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Our Deck Planters Give Us Multiple Crops

April 24, 2018

We get three seasons of veggies from our deck planters that are located just steps away from our kitchen. After the last of our spring harvest (spinach, lettuce, kale) we will plant summer veggies (peppers, beans, tomatoes) in early May. In mid-September we will shift back to a crop of lettuce, spinach, and kale.

These self-watering planters hold about 4 gallons of water. The soil is Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix. We have found it is best to start with fresh soil each spring when we clean the roots out of the water reservoir. We fed the plants with Osmocote Plant Food when we planted them. By the way, we use the old soil in our outdoor planting beds by mixing it into our Georgia clay.

Veggie Deck Planters

In Spring; Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, Swiss Chard deck provide daily pickings for our salads.

cucumbers deck planters

In Summer:  Peppers, Green Beans and cucumbers growing on a support


In Fall:  We get more salad than you can “shake a stick at” from various kinds of lettuce, kale and spinach.

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