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Starting My Vegetable Seeds with My AeroGarden

March 14, 2018

I like this approach to starting my vegetable seeds as I get almost 100% germination without wasting seed. I believe germination is faster and more robust than I have seen before when planting seed directly in seed starting mix. I can cycle multiple seedings every 10 days or so through my AeroGarden Harvest model using the Seed Starting System that holds 31 biodegradable grow sponges. I use this approach for small seeds like lettuce, kale, pepper, and tomato that I do not generally plant directly into the garden.

Here are links to info about the AeroGarden Harvest and to the AeroGarden Seed Starting System.  You can explore all the AeroGarden product options with this link.



I use the AeroGarden Seed Starting System for my Harvest model AeroGarden.



I planted a single seed of various lettuce and kale varieties in the biodegradable grow sponges. Ten days after seeding they were ready to transplant.



Ten days after planting I transplanted the seedlings into individual pots filled with Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix and placed them under grow lights.



Ten days later I moved my plants outside to gradually harden them off in the sun and wind. After a couple of days, I planted them in my self-watering deck planters.  Total time from planting seeds to transplanting in planters was 22 days.





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