tail trails in dusty areas?  Look for them in corners, along baseboards, and near sources of food.

Do you see areas where wood has been gnawed?  Tooth marks that are 1/8 of an inch long may indicate rats; small, scratchy ones may indicate mice.

Do you see smears along baseboards and other areas?  Those could be rub marks caused by grease and dirt on rat fur.

Is there a heavy musky odor in the house?  Rats and mice smell bad.


Click here to see all the trap options to rid your home of mice and other rodents.


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