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Poison Ivy and Poison Ivy Lookalikes

June 15, 2018

My Grandma used to say “Leaves of three… let them be!”

Here is a link to a great website from Michigan State University that shows the different leaf configurations for poison ivy. They show plants with three leaf patterns that can be easily confused as being poison ivy.

poison ivy va creeper

Poison Ivy is growing up the left side of this tree. Virginia Creeper is growing up the right side.  Virginia Creeper is not a problem… notice it has leaves in groups of 5 vs. Poison Ivy with groups of 3 .

Once you have figured out that you have poison ivy. Here are links to info about two products that will kill poison ivy, roots and all, along with other kinds of evasive plants like kudzu and wild blackberry: Roundup Poison Ivy plus Tough Brush Killer and Ortho Poison Ivy MAX plus Tough Brush Killer. Be sure to read the label and do not spray plants that you wish to keep.

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