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Sedum – A Great Groundcover for Full Sun

April 12, 2018

Sedums are a great ground cover choice for sunny areas that tend to be on the dry side. Rita and I love how the various colors and textures work well together. They are relatively problem free. We feed them once in early spring with Osmocote Plant Food. It is easy to drop in a new plant in a blank space. Hope these photos give you some ideas.

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  1. So pretty, thanks for posting

  2. Ashley permalink

    Sedum is my favorite, however I struggle with all the weeds that grow in between them. Besides hand pulling the weeds is there a recommended way to prevent them without damaging or killing the sedum? Thank you!

  3. Hi Ashley
    We pull weeds in our Sedum when they are seedlings and we have mulched the weeds with small grey slate chips as you can see in the photos. I have not tried weed killers as our area is easy to manage because it is small. Here are links to two options that may work, however I would test them in a small area first to see if you were able to use without injuring your sedum:
    For grassy weeds:
    For weeds that grow taller than the sedum and have a extensive roots that make them hard to pull you may be able to get away with treating individual weeds with this gel product:
    Good Luck!

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