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Scotts Ice Melt… Tough on Ice; Easy on Everything Else

December 8, 2017

It is snowing in Atlanta today… glad I have Scotts Ice Melt with Heat Lock Technology.  With 4 times the melting capacity of rock salt, I am all set.  The Heat Lock Technology Coating keeps hands & paws protected from the calcium chloride core during application while the non-staining formula reduces the potential for damage to my drive & walkways.  Apply before, or soon after, the snow starts to fall for the best results, but Scotts Ice Melt can penetrate ice, even at -25 Degree F. Scotts Ice Melt is tough on ice, but easier on everything else.

For best results, apply preventatively before or soon after snowfall begins, to prevent excessive ice buildup. If snow is deeper than 2 inches, plow or shovel surfaces, before applying product.

Apply evenly onto the surface to be de-iced at a rate of ¼ — ½ cup (2 — 4 oz.) per square yard, depending on the amount of snow and ice present. Wait 5 — 10 minutes to give the formula time to loosen the ice from the surface. Remove melted ice, snow and slush to prevent refreezing.

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