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Groundcovers for Shady Areas

April 15, 2018

You may need to consider an alternative to grass for your “too shady” lawn area that does not receive at least the minimum 3 to 4 hours of sunlight. Common shade-tolerant groundcovers are pachysandra or vinca. To identify additional options for your area you have three options: Visit local public gardens to see the kind of groundcovers they are successfully growing. Visit your local nursery as they can help you choose the best shade-loving groundcover for your area. And finally, do an internet search with key words: shade groundcovers with your state name. For example, here is a link to what I found when I did this search for the state of Georgia.

I feed all my landscape areas in spring with Osmocote Plant Food as it provides 4-months of feeding and the round granules easily find their way to the soil.

An alternative approach is to mulch areas under trees where grass will not grow bringing the mulch line out to where grass gets enough sunlight.


Pachysandra is a good shade ground cover next to this building where there is very little sunlight.


Mondo Grass (also known as Monkey Grass) is a nice ground cover in shady areas where winters are not too severe (best grown in zones 6 thru 11).

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