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Moss in Your Lawn

February 26, 2018


A rolling stone may gather no moss, but the lawns in the Pacific Northwest or in parts of the country with lawns that stay mostly moist and shady sure do.  Moss loves the kind of weather many folks are experiencing this year.  Left alone, moss will spread and take over your entire lawn.  You can’t change your climate or conditions, but you can stop the moss in your lawn this season.  (For those of you trying to encourage or grow a “moss lawn” in areas where it is just too shady for grass, here is a link to info that you may find helpful.)


Once you kill the moss, plant shade resistant grasses and feed your lawn regularly to encourage thicker grass.

Scotts has a range of liquid and granular moss killers.  For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, Scotts Turf Builder with Moss Control is a good choice.  It kills moss quickly and gives your lawn a deep Turf Builder feeding – to help your grass thicken and fill in the patches where the moss used to be.  The granules will not harm a blade of your good grass and you can put down new grass seed once your moss is dead.  For many other areas you can kill moss with Scotts Moss Control Granules or Scotts 3 in 1 Moss Control Ready-Spray.

Moss can also thrive in acid soil (although I have also seen it grow in an alkaline soil with low fertility).  A soil test will tell you if your soil is too acid (has a low pH) and could use some lime.  Moss is not necessarily a sign of needing lime so a soil test is really the first step to figure out if lime is needed.  To help you find a soil test lab in your state, you can do an internet search using these key words:  soil testing lab, along with the name of your state.

Regular feedings during the year will help raise your soil fertility and encourage healthy grass to crowd out additional moss from growing.


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