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My Most Popular Blog Postings in 2017

January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!
These three blog postings were the most popular during 2017. I am also giving you a link to one of my favorite humorous blog postings:

Number 1: Why Should I Pay More for Scotts Weed & Feed?
You want a weed and feed to kill dandelions and other weeds without hurting your good grass. So you see the cheaper stuff in your garden center and wonder if this will work as good and maybe you can save a couple of bucks along the way.” (Click here to read more)

Number 2: Answers to My Most Asked Grub Questions
“The number 1 question I get in spring is when is the best time to apply GrubEX.” (Click here to read more)

Number 3: What’s First: Feed, Weed or Seed?
“This is a big question in early spring: “My lawn needs everything what should I do first, put down seed or kill my weeds? The reason why this question is tricky is because many of the weed controls will harm new grass seedlings.” (Click here to read more)
My favorite blog posting this year that may bring a smile to your face:

World Naked Gardening Day, Saturday May 6
“It is that time of year again! The 13th annual World Naked Gardening Day is this Saturday (always celebrated on the first Saturday of May).” (Click here to read more)


Scotts Natural Lawn Food is a great choice for World Naked Gardening Day… (Or any day for that matter!) (Click photo to enlarge)

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